Done For You Agency Reviews

In the volatile state of our market in today’s generation, where traditional practices can’t stand its ground alone without the involvement of our fast evolving technology – lead generation has become the lifeline of every business. It’s like striking gold when you capture the correct leads. Knowing the art and science of lead generation is essential whether you’re an experienced marketer, an aspiring business owner, or just someone interested in the realm of online presence.

By combining strategies like building landing pages, having chatbots for your website, SEO, content marketing, social media engagements and running ads, you will be met with a never-ending flow of leads, if done in a systematic manner. Having to listen and know what needs improvement can also help you nurture the business you are handling through user feedback.  

Long-term growth and success in today’s dynamic business environment will be met with the use of proper lead generation methods even when competition is stiff and attention spans are short. Done For You Agency promises you just that.

If you’re one of the experienced marketers, an aspiring business owner or just someone interested in the realm of online presence, and are eager to know if the Done For You Agency can do you any good, continue reading my DFY Agency review below.

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Done For You Agency Overview

YouTube and Facebook Channels

It can be challenging to attract consistently good leads for your organization. And fixing that is only half of the equation. Once you now have a consistent stream of leads, the next hurdle that you need to take is how to convert those leads into paying customers. 

Because of these, many business owners are burnt out trying to do it all by themselves and some have quit along the process. DFY Agency is the combination of automation of leads and sales. Tyler Narducci founder and owner of SobeViral (now called ProfitPeakCo) is available to teach you their 100% done-for-you appointment setting and closing program to fully automate your lead generation and other sales processes.

Who is Tyler Narducci?

Tyler Narducci

Tyler Naducci launched his agency SobeViral (now called ProfitPeakCo) back in 2015 with the aim to help online businesses generate leads on social media (mainly on Facebook). Since then, he has expanded his business and guided countless companies and business owners in automating their lead generation and sales processes. 

Concerning his online presence, his Facebook page, Tyler Narducci – DFY Leads and Sales has 6.1K followers and his YouTube Channel Tyler Narducci – Done For You Agency has 1.4K followers. Tyler actively posts to both social media platforms to keep his online presence active and still to be impactful to the number of followers that he has. 

Tyler has two programs to offer, but we’ll be dealing with just one of them, the Done For You Agency Program.

Done For You Agency Program

Done For You Agency

It aims to rapidly scale your business online. We all know that lead generation is the heart of any business growth and currently, and almost 85% of online businesses state that lead generation is their number 1 marketing goal. Because without steady lead-flow, business will dry and will eventually be forced to close down.

And even if this is their number 1 marketing goal, they can’t dodge getting stuck under their own business. They’ll have to deal with leads, and then product delivery and client satisfaction while managing their staff. Doing all of these is physically and mentally draining, leading to burn out and the feeling of just quitting altogether. 

Tyler has developed a “brand new” 100% done for you appointment setting and closing system which he claims is the shortcut to all the business processes that you need to run your agency smoothly like an oiled machine, which is included in his Done For You Agency Program. 

It is an 8-week long program that includes online training modules, agency contract templates, an access to members-only facebook group, an agency chatbot and email program support. These are only for the basic membership and add-ons are included in other membership options.

He believes that once you’ve implemented this system, it’s by far the fastest way to:

  • Increase the volume of highly quality leads coming into your company quickly.
  • Close fresh leads automatically 
  • Free up your time as the business owner 
  • Get your focus back on running your business

Without wasting time and money attempting to do it all yourself or risking your marketing budget with low-cost lead businesses that make grand promises but produce little to nothing.

He’s confident that his new found system actually works because it is the product of $10,000 wasted on ads, loss of clients because of being too focused on generating new business without stabilizing the previous one which is short is being greedy, and many more failures along the process. 

The newly found system has two major components, Automated Lead Generation and Closing Your Deals on Autopilot.

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Step 1: Automated Lead Generation

With countless trials and errors, and thousands of dollars used in making the perfect ads, regardless of the stage your business is in or the studies you have to support it, they have designed an efficient system that can utilize lead generating funnels that can convert. 

These funnels can, qualify and optimize your leads and it will make sure that your newly generated leads will be booked right into your calendar, filling into any available schedule that you have.

And it doesn’t stop with the sales funnels. You don’t need to do all the sweaty cold calling just to get leads, they’ll install what they call trained Cold Callers to do just that, build custom outreach campaigns on LinkedIn, a custom cold email outreach campaign, to set more appointments for your business.

You don’t need to waste time and money testing and tweaking sales funnels all by yourself because they’ve already created the one that you need. All you need to do is get ready for a flood of leads that will come your way with these four high-converting channels (sales funnel, cold caller, custom LinkedIn and cold email outreach campaigns) since your company will never run out of great appointments again.

Step 2: Closing Your Deals On Autopilot

On autopilot means you don’t have to do it by yourself. The top high-ticket closers in the business have been hired by Tyler and his staff. Additionally, if you decide to enroll in their program, they will pair you up with one of their own ZERO-COMMISSION sales reps to handle all of your sales calls and close your deals.

And because it’s zero-commission, you’ll be able to keep 100% of the profits all to yourself instead of paying someone to be your sales representative. Plus, it also relieves you from being sweaty during a sales pitch, because their in-house sales team is trained to be close to 100% in terms of closing a deal. 

Along with managing all of your daily lead communication, it also comes with a fully integrated dashboard with access to all of your campaigns, expert setters who set appointments for your business in real-time, a dedicated account manager, and a Slack channel for daily communication with their lead generation and sales team.

Step 3: Scale Your Business

After achieving major components step 1 and 2, all you need to focus on is scaling up your business. With all things done for you, your business will be able to work for you and not the other way around. It’s either you will think of expanding your existing business or explore another domain and build a new one. 

All of your campaigns will also be maintained, updated, and optimized by Tyler and his lead generation and sales team to make sure that they continue to be high-converting channels for your business in this always-shifting competitive landscape. 

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The Cost and Refund Policy

DFY Agency Membership

His Done For You Agency Program has 3 different membership levels that you can choose from. They have the DFY Agency Start, Coach and Elite. The basic membership costs around $2,000 with 1 contractor for your funnels, Coach costs around $6,000 because of the addition of weekly group funnels and sales coaching calls, and an access to the mastermind group. The Elite membership costs around $10,000 or more where you’ll be able to get your own zero-commission sales rep and a team for the high-converting channels mentioned above.  

They don’t offer any refunds in any of their membership subscriptions.

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Everything will be done for you but everything comes at a price. The zero commission sales rep will already be paid from your initial membership fee, and I think you still need to pay monthly but with less cost, because the initial payments are for the program only. I don’t know about the sales rep, but your contractors for the high-converting channels need payment every now and then.

Lead generation is the heart of any growing business and if you’re willing to do the hard work, you don’t need automated systems, there are free videos on the internet or programs with much less cost but still deliver results. This DFY Agency is not for you if you have limited funds. 

There’s profit but I think this program is for people who can fork big capital investments. For those people that don’t want to do the hustle work but have the funds.

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This is the BEST business to start right now and it has helped me make $30,931 last month alone.

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