Dotun Jibowu Review

Dotun Jibowu once said, “if you are going to do a job, do it right. Good enough is not good enough if it can be better, and better is not good enough if it can be the best.” This is the principle that keeps him and his team going through the ups and downs of the real estate industry.

They use a business model called Airbnb arbitrage, where individuals or companies lease properties on a long term basis and then sublease them on platforms like Airbnb for short-term stays. And the goal of this strategy is to pocket the difference between the long-term least cost and the overall earnings of the short-term rentals.

It is not some easy fast cash tactic that will have your return of investments in just days or weeks. It can probably take months or even years. But if you’re down to some passive income on the sides, this might be good for you.

Read more on my review below on how they operate.

This One’s Much Better

Dotun Jibowu is the founder of VNTR Homes. It is a boutique real estate company that specializes in vacation short-term rentals (airbnb arbitrage) and 24/7 property management. They both offer affordable and luxurious options for vacationers and investors, specific in the Colorado and California area. 

They are also planning to expand their business to more areas to reach and cater more possible clients soon. So, what they do is either they offer you vacation homes for rent, where you can stay the next couple of months (it’s monthly basis, not days, or weeks), or they will teach you what they’re doing right now, the Airbnb Arbitrage.

If you plan to just use VNTR Homes for vacation purposes, they have many rest houses within the Colorado and California area listed for rent on their website. Again, it’s monthly basis, being one month stay as the minimum. 

But if you want to be an investor, they offer a masterclass that will show you the exact same steps that they do in order to maximize your profits, attract the perfect guests, avoid the costly mistakes that most hosts make, and keep your units book all year round even in a highly saturated market. 

For real estate investors looking to use Airbnb and short-term rentals to create a seven-figure portfolio, their platform serves as a one-stop-shop. VNTR simplifies the process of creating a lucrative portfolio for their investors to make it easier for them to access and assess the listings that the company has provided.

They are starting with Airbnb Account coaching, where they will teach you the ins and outs, and what to expect in the short-term rental business. After that, they will help you find your first property to lease. They already have over 50 money-making units to choose from, all available for rent anytime, and ready to be posted to Airbnb and which they already have spoken to the landlords about. 

Before anything else, these properties on your search list have already been strictly evaluated to make sure it has a high potential for success in Airbnb. But if your preference doesn’t match in any of the listings, they will help you find your preferred property, and they will also be the one to speak to the landlord in that regard. 

This One’s Much Better

Once you’ve done that, they will set you up with the landlords for signing up the lease. In case that your property already found renters, VNTR Homes also has a “vendor list”. From setting up furniture, to cleaning, then repairing if there’s any after the first renters move out, they have contacts to each and everyone in those aspects.

And after everything’s complete, you can immediately place your property again for rent, keeping your passive income coming within a short amount of time preparing after each batch.

Speaking with the landlords, getting updated pictures that can be posted, finding the right client, setting up appointments, and more services are all done-for-you. You don’t need to do anything. You will have updated notifications about new property opportunities every couple days also. Isn’t that just too terrific?

While it sounds too good to be true, you really can’t out them just like that without hearing it directly from them. You can book a 15-minute demo with them and all you have to do is complete the form on their website and press submit. Maybe you’ll also be able to know how much it is to attend such a masterclass.

This One’s Much Better