Deallanders Reviews

Darrell Wayne Self has been enjoying his European trip. From his recent posts, it seems like he’s loving every aspect of it— the scenic views, the historical sites, the delicious cuisines, and most especially, the chocolates!

It’s not just their trip to the Roman Colosseum that left him delighted, he also found joy in finding an old-school telephone booth somewhere. Even the walking experience inspired him to muse about how the many stairs he climbed in Italy probably shaved twenty pounds off him.

While he’s on the said vacay, he’s able to work in-between commutes. If he’s working on DMD Realty or Deallanders (both were established by him), we don’t know.

What we know is we’ll talk about the latter. To know more about Deallanders, continue reading our review down below.

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Overview Of Deallanders

Deallanders is a lead generation service provider based in Allen, Texas. It was a fairly new one, only established in January last year.

As a referral network, their operations spans across both US and Canadian market. With the tagline “Discover Tru Value”, Deallanders aims to take the hassle of generating leads off realtors, so that they can focus on closing deals.

Deallanders Homepage

They’re all about quality over quantity. The promise is getting you the good leads with pre-qualified buyers, not with peeps who simply got their contact deets leaked and has no interest in doing real estate, or any business at all.

Any realtor doesn’t want any of that bad leads. It’s a waste of time, plus it’s better not to deal with those who are likely tired of getting spammed with calls. Don’t want nobody to cuss you out even if their emotions are valid, it’s still not your fault.

Key Features Of The Program

To generate leads, Deallanders utilizes the traffic from over three hundred platforms. Although, their definition of “platform” is quite loose given they lumped search engines, influencers, and social media ads together in the said category.

But hey, the point is, they take advantage of online presence while they focus on finding seller leads or homeowners with expired listings and short sales. They are not limited to traditional means of getting leads like knocking door-to-door, posting bandit signs, sending flyers, and the likes.

Deallanders also sports a huge fleet of seasoned ISA agents that will provide live transfers. No need to explain who the hell you are, the ISA will call the lead first to do the intro and pleasantries, then pass it to you when y’all are about to talk business.

Lastly, Deallanders will only take a cut at closings derived from their leads… As they should just like every company charging referral fees, but the rate is quite low at 25%.

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Founder Of The Program

While he isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website, Darrell Wayne Self is the founder of Deallanders. Just like his programs/companies, Darrell is also based in Texas, been there for over forty years.

Deallanders Darrell Wayne Self

Oh, and he’s one proud Texan. You won’t miss it if you visit his Facebook profile, he’s very vocal about his pride, and is bragging about it mostly through boomer humor.

He started his career in real estate as a loan officer in year ‘01. A year later, he obtained his real estate license, which is different from the brokers license he obtained in year ‘08.

No, we don’t think he got arrested for burglary. Someone mentioned it in a forum thread about Deallanders, but they most likely mistook him for another Darrell.

He isn’t criminal, but man, is his program shady. We’ll explain why in the later sections below.

But first, let’s discuss how does Deallanders work.

How Does Deallanders Work?

Deallanders claims to provide pre-screened, double-verified leads. If you prefer an emphatic way to say it, it’s them connecting you with the right customer at the right time.

They’ll also share all the relevant info about the leads for you to understand their goals, so you can meet them halfway or whatever. No more guess work means one less headache for you.

Again, the point is, they’ll take the hassle of lead generation, including warming up leads and advertising, so you can focus more towards closing.

The Process

Deallanders Lead Generation

To get started, they’ll (Deallanders) ask about the areas where you (client) want to get leads from. The promise is generating you around four to six leads monthly.

In addition, the said leads are verified and pre-screened by them. You’ll know the details like budget, asking price if there’s any, recent appraisals, and timeline before you even contact the leads.

Regarding live transfers, they’ll schedule the call with the lead depending on your availability, as prompt as the next day or two after the lead expressed their interest in getting a deal done. This remains true as long as the leads are not in contract with another agent.

In case you have questions, they provide “24/7 support” from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. That’s not really “24/7”, but okay.

The Offer

Deallanders provide three options to choose from, namely Realtor, Teams, and Brokerage. They differ in number of agents, with the Realtor option providing one agent, Teams with ten, then Brokerage with thirty.

Otherwise, they include the same features listed below:

  • 25% referral fee
  • Pre-screened prospects
  • Live transfers
  • Marketing campaigns
  • 24/7 support

They mention something about free lead generation on every offer, but we wouldn’t call it like that when there’s a one-time, setup fee on top of the referral fee. It isn’t “free” by any means, whoever made their copy had too much Bud Light, most likely.

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Is Deallanders Worth It?

Cost Of Deallanders

For the Realtor option, the one-time setup fee cost $499. For Teams and Brokerage options, the price is $4,499 and $12,999, respectively.

The above fees are said to be non-refundable, although they claim to “re-credit” it. The criteria on when the fees shall be re-credited are listed below:

  • For the Realtor option, the requirement is closing your first deal with Deallanders.
  • For the Teams option, the requirement is ten closed deals.
  • For the Brokerage option, the requirement is twenty closed deals.

Finally, you can cancel your agreement with Deallanders, but you’ll still need to pay them referral fees if you closed a deal from their leads.

Pros Of Deallanders

It’s always a good thing when the person behind a program is walking the talk, kind of. In particular, Darrell Wayne Self is still a practicing realtor based on his Realtor dot com profile.

That’s why he has DMD Realty. Since 2008, he’s helping people find the property that fits their needs, whether they’re looking to buy a home, lease one, or sell theirs.

Cons Of Deallanders

While Darren received good reviews for his service as a realtor, you can’t say the same with his lead generation service via Deallanders. Something’s fishy when the man full with pride won’t flex his involvement with the program.

Deallanders is just over a year old, yet several individuals are already very critical of them. For instance, reviews from BBB mentioned that the promise of generating four to six leads monthly is a sham.

Deallanders Reviews

You really can’t expect consistency from them unless it’s about generating ZERO leads. Don’t let the glowing reviews posted on their site convince you otherwise.

Then, in a desperate attempt to generate something, they’ll use misleading scripts with the leads (potential buyers/sellers). In turn, you, the client paying to get those leads, will end with someone who is too delulu.

That’s what happens when the initial call from Deallanders sets unrealistic expectations, the leads will ask too much for their properties, with no intention to make a compromise.

In other words, you really won’t get someone here who’s willing to make a deal happen ASAP. It’s both a waste of time and money on your part.

Finally, Deallanders are not doing live transfers anymore, and yet they’re still marketing it as one of the key features of their service. Deception at its finest, that’s what it is.

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If you’re interested in a service, it’s important to check info beyond the service provider’s website. People (and programs) lie, especially when they think they can get away with it.

A savvy consumer would do their due diligence to verify claims. You don’t have to assume someone else’s words are true, you can fact-check them! Our team is here to help.

From the looks of it, Deallanders routinely fails to deliver on their promise. No live transfer nor consistent leads every month means we cannot recommend them for your lead generation needs.

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