Dexope Reviews

Generating real estate leads can be a complicated process. A real estate professional knows that very well, and that’s why the likes of Dexope highlights how they’ll simplify things for them.

According to Dexope, what they generate are not just any leads, but warm, double verified (prescreened) ones. This is what enables the program to get a much higher closing average, up to 5X compared to industry standards. Oh word?

Bold promises call for a bold exposé. Check out our no-holds-barred review for the truth behind Dexope’s claims.

But before getting into the review…

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Dexope At A Glance

Based in Herndon, Virginia, Dexope is a program that provides leads in exchange for a signup fee and a percent of the agent’s gross commission after closing. In short, another real estate referral network with upfront payment.

They swear to have over two hundred avenues to get leads, from their owned property websites, apps, to influencers and social media sites. So many sources, yet not one of them listed, unless you count their Facebook and Instagram pages. Even then, those two only link back to their main website.

Dexope Statistics

Over 372k referrals distributed yet a client of theirs called them out for not sending a single one. Similar reviews have painted a picture that’s very different to what their statistics suggests.

Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth? Before we judge, let’s take a closer look at Dexope.

What Inspired The Creation Of Dexope?

Who would’ve thought that seeing ads that promote mobile phones would lead to establishing a real estate referral program? Not me in all honesty, but that’s how the idea of Dexope popped up in the mind of its founder Parker Edward back in 2015.

But it wasn’t until the first day of 2019 when Dexope was actually launched. New year, new me? How about new year, new program? Very interesting way to start a year.

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What Is The Philosophy Of Dexope?

Dexope understands that consumers have standards. If a program didn’t measure up, not only will the consumer tell you that you suck, but they’ll let others know too. After all, technology made it possible for us to be highly connected.

The same people are always on the move too, and they won’t hesitate to dip if you fail meeting their expectations. You know what they say, loyalty is earned, not given freely.

To gain the trust of consumers, Dexope prides itself for being a customer-first program. Which means they’re available 24/7, place consumers at the very core of their operations, and goes above and beyond in their service.

Their philosophy may sound appealing, but remember, action speaks louder than words. From the looks of it, there seems to be a disconnect between what they say and what they do.

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Who Is The Founder Of Dexope?

As mentioned above, Parker Edward is the founder of Dexope. He’s also the current CEO that supervises the daily operation of the program, including service development, marketing, finding expansion opportunities, and more.

Quite frankly, we won’t be surprised if he’s indeed managing everything all by myself, perhaps with a help of one or two staff members. That’s what their little to no communication suggests, IMHO.

The Process Of Dexope

Dexope Lead Generation

With Dexope, you don’t have to worry how to effectively collect info, including setting up paid ads, marketing campaigns, and squeeze pages. Dexope will do it all on your behalf plus establishing contact with leads.

Also, they’ll only give motivated leads tailored to the criteria an agent set. Specifically, the criteria could be about the budget, time frame, target area, desired type of time, etc.

As an agent, all you have to do is follow-up and nurture, build relationship, and eventually close. Easier said than done, but in theory, it’s less of a hassle than doing everything from A to Z.

Generate Leads

As mentioned earlier, Dexope gathers info using over two hundred avenues. If they find a match (if there’s any at all), they’ll notify agents right away via SMS and email.

Double Verify Leads

Dexope Double Verify Leads

To not waste anyone’s time, Dexope makes their leads undergo a double verification process by asking questions from a pre-determined script. They have to ask twice to make sure leads are indeed motivated to make a transaction, whether it’s buying or selling a property.

Ideally, there should be no lollygagging in real estate. An hour or two spent in calling an uninterested lead could mean less time spent on interested ones, and that’s surely not a recipe for a successful business.

Time is of essence. As a finite resource, it’s crucial to be selective about the people with whom you’re investing time. With Dexope, you don’t have to make that decision; they choose for you. On paper, they understood the assignment.

Transfer Prospect

Dexope will try to initiate contact with the leads. If the lead is available, and you are too, they’ll do a live transfer. If not, it’s an appointment on your calendar at a later date, whenever it’s convenient.

The Rest Of The Process Done By You

Once they’ve transferred the lead, it’s on you to build relationship with them, set up drip campaigns for nurturing if needed, and make a closing. If you manage to do the latter, Dexope is within their right to charge a referral fee.

They only take a small percentage and from what we’ve reviewed so far, it’s quite true. When most are above 30%, Dexope could go as low as 10% as their referral fee.

The catch? You have to pay a one-time setup fee. For higher-tier plans, it means thousands of dollars in upfront investment. Really defeats the main purpose of a referral program when the fees are that high.

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Assessment Of Dexope (Truth Revealed)

How Much Does Dexope Cost?

Dexope Cost

For agents, Dexope offer three plans in Standard, Professional, and Team. Here are the features included in each plan:

  • Guarantee of getting double verified leads
  • Dedicated marketing campaigns
  • AI-based CRM
  • Automated follow-up
  • All year support

Then, these are the ones that are available on Professional and Team, but not on Standard:

  • Price range
  • Custom profile ad
  • Dedicated account manager

Now, onto what makes each plan different. With Standard realtor plan, the promise is getting two to four leads a month, three zip codes for one agent, and 20% referral fee. The cost is a one-time setup fee of $349.

Meanwhile, the Professional realtor plan comes with four to six leads, six zip codes for one agent, and 15% referral fee. The cost is $499.

Finally, Team realtor plan is same as Professional plan besides the lower referral fee (only 10%) and number of agents (up to ten agents). This cost a whopping $4,999.

There’s also a brokerage plan for brokerage (duh!) that allows up to thirty agent profiles. As expected, this is pricier than the team plan that only allows ten at $9,999.

How Do We Perceive Dexope?

Before we even saw the feedbacks online, we already knew that Dexope is trouble. Like, first off, how the hell did they whipped so badly in calling themselves “refferal” network?

That’s like misspelling your own fucking name. Mind you, we’re even considerate here. We’ll let it slide if these typos are a one-off thing, but NO. They’re everywhere, and it’s pretty glaring. Dexopeis, Time Square, Dexcope, just to name a few.

What’s worse is the inconsistency of info throughout the site. On one page, they mention generating one thousand leads per day on the average and transfer leads based on availability. On the other, it’s three thousand and up to four to six leads monthly guaranteed. Uhm, what?

Bet the numbers are just pulled outta their asses too, including the statistics. Pathetic how they can’t even lie properly.

On why we think they’re lying: We can’t imagine a program with a main site getting like seven organic visits a month to generate that many leads, and have that many agents, as they claim. There’s just no way.

How Do Clients Perceive Dexope?

Dexope Reviews

There are positive reviews posted on Trustpilot. However, they are either vague, posted around the same time period (coordinated, planted reviews), or both.

I mean, it’s weird how the profiles with two reviews under their belt all have reviewed some random essay/homework help tool on the same day they’ve reviewed Dexope. If not that, it’s reviewing a crypto retrieval tool and a moving service based in the UK.

Filter the ones we mentioned above, and you’ll end up with pretty damning reviews. To sum it up, here are the usual complaints on these reviews:

  • Sending fake leads or nothing (Ain’t no way they’re double verified)
  • Either unresponsive to inquiries or saying some lame excuse to justify not sending any leads
  • Refuses to issue refunds despite failing to provide what they guarantee

Then, there are some calling it out as a scam in the comments under a Facebook review. They didn’t explain, but we get it. Honestly, we’ll trust them more than a company with an elusive founder whom we couldn’t find anywhere. About that…

What Is The Deal With Parker Edward?

Dexope Chris Douglas

We really tried our best to find Mr. Parker on social media, but we can’t. They’re not even on Dexope’s Instagram follower/following list. They aren’t old enough to look like they don’t do any apps either.

Turns out, there’s no Parker Edward at all. The man, who probably knows nothing about Dexope, is Chris Douglas. He’s a realtor who happened to list homes under the same state as Dexope’s office location.

The audacity to say how building one’s trust is something they prioritize when they can’t simply disclose who’s behind the program. This deception is unacceptable.

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In conclusion, our team doesn’t recommend Dexope. Based from what we saw, it seems implausible that Dexope can fulfill their over the top claims.

Not everything you see on the internet is true. We encourage everyone to stay vigilant and learn how to distinguish fake, biased reviews from legit ones.

Lastly, it’s better to be always on the guard when something’s too good to be true. Because more likely than not, it actually is.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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