Ecom Profit Sniper Reviews

Ecom Profit Sniper promises every user of the training that they provide will earn at least $2,000 a day once they have an up and running Shopify store through their guidance. 

Is it really possible? If yes, then how? Learn more in my Ecom Profit Sniper review down below.

But before getting into the review…

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Ecom Profit Sniper Overview

Ecom Profit Sniper, established by a guy named Tom Parker as he introduced himself in a video sales pitch, is a platform where you’ll be able to start an online ecommerce business in the Shopify platform while answering the questions:

  • Where and how to get started
  • What products to sell
  • How will customers find your store 
  • About internet marketing strategies and how to make them work
  • Who to ask if you have questions

So basically, it’s a one-stop shop for people who want to venture into the world of ecommerce as they offer a step-by-step system to start and grow your online ecommerce business from start to finish, a community and personalized coaching of some sort to answer your queries and everything in between.

This is For You 

  • If you’re tired of your 9-5 job, answering to a boss everyday.
  • If you don’t want to ever have to answer your boss.
  • If you want to be completely debt-free for the rest of your life.
  • If you want to buy whatever you want, whenever you want.

Because Tom promises you that you can even make at least $2,000 a day with the secret website that he has been using for just two years but has already helped him earn more than a million dollars. 

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Tom Parker

The only lead that we have on this guy is the information that he shared in the Ecom Profit Sniper sales pitch. It is said there that before Ecom Profit Sniper, he held a senior role within a top digital marketing firm many years ago.

He has been leveraging the internet and technology during its early days where it possesses a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money. But to his surprise, the strategies that they were just using for 1-2years have not been making that much coming in their 3rd year and so on.

That’s how fast the technology is changing, and also how fast the people are adapting to it. When the competition online became more prominent, Tom and his team started working long hours with minimal rewards rendering it not worth it anymore.

Tom quit his job, faced his laptop, months and months of searching for ways to make money online, until he hit a wall. He hooked up with his friend in his old company and that’s where he knew about Shopify. That ever since they knew about it, the company bounced back and his friend even told him that they would have produced even better results if Tom was still there with them.

He had the lead, mastered how to earn continuous revenue in the Shopify platform, working not more than 20 minutes a day and viola, in just 2 years, he had made more than a million dollars with it. 

The Shopify Platform 

Shopify Platform

In Tom’s perspective, Shopify can give you the ability to reach hundreds of millions of people all around the world. There are billions of dollars to be made using the website but only a handful of people are using it. Well, this is true if we’re talking about the year 2016-2017.

But in 2024 today, it’s not already the case. The Shopify platform is already congested enough for you to be able to earn substantial profit that can help you with your day-to-day expenses. 

I can’t really out them like that. Yes, having a Shopify store is still a profitable way of earning extra income, but don’t expect that you’ll also be earning exactly just like Tom did the last couple of years, unless you have that one-time big-time product that the masses would really love (maybe the holy grail or some sort, just kidding).

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Inside Ecom Profit Sniper


Inside Ecom Profit Sniper

These are the easy steps that you will need to do in order to achieve that “$2,000 income a day” in the Shopify platform. You don’t need to:

  • Purchase any products
  • Package or post anything
  • Handle the products yourself whatsoever
  • And spend any more than 20 minutes in front of your computer each day

Each lesson in each step is in the form of training videos. The steps that he introduced are:

Step 1: Introduction

This section includes the Shopify store setup, choosing your theme, finding  the right image and many more. In short, these are all the basic instructions that you need to follow in order to set up your online store as quickly as possible. It comprises a total of 6 lessons.

Step 2: Categories and Products

To begin, you need to research your target audience thoroughly. What are their interests? What problems do they have that your products could solve? Understanding their needs will guide you in selecting the most relevant categories and products to offer in your store.

Tom summarizes what you need to do in this step in 2 lessons: Category Selection and Product Finding.

Step 3: Adding Collections and Products

He will introduce you to Oberlo, one of the usable tools for automating various aspects of dropshipping. It streamlines the process of importing products into your store and it also helps you manage your inventory.

Once you set up the extension, you’ll be creating a collection or sorting of products. It is important to organize your products into categories, making it easier for your future customers to navigate what they want in your store. 

And lastly, Oberlo will also suggest products based on the collection that you’ve organized. It is ranked based on quality, pricing and shipping times, giving you a lot of possibilities to think about before choosing the right item for your online store.

All of these and more in-depth descriptions and instructions are included in the 4 training video lessons in this 3rd step.

Step 4: Facebook

Now, Tom recommends that you make a Facebook page of your store to utilize Facebook’s full potential as a hub to engage with potential customers and for you to also be able to showcase your products.

Training videos included in this step includes a guide on how to make effective Facebook posts that can capture the attention of your target audience and drive traffic to your store. 

He also introduced Facebook Pixel, a powerful tool for tracking user interactions with your website and helping you optimize your advertising efforts. 

Step 5: Templates

Store templates, advertising templates, email templates and more are available in Ecom Profit Sniper, and they will guide you on how to edit these templates inline with your store and products that you sell. 

The cost for this training is said to be only $37 and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if ever they don’t deliver as promised. 

Affiliate Program

Ecom Profit Sniper Affiliate Program

Aside from helping you build your online ecommerce store, they also offer an affiliate program to help others who can’t readily afford to fund their stores on the get go. They can leverage becoming an affiliate first by recommending Ecom Profit Sniper as one of the go-to training platforms for building a successful online store. 

And from there, they can earn by just sharing an affiliate link, and by the time that someone registers with Ecom Profit Sniper through their link, the affiliate can get a commission of up to $268 per sale. 

There is no indication whatsoever pertaining on how to become an affiliate with Ecom Profit Sniper, the page only displays pre-made email templates that you can use without even helping you how to build an email list in the first place.

Pros and Cons


  • They offer a refund
  • It’s cheap compared to other online store training programs.
  • Beginners can learn a lot as they only focus on the basics of creating your own Shopify store.


  • Tom Parker can be an imaginary person.
  • There are a lot of upsells in the latter part of the training.
  • There’s not much going on with Ecom Profit Sniper.
  • The program lacks testimonials from real people giving more of a doubt on how they operate.

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Ecom Profit Sniper can be a valuable program for beginners but it is hard to believe in such BS if the person behind all of it cannot even introduce himself properly. No social media account whatsoever. He didn’t even show his face even once, giving less credibility for everything that he has said and “done” in the past. 

All claims that’s included in his sales pitch might be from way back 2015-2016, and is already not updated, what more his techniques and strategies? Shopify is not a “secret” platform nowadays, but it’s one of the most popular online store platforms ever, together with Amazon and such. 

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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