Real Estate Wealth Network Review

Real estate investing stays relevant in today’s market and can still be a viable way to build wealth and portfolio for yourself since it offers passive and active investing. You just need to find what benefits and what you can leverage the most. It also differs from person to person with regards to their individual financial goals.

For those of you who are planning to start real estate investing and think that you can always depend on bank loans and other financing options that they offer, you need to prepare yourself from heartbreaks and disappointments. Securing funding for a real estate project is a lengthy process, and of course, you can expect rejections along the way.

Cameron Dunlap has developed a unique way of dealing with financing and can help you get started in your real estate investing journey right away. Curious what it is? Continue reading about it in my review below. 

This One’s Much Better

Cameron is one of your average joe. After getting his college degree, he went on and found a corporate job where he enslaves himself day by day just to get the paycheck needed to support his daily necessities. Eventually, he became sick and tired of it, the feeling of unfulfillment creeping through his veins made him decide to quit once and for all.

After months of seeking the best way of earning money, Cameron tried to give real estate investing a go. Rejection slapped his face when he tried to apply for financing from a bank. Even though he has a good credit score, they didn’t like the fact that he’s freshly self-employed. 

He got the idea of finding a third-party lender when his friend loaned him some extra cash that’s just been sitting in his bank account. From then on, he’s been working with people to help him finance his real estate investing and it’s been successful since then. 

Cameron is now a full-pledged real estate investor and entrepreneur that’s been buying, selling, funding, rehabbing, managing and developing properties, both residential and commercial.

He is also the founder and CEO of the software and training company, Real Estate Wealth Network. It’s been established for about 30 years now. That just shows that he has been successful in the real estate industry for about 3 decades and still doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

They are a group of enthusiastic people who are committed to offering cutting-edge, top-notch products and services that improve the lives of their clients. They’re non-stop inspired each passing day, enabling them to develop and enhance the things that they already have to give the best results for you. 

They believe in the saying “If you put your customer first, the revenue will follow” and “Each passing day is a learning process”. The happiness and success of each of their clients is theirs as well. Their number one goal in reaching that is to make sure that you’re given all the support and guidance you need in order to succeed.

What’s keeping him busy these days is the fact that he’s a mentor to a lot of people willing to take their chances in real estate investing. All of what he’s been doing, he has a well-thought system that can guide you from start to finish.

This One’s Much Better

I have developed and perfected tools and systems to make doing business easier and more profitable. These systems allow me and my clients to leverage technology, the internet and the right people, so that the work is largely done for us”, says Cameron.

He claims that when you use these so-called tools and systems in your real estate business, which he and his team developed, you’re guaranteed not only profit, but time and freedom as well. These tools and services have different prices ranging from $2 to $129. All can be viewed on his website. 

His new program Where to Get the Money that costs $129 is an in-depth look at four different strategies to fund without going to a bank. It is a digital audio training course that also includes alternate financing strategies that anyone can use regardless of credit score and experience level, the truth about hard money lenders and how to use them correctly to fund your deals and much more. 

What I don’t like about here is that he can just bundle it all together to make it more organized and well-thought, not by offering each one of them individually. He also doesn’t offer a refund policy.

This One’s Much Better