Ecom Chapman Reviews

Ecom Chapman Review

Martin Chapman appears to be establishing himself as a rising guru in the online business and passive income niche. Chapman’s YouTube channel, Ecom Chapman, boasts a sizable library of over 286 videos, indicating a consistent effort to provide content to his audience. Despite his amount of following, though, there is hardly any real information about him online.

What we do know is that his focus on topics like High Ticket Affiliate Marketing for beginners suggests that Chapman aims to project himself as someone guiding individuals through the process of starting and succeeding in online businesses.

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The Founder

Ecom Chapman Review

Martin Chapman is the founder of Ecom Chapman and through his content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, Chapman offers practical insights, tips, and strategies for individuals looking to make money online. By providing guidance and actionable advice, he is building trust and establishing himself as a go-to resource for those seeking to enter the world of online entrepreneurship.

Another Rising Guru?

With over 383.3K followers on his Instagram account and nearly 34,000 likes on his Facebook page, Chapman has amassed a substantial following across multiple platforms. This level of engagement (possibly) indicates a growing interest in his content and suggests that he is resonating with a broad audience seeking guidance in the realm of online entrepreneurship.

Despite a very low engagement rate of 0.08% on Instagram, Chapman’s ability to maintain an active presence on social media platforms and foster interaction with his audience is telling of his efforts to build a community around his brand.

What is Ecom Chapman?

Ecom Chapman serves as a platform where Martin Chapman shares insights and strategies related to making money online. It is a resource; offering insights, strategies, and practical tips tailored to individuals seeking to thrive in the world of online business and passive income.

With over 4.93K subscribers on his YouTube channel and a massive following on Instagram, Ecom Chapman has established itself as a trusted authority in the realm of e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

They claim to have curated a wealth of resources designed to empower you at every step of your journey. Whether you’re a complete novice looking to dip your toes into the digital marketplace or a seasoned entrepreneur seeking to scale your operations, Ecom Chapman claims they have something for everyone.

Their platform covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • High Ticket Affiliate Marketing for beginners
  • E-commerce strategies for building a profitable online store
  • Passive income streams and wealth-building techniques
  • Social media marketing and audience engagement
  • Email marketing and list building

And more!

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All Free Sources for Now

While Ecom Chapman does not directly offer paid services, it provides free access to Martin Chapman’s guidance through various channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Although his FB account seems to be under maintenance as of writing this article and could not be accessed for some reason.

Ecom Chapman Review

Does Ecom Chapman’s videos hold any substantial information?

Martin Chapman’s Youtube channel, despite having hundreds of short videos, only has one 7 min and 28 seconds video that appears to contain a mix of valuable information about affiliate marketing and elements that could be perceived as promotional or hyped. Let’s talk about that:

  1. Information: Martin Chapman shares insights into affiliate marketing, explaining its concept, the components needed for success, and strategies for driving traffic without spending money on ads. He touches on topics such as selecting high-ticket offers, creating sales funnels, generating free traffic from platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and building email lists.
  2. Promotional Elements: Throughout the video, Chapman promotes specific tools and resources, such as online funnel builders like ClickFunnels and email autoresponders like AWeber. He also mentions a 15-day training challenge and provides a link to it in the description box. Additionally, he offers a “free bonus” consisting of an opt-in and bridge page for affiliate marketing, encouraging viewers to check the description for affiliate and program links.
  3. Hype and Persuasion: Chapman seem to be persuasive and encourage viewers to engage with his content. He emphasizes the value he’s providing and suggests that his insights can lead viewers to significant financial success. Statements like “the value I’m about to drop on you guys is incredible” and “this challenge changed my life” contribute to a sense of hype around the content.

The said video is almost 2 years ago already and still no real life changing information so far so I think it’s safe to assume that this entire “free content” he has on his social medias are just part of his affiliate strategy.

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Creating Free Content as Part of his Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It’s entirely possible that Martin Chapman is creating free content as part of his affiliate marketing strategy. Many successful affiliate marketers utilize content marketing as a primary means of promoting affiliate products and building their personal brand.

By providing valuable content for free through platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, Martin Chapman can attract an audience interested in topics related to online business, passive income, and affiliate marketing. Within this content, he may strategically incorporate affiliate links to relevant products or services, earning commissions for any resulting sales.

Creating free content serves multiple purposes in an affiliate marketing strategy:

  1. Building Trust and Authority: By sharing valuable insights, tips, and strategies, Martin Chapman can establish himself as an authority in the online business space. This helps build trust with his audience, making them more likely to engage with his recommendations and affiliate links.
  2. Driving Traffic: Content creation allows Martin Chapman to attract organic traffic from search engines and social media platforms. As his content gains traction and visibility, it can drive targeted traffic to his affiliate links, increasing the likelihood of conversions.
  3. Diversifying Income Streams: While affiliate marketing may be a primary focus, creating free content also opens up opportunities for other income streams, such as sponsored content, advertising revenue, or the sale of digital products or courses down the line.
  4. Long-Term Brand Building: Consistently producing valuable content helps Martin Chapman build a strong personal brand over time. This brand recognition and authority can lead to increased opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and further monetization avenues in the future.

Overall, creating free content as part of an affiliate marketing strategy can be an effective way for Martin Chapman to generate income, build his brand, and provide value to his audience simultaneously.

Preparing for Future Paid Course?

It’s possible that Martin Chapman is preparing for a future paid course or other monetization strategies, given the promotional elements and the offering of free resources mentioned in his video. It’s impossible to say for certain what his plans are. Ultimately, you should evaluate the content based on its value and relevance to their own goals, regardless of any potential future paid offerings.

Ecom Chapman Review


Chapman’s consistent creation of valuable content and promotion of affiliate products could be part of a strategy to build his personal brand and establish himself in the online business space. A strong personal brand can pave the way for future monetization opportunities such as paid courses, coaching programs, or consulting services.

Providing free resources like opt-in pages and bridge pages can be a way to attract and engage potential customers while also nurturing leads for future paid offerings. By offering value upfront, Chapman can build trust with his audience and position himself as someone worth investing in for further education or assistance.

His emphasis on the transformative potential of affiliate marketing could be aimed at priming viewers for future paid offerings. Chapman’s promotion of specific tools and resources, along with affiliate links in the video description, suggests that he may have partnerships with these companies. This could be part of a broader strategy to generate income and lay the groundwork for future collaborations or joint ventures.

While there is nothing wrong with the strategy as ultimately the important thing is the value that course sellers are selling have substantial worth for your money. What matters most in any educational or training program, including paid courses, is the value it provides to the participants.
As long as the course content delivers on its promises and helps students achieve their desired outcomes, then it can be considered a worthwhile investment.

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