Ecom Capital Reviews

Ecom Capital Reviews

Thinking of starting your e-commerce gig? At eCom Capital, their primary focus revolves around assisting brands similar to yours in achieving significant growth. They have been around the block, helping tons of eCommerce brands, and they get that what worked before might not cut it for the next level.

They are all about this idea that no matter what you are selling, you can pull in customers online. Their whole deal is to be your wingman in this journey. Whether you are hitting roadblocks in your growth or shooting for bigger things like locking down your security, raking in more cash, having more freedom to do your thing, or just wanting more hang time with your family, they have got your back. Their support is all about getting you to those goals.

Ready to find out if this is the one for you? Let’s jump in!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Ecom Capital in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Sasha Karabut

Ecom Capital Reviews

Sasha Karabut, the brains behind Ecom Capital, serves as its Founder and CEO. Before diving into Ecom Capital, Sasha rocked it as a Director at Auto Aesthetics, soaking up heaps of the industry. The experience he gained there provided him with a wealth of insights and expertise that he currently employs to propel Ecom Capital to the forefront of the e-commerce industry.

Back in his early twenties, he found himself buried under a whopping $150k debt, a situation that looked impossible to crack. But with grit, smart moves, and a refusal to give up, he turned the tables on that financial mess. He flipped himself from someone dealing with debts into a savvy entrepreneur, hustling hard to build his own company where he is now calling the shots as the CEO. That journey from money troubles to running the show is a testament to his sheer determination and refusal to let anything stop him from reaching his goals.

What is Ecom Capital?

Ecom Capital Reviews

Ecom Capital has quickly become a big player in the e-commerce world. Starting small with only two folks, they have now got a crew of over a hundred sharp minds. Together, they have made some serious waves, working with big names like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Nike, Apple, and Shopify.

They specialize in assisting e-commerce brands in achieving profitable growth and claiming that within 90 days or less it can go from zero to $10,000 a month, further scaling to exceed $100,000 within just 12 months. Their approach eliminates guesswork and bypasses years of missed opportunities, ensuring a swift and profitable journey for e-commerce brands aiming to thrive in the market.

Their secret sauce is a mix of their unique business style and the constant guidance. These mentors help the company not just to thrive but also to assist newbies in setting up profitable online stores in just 90 days. They are not just about that – they also help investors grow their portfolios by adding successful e-commerce stores to the mix.

And hey, if you are facing a tricky problem or need a bit of expert advice, their consulting services are the bomb. They dive into your challenges, dish out personalized advice, and drop game-changing insights to help you slay the eCommerce game in this ever-changing landscape.

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How it works?

Their main training program goes by the name of Ecommerce Accelerator. It is a beginner-friendly course making the whole deal of starting a fresh eCommerce gig super easy.

In just 90 days, it gets you to that awesome milestone of raking in at least 10k a month. This course covers everything you need to know – from picking your niche to kickstarting your brand, diving into influencer marketing, and nailing those paid ads for epic growth. It’s designed to arm you with all the smarts and strategies you need to absolutely rock it in the online business world.

Week One – Voyage of Discovery

In this week, you will be diving into the wild world of eCommerce, busting some myths, and helping you shift your mindset to conquer this scene. You’ll get the lowdown on finding that sweet spot for your biz, creating your brand vibe, and picking what to sell. Plus, you will be chatting about planning for the long haul in order to make your online store sustainable. In addition, personal growth is in the mix too – ’cause growing yourself is key to crushing it in the eCommerce game.

Week Two – Alchemy of Product Creation

This week is about making unique products that catch attention in the market. It starts by talking about why it’s good to concentrate on just one main product. Then, it guides you through a method to find awesome and original products step by step. You’ll be learning how to make a basic version of your product and get your first sample, and understand how manufacturing works from nearby places to all around the globe. Also, you’ll get the scoop on handling money matters, like keeping costs in check, making sure you make enough profit, and handling margins.

Week Three – Preparing for Battle

During this week, you will be getting your eCommerce store ready for a fantastic launch that grabs attention. You’ll learn how to make a solid four-step plan to launch your store successfully. Before the big day, you’ll find out how to build excitement and get people talking. When it’s time to launch, you’ll have strategies to make a quick impact. After your store is up and running, you’ll discover the important things to do to keep growing strong. It doesn’t end there – you’ll also learn how to plan for growth in the first 90 days and the entire first year after your store launches.

Week Four – Science of Customer Attraction

This week dives deep into the world of digital marketing, focusing specifically on mastering the art of Facebook ads to draw in customers effectively. You’ll start by laying the groundwork, understanding how to set up impactful Facebook ads and decode the algorithm. From there, you’ll be exploring setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) and creating a semi-automated system for customer acquisition. The course continues with uncovering the secrets of compelling ad copywriting and mastering audience targeting to reach the right people. Additionally, you’ll learn the importance of ad tracking for informed decision-making and the daily management techniques necessary to maintain a well-functioning advertising machine. As the week progresses, you’ll delve into retargeting strategies and discover how to track prospects across the internet, while also learning techniques for scaling your ads effectively without compromising on crucial metrics.

Week Five – Operational Excellence

This week focuses on strengthening your eCommerce business operations. You’ll learn to take charge as a CEO, managing the daily workings of your online store. The emphasis is on smart financial management to not only earn money but also preserve and expand it wisely. You’ll also discover how and when to grow your team by hiring specialized contractors to enhance your eCommerce brand. Additionally, the course teaches you how to set up and handle your customer support inbox effectively, ensuring top-notch service as your business expands.

Week Six – Secrets of 7-Figure Scale

In the final week, you’ll learn key strategies to boost your business to hit 7-figure success. This part is loaded with advanced techniques focusing on improving, promoting, and expanding your business to exceed your revenue goals.

You’ll kick off by mastering the basics needed to grow your business to a yearly sales revenue of 7 figures. It covers creating and managing a team of affiliates to effectively sell your products. Also, it dives into improving customer purchases and building loyalty using special bundles, loyalty programs, and smart cross-selling methods. Email marketing steps in to guide customers from social platforms to your website. The module highlights expansion across various platforms beyond just Facebook and Google, and making attention-grabbing video ads to supercharge your brand. 

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Ecom Capital Reviews

Basic Package (Perfect for beginners) is for 3800 AUD.

You get lifetime chat and email support, plus a full six-week eCommerce video training program. It comes with recorded sessions of all eCommerce Q&A meetings and entry to a private eCom Capital eCommerce community. On top of that, you will snag an exclusive invite to join eCommerce Mastermind events.

Nurture Package (For serious enthusiasts) is priced at 6,380 AUD.

The package offers lifelong chat and email support, a comprehensive six-week eCommerce video training program, recorded sessions of all eCommerce Q&A meetings, access to a private eCom Capital eCommerce community, and an exclusive invite to eCommerce Mastermind events. Additionally, it includes six months of coaching support and eight live calls per week with eCommerce experts.

Mastermind Package (When only the best will do is for 18,800 AUD.

This comprehensive package offers lifetime chat and email support, a six-week all-inclusive eCommerce video training program, recorded Q&A sessions, access to a private eCom Capital eCommerce community, and invites to exclusive eCommerce Mastermind events. It includes eight live calls weekly with eCommerce experts, 12 months of coaching support, and quarterly one-on-one meetings with the CEO. Additionally, it encompasses logo and brand creation, tailored store development in your chosen niche, store design by conversion rate optimization specialists, and personalized 1-on-1 eCommerce strategy milestone sessions.


Despite not deeming Ecom Capital a scam due to their adherence to promises and not absconding with your investment, I do understand your concerns regarding the program’s lack of detailed information. Publicly accessible data suggests that the program might not deliver as comprehensively as advertised, potentially failing to meet the promise of rapid and effortless wealth accumulation. Their description of the training’s extent remains murky, merely claiming to cover all aspects of successful entrepreneurship.

To be honest, I doubt any training program could effectively encompass such an extensive breadth of knowledge. The assertion of providing such a wide range of information seems exaggerated. Is Ecom Capital insinuating that their educational offerings surpass those of conventional university education? It appears to be an audacious claim given the intricate and in-depth learning typically associated with higher education institutions.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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