Dealmaker Wealth Society Reviews

Deal Maker Wealth Society Reviews

Carl Allen’s goal is to instill the belief that the life of spending time with you the ones or things you love and, at the same time, being able to provide, is actually within your reach.

Through Dealmaker Wealth Society, he provides a top-notch online training course carefully crafted to guide people reach their goals of security, wealth, and freedom. This program is packed with helpful tips, strategies, and resources to help individuals to take big steps towards financial independence and happiness.

By focusing on changing how you think and using practical methods, this course claims to give you the tools and materials you need to understand money better.

Join me in this review to learn more about it!

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Who is Allen Carl?

Deal Maker Wealth Society Reviews

Carl Allen serves as the CEO and Founder of Dealmaker Wealth Society, where he shares his expertise gained from nearly three decades as an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker. He is a British entrepreneur who earns his livelihood by buying and selling existing businesses.

With a track record of handling transactions totaling over $48 billion, including more than 330 acquisitions and sales across 17 countries and various sectors, Carl is renowned for his ability to make good judgements on investments.

He has advised numerous large corporations on investments, acquisitions, disposals, and restructuring, while also assisting countless business owners in securing equity and debt finance. Through Dealmaker Wealth Society, Carl mentors over 7,500 entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners, guiding them in leveraging acquisitions to generate movement of money in and out of a company, creating wealth, and make a significant impact.

He also have a YouTube channel with over 14K subscribers and 884 videos. But his most recent posted video was 7 months ago.

What is Dealmaker Wealth Society?

Deal Maker Wealth Society Reviews

Instead of starting a business venture from scratch, Dealmaker Wealth Society‘s idea is that buying an existing business would be more profitable. This organization offers different courses that provides step-by-step guide from how you can select the perfect business to buy, closing deals and eventually running the business.

It was founded on 2012 and was formerly known as Ninja Acquisitions.

It also guides you on using Leveraged Buyout Method –  short for LBO, means buying another company using a lot of borrowed money, usually through loans or bonds, to pay for it. Both the company being bought and the buyer often use their assets as security for these loans.

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Dealmaker Courses

  • Dealmaker Launchpad

The Dealmaker Launchpad is a 10-day online course meant for people who want to own a business but do not want to start one from zero. It is considered Carl’s most successful entry level course.

In this course, you will be given 10 daily modules that will teach you how to buy your first business without spending any of your own money. Carl guides you through each step, explaining the benefits of buying a business, how mindset matters, how to find the right deal, and how to use other people’s money. You’ll also get access to course materials and a private Facebook group for extra help and connections.

Bonuses includes training, The Perfect Seller Pitch Letter Script and Red Light Green Light Live Deal Review Archive.

You can purchase this program at $197.

  • Dealmaker CEO

The Dealmaker CEO course is a top-notch program designed for people who want to switch from a regular job or grow their business quickly.

The course consists of 10 parts that will teach you how to buy a profitable business in less than 99 days without using your own money. The first three parts go deeper into what you learned in Dealmaker Launchpad while the rest cover everything about buying a business.

By the end, you will know how use smart investment strategies without risking your own money, pick the right businesses to buy, hire great managers, and build a collection of businesses for long-term wealth. You will also be included in a private Facebook group for extra help and support. You can finish the program in less than 10 hours a week, even if you have a full-time job.

You can avail this program at $4,997 with 60-money back guarantee policy.

Deal Maker Wealth Society Reviews
  • Dealmaker Academy

Dealmaker Academy helps you buy businesses faster and smarter by giving you direct access to editor Carl Allen and his team of experts.

Designed for serious buyers, this mentoring program offers weekly coaching calls, deal reviews, advanced training and networking events. During the calls, you can get advice on various deal-related topics and learn from real-life examples.

The “Red Light, Green Light” reviews carefully assess deals to ensure they meet high standards. You’ll also join a private Facebook group to connect with other buyers and as a bonus, subscribers get extra training and a free membership to Dealmaker CEO.

This program would cost you $9,997 also with a 60-money back guarantee policy.

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  • Dealmaker Empire

If you’re a business owner generating over $500,000 annually, Dealmaker Empire course will help you transition from managing a single company to overseeing a flourishing empire.

This course is an intensive 9-week program where you will receive a high-level education in small business acquisitions and dealmaking, also guided by Carl Allen and expert Adam Markley.

Here is a breakdown of the course:

    • Week 1

This includes a group welcome and networking call with Carl and Adam, a personal consultation with Carl or Adam to understand your business and goals better, lifetime access to the private Dealmaker Empire Facebook group for continuous networking, and a physical workbook along with a hard copy of Carl Allen’s book “Zero-Down Business Buying Secrets: How to Buy an Established, Profitable Business Using None of Your Own Money.”

    • Week 2-9

Includes 8 weekly online modules led by Carl, covering various aspects of the business buying process like mindset, strategy, analysis, financing, and closing. Each module has four training lessons, summaries, and homework to keep participants accountable. They also get over 25 downloadable tools, including worksheets and templates, plus a bonus report on the SBA 7(a) loan process.

    • Week 10

The last week is mostly about group mentoring sessions, conclusion of the semester, and chance to enroll in their continuous mentoring program.

By following their proven 8-step process, you’ll expand your business’s revenue and value, all without using your own capital. The skills you will gain here claims to enable you to create a lasting legacy and generational wealth for your family and community.  You will also learn how to leverage your existing team to streamline the process.

The Dealmaker Empire costs $10,000 and no refund policy indicated at the time of writing.

Pros and Cons


Buying an existing business has several benefits. It usually comes with loyal customers, money coming in, and a way of working already set up. This can make it easier to start making money and lower the chances of things going wrong.

You might also find chances to grow the business that wouldn’t be possible if you started from scratch. Plus, the business might already have things like tools, supplies, and ideas that are valuable.

In addition, Carl Allen is known for his success in acquiring businesses without investing his own money and most courses offered by Dealmaker Wealth Society come with a favorable refund policy, providing added assurance to participants.


Buying an existing business can have some downsides. On is that you might get stuck with problems from before, like debts or legal issues. Also, the business might have old stuff or ways of doing things that need fixing up, costing you more money.

Another risk is that the customers might not stick around after you take over hence, you could lose money. Plus, buying a business might cost more than starting one from scratch, especially if it is well-known or has a lot of valuable stuff.

Dealmaker offers a range of courses, with Dealmaker Launchpad being the more affordable option compared to the others, which are more expensive.

However, for some reason, neither Dealmaker Launchpad, the cheapest program, nor the Dealmaker CEO, the most expensive one, does not include one-on-one coaching and refund policy which potentially posing a risk for buyers.

Moreover, there is a notable absence of testimonials and reviews on their website (at the time of writing), which could raise concerns about the effectiveness and credibility of their programs.


Buying an existing business does provide less risk compared to starting one from the ground up due to several factors. However, there’s also the limitation of being able to have a business with niches or products that you are actually interested in, that might later affect your passion and effort, which in turn, also affecting your sales and profit.

Another consideration is the cost of Carl Allen’s comprehensive programs, which tend to be expensive. Even though there’s a cheaper option, it mostly covers basic stuff that you can find for free online. This makes you wonder if it’s really worth paying for.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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