Dropship Lifestyle Reviews

Dropship Lifestyle Reviews

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new and smart ways to start and grow their businesses. One popular strategy is drop shipping. If you’re interested in running an online store without the stress of handling inventory or complicated order fulfillment, drop shipping could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Anton established Drop Ship Lifestyle with the goal of providing students the expertise and resources needed to achieve entrepreneurial freedom by harnessing the potential of drop shipping.

They embrace an entrepreneurial spirit by proactively addressing challenges, taking responsibility, and driving growth through action. They are passionate about excellence, staying humble while continually improving and staying updated on marketing trends. In addition, they prioritize community, valuing each team member equally, fostering collaboration, and strengthening their team through everyone’s contributions. And lastly, authenticity is crucial for them as they uphold high ethical standards, treat colleagues and customers with respect, and address issues with honesty. These values had shaped their culture and guided their actions in the pursuit of success.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Dropship Lifestyle in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Anton Kraly

Dropship Lifestyle Reviews

Dropship Lifestyle was founded on 2013 by Anton Kraly, who is also the creator of its course and a multimillionaire entrepreneur with over a decade of online business experience.

His journey began with just $29 and a dream of being his own boss, evolving from selling cookies out of a van in Merrick, Long Island, NY, to touring Asia with business partners. In less than three years, Anton transformed his initial investment into a $1.8 million-per-year business, all accomplished through the power of dropshipping.

A pioneer in exploring dropshipping during the early days of ecommerce, Anton shifted his focus to online inventory sales in 2009. When founded the Dropship Lifestyle Program, he was able to generate $3.5 million in its first year and started  expanding his business to $3.68 million in just three years.

Anton Kraly stands out as one of the few entrepreneurs who cracked the code, establishing a $1 million-dollar, no-employer dropshipping business. His success extends to building multiple ecommerce stores with sales exceeding 8-figures, solidifying his position as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in this niche.

But with that said, how can his Dropship Lifestyle program can help you? Is still worth it given the that it has been established exactly 10 years ago?

Dropship Lifestyle

Dropship Lifestyle Reviews

Dropship Lifestyle is an online course that provides comprehensive guidance on establishing and expanding a profitable , semi-automated dropshipping venture.

Unlike conventional approaches, Anton specializes in high-ticket drop shipping, focusing the selection of enduring niches over following fleeting trends or dealing with low-ticket items.

While many courses focus on dropshipping from Asian suppliers, Dropship Lifestyle stands out by concentrating on high-ticket offers that are sourced locally. It includes product selection, Shopify design, locating suppliers, running ads, social traffic, doing business abroad, outsourcing, and eventually selling your store.

Anton’s instruction revolves around the concept of building a ‘lifestyle business,’ commencing with strategies to validate your niche and identify marketable products. Beyond being an educational platform, Dropship Lifestyle serves as a supportive community for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is an all-in-one blueprint for success, personal coaching, and done-for-you service.

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Course Overview

DSL shares Anton’s 7-step plan with students to help them get started and grow a successful eCommerce business by using dropshipping. The modules covers essential topics such as eCommerce fundamentals, online business basics, understanding your purpose, and adhering to the ethical guidelines of Dropship Lifestyle.

Module 1: Niche Selection

Within this module, you’ll find lessons covering the basics of niche selection, pricing considerations, product dimensions, weight, and profitability, identifying target markets, building brand loyalty, balancing passion and profit, analyzing examples of both good and bad niches, engaging in brainstorming, addressing common questions, and completing niche-related action tasks.

Module 2: Market Researching suppliers from future competitors.

In this module, you will find lessons that cover the basics of market research, determining price points and calculating profits, assessing niche demand, conducting the evergreen test, understanding demographics and brand loyalty, identifying dropship-friendly niches, creating a master list of potential future competitors, extracting suppliers for the master list, gauging acceptable competition levels, and engaging in market research-related tasks.

Module 3: Creating Your Website

Lessons within this module cover an introduction to web design and Shopify, handling domain names and collections, updating products, adding pages and blog posts, creating menus, adjusting Shopify settings, customizing themes, working with discount codes, incorporating Shopify apps, managing domain emails, recognizing the importance of Google, and executing tasks to establish your store.

Module 4: Get Approved with Suppliers 

This module covers the basics of finding suppliers, understanding supplier tiers (gold, silver, bronze), conducting supplier research, emphasizing the significance of trust, distinguishing between good and bad stores, preparing for success, providing phone and email scripts, addressing supplier FAQs, managing supplier relationships, and executing tasks to establish connections with suppliers.

Module 5: Optimize for Conversions

Within this module, you will find lessons covering an introduction, techniques for creating urgency, content templates, strategies for obtaining reviews, utilizing social media for building social proof, addressing bounced visits and abandoned carts, incorporating bonus offers, leveraging customer psychology, prioritizing usability over design, accepting financing options, ethically observing visitor behavior, and action tasks focused on optimizing for conversions.

Module 6: Getting Traffic 

In this module, you’ll learn about different topics, including an introduction, the eCom sales funnel, using Google Adwords for eCommerce, exploring Bing, the Dream 100 concept, dominating search engines, handling paid social traffic, using retargeting for omnipresence, the hourglass funnel approach, email marketing (“You’ve Got Mail”), and tasks for generating traffic.

Module 7: Automation 

In this module, you’ll learn about outsourcing and automation basics, when and why to automate, the automation toolkit, simplifying the ordering process, automating abandoned cart procedures, using Google Sheets for automation, streamlining order tracking and reviews, customizing order automation, automating content distribution, knowing when and why to outsource, where to find talent, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and downloads, and tasks for outsourcing and automation.

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With the overview of the course, I think it is pretty safe to say that it does follow a concrete path and making money with their program is definitely not impossible. So let’s talk about the cost in order to avail DSL.

They actually have 3 options where you can choose from.

Free-Training. Sounds good doesn’t it? However, it only includes the following:

  • 2.5 Hour Intro to High-Ticket Dropshipping
  • Learning Niche Selection
  • Store Design and Using A.I in 2023
  • Get their list of 500 High-Ticket Dropshipping Niche Ideas

Meanwhile, they have the Premium which you can avail at $3,997 and the Ultimate at $10,497. Here are what’s included in these packages.

Premium Plan:

  • The Award Winning Drop Ship Blueprint
  • Step-By-Step 21 Day Launch Plan
  • Priority Email Support
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • Niche Validation

Ultimate Plan:

  • The Award Winning Drop Ship Blueprint
  • Step-By-Step 21 Day Launch Plan
  • Priority Email Support
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • Niche Validation
  • Done-For-You Web Design
  • Done-For-You Content Marketing
  • Six Months of 1-on-1 Coaching

Aside from these, there are some additional costs that you can expect.

  • $300 (or less) to register as LLC
  • $30 monthly Shopify premium
  • $10 (or less) domain name registration
  • $10 to $30 on ads spend


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Now, upon further research on what everyone is saying about Anton’s DSL, there are actually mixed reactions about it.

Here are some of the positive feedbacks I was able to gather:

Dropship Lifestyle Reviews Dropship Lifestyle Reviews

On the other hand, we have these negative comments as well:

Dropship Lifestyle Reviews

Dropship Lifestyle Reviews

In Conclusion

Personally, I find this course too expensive! In fact, his this course is one of the most expensive ones. They do have a free plan but it looks like it doesn’t even have the 20% of what you can get when you avail the premium ones. If their goal is to really help people in this kind of business succeed and considering they’re supposedly successful people, why put a an expensive price tag on it? It’s kind of disappointing to think that the people who seems want to help you is making money out of you.

Also, selling expensive dropshipping items is harder than selling cheaper ones because people often compare prices, take time to decide, or wait before buying. Unlike cheaper items that people might buy on impulse, the higher prices make customers more cautious. To succeed, a seller needs a thoughtful and careful sales approach that addresses the unique challenges of selling these expensive items in this market.

Anton makes his course sound easy than it actually is and somewhat too good to be true like one of the comment says. So before purchasing this course or any other courses, know the risks and be prepared mentally and financial on what may happen.

Before leaving..

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