Dylan Sigley Review

I know everyone by now is familiar with dropshipping. Well, if there’s still someone who doesn’t, dropshipping lets you sell physical products that are outsourced to manufacturers and suppliers. And you don’t need to keep an inventory yourself, you can let them handle it.

But I know you’re not here because of dropshipping. You’re here because of what Dylan Sigley is offering to you right now. The keyword is drop servicing. But how does it differ from dropshipping? 

You might get them all jumbled up so without further adieu, let’s discuss what Dylan has to offer and how it is different from the former.

This One’s Much Better

Dylan Sigley is your go-to man if you want to know more about drop servicing but before being the Mr. Know-It-All in the industry, he’s your typical boy who got his college degree and went on applying for a corporate job. Just like anybody else out there selling courses and stuff, he’s left unfulfilled to what he’s doing in the corporate world thus finding some spice to add to his life.

With months of research, he stumbled upon drop servicing. He started doing it on the side to support the life that he wanted, but little by little it made more success and profit than what he was getting in his corporate job. In time, he makes a decision to leave his 9-5 and do drop servicing full-time.

Drop servicing is a little bit tad like dropshipping, the only difference is drop servicing involves selling services rather than physical products. You’ll be like a project manager, finding clients for your employees, to make the explanation simple. But your employees here are freelancers or service providers.

Let’s say you have a friend that does web design. He tells you that he charges maybe $250 for each website (just an example for better understanding). You’re gonna make some advertisements and eventually find a client. You can mark that up to a couple grand or more in order for you to keep the difference once it gets turned over. 

That’s how you make money in drop servicing. And certain techniques and processes are available in Dylan’s Drop servicing Blueprint program and it costs a one-time payment of $997 or a subscription fee of $397/month. 

His program is designed to give you a Done-For-You business and a partnership that will help you start right away. No prior experience, knowledge or skills needed because they will guide you step-by-step into the process until you’ll be able to do it all by yourself. 

In the span of 6 weeks, the program includes over 75 modules, 100+ copy-and-paste templates that you can use to build, scale and automate your business, a complete training and live coaching and a private group of like-minded individuals where you can ask anything you want regarding the drop servicing space.

This One’s Much Better

He’s even being funny in his YouTube ad, saying “Who even am I to you? I’m just a random guy talking in front of a camera”. He thought being a sad boy was gonna cut it, but no, that statement is followed by social proof and screenshots of profits he and other mentees obtained using the said blueprint.

Other of his YouTube videos are so refreshing that he only tells the informative side and not bragging about ferraris, lamborghinis, big stylish houses and yachts which are a little bit excruciating to normal people like us. 

Several positive reviews can be dated back up to last year, 2022 having a total of 291 total reviews on TrustPilot. Like, hell if they don’t do updates from time to time, their blueprint will be long gone overdue, overused and eventually will be less potent than the newer ones which are popping like mushrooms day by day.

If you already have this good reputation since the day of establishment, do due diligence and update your website. Don’t mislead prospective clients into thinking that you’re giving away your courses for free (which I already know that it’s just a sales pitch to offer your newer ones). Some might disagree with your actions and most of the time, they’re the ones who will drag you and your company down.

He also offers “free” training on his website. Well, there’s nothing wrong with signing up for the free training. What more can you lose, right? It’s free, just traded with your personal information which in time will be flooded by spam emails of upsells and such. 

This One’s Much Better