David Omari Review

David Omari Review

YouTube Mastery Program is David Omari’s course dives into the world of YouTube automation, teaching you how to turn your passion for gaming into a lucrative source of income. Drawing from his own experiences working various nine-to-five jobs, Omari stumbled upon the vast potential of YouTube while watching gamers and content creators achieve their dream lifestyles.

Omari encourages viewers to take advantage of the hours spent on social media by turning it into a profitable venture. Whether aspiring to follow the traditional route of becoming the next Logan or Jake, or opting for the automated path to avoid being in the limelight, Omari claims to have a blueprint for everyone.

Despite the promising opportunities presented, there’s a backdrop of online discussions questioning Omari’s credibility, labeling him as a potential scammer. This review aims to dissect these claims, providing insights into whether the YouTube Mastery Program is a legitimate avenue for passive income or if skepticism surrounding Omari’s intentions holds merit.

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Who is David Omari

David Omari Review

While initially destined to follow in his father’s footsteps as a certified public accountant, Omari one day realized that a lifetime tethered to spreadsheets wasn’t his true calling. It was this realization that propelled him into the realm of YouTube and transformed him into a successful entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant. Since 2014, David Omari has been actively involved in creating and scaling faceless YouTube channels. He began with a single YouTube channel, where he committed to the consistent upload of videos.

This commitment would evolve into a substantial source of passive income, eventually providing him with the courage to bid farewell to his 9-to-5 job. The turning point came when his channel amassed an impressive 100,000 subscribers, opening his eyes to the then-untapped potential of YouTube.

Fuelled by this success, Omari began contemplating the possibilities of managing multiple channels simultaneously. Taking a bold step, he assembled a team of content creators and embarked on the journey of launching various YouTube channels.

Maintaining a solid presence across various social media platforms, David commands a substantial following with 33.1K subscribers on his YouTube channel, 290.5K followers on TikTok, and an impressive 269K followers on Instagram. His influence extends beyond the digital realm, as he has been highlighted in esteemed publications such as NYWeekly and Disrupt, in addition to numerous appearances on various podcast interviews. Marking a significant milestone in 2021, David introduced his YouTube Mastery Program, adding another dimension to his already diverse portfolio of achievements.

David Omari Review

Youtube Mastery Program

The course kicks off by guiding you on creating content without revealing your face, a perfect fit for those seeking anonymity. Omari shares his journey from the first ad revenue to managing a whopping 18 channels with over 1 million subscribers, generating a passive income of more than $100k monthly.

He emphasizes the accessibility of YouTube automation, claiming anyone can do it. Omari details the process, from hiring affordable freelancers on platforms like Fiverr to produce entire videos, costing approximately $40 to $80. The real meat of the course, promises to teach you how to quickly monetize your channel and strategically grow your income through YouTube.

Beyond the core training, participants will receive hands-on tutorials detailing the utilization of the tools and software endorsed by David. Furthermore, a curated list of the top 100 highest paid YouTube niches will be at your disposal, complemented by exclusive access to the mastermind chat and a private Discord group.

He shares insights on building a digital asset, collecting cash flow, and even selling channels for six-figures on dedicated marketplaces.

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Is it worth it?

Before diving into the decision-making process, let’s break down the pros and cons as well as the cost of his course.


Enrolling in David Omari’s YouTube Mastery program comes with a price tag of $1,497. For added flexibility, if you opt for ShopPay, you can choose to make payments in installments. The options include $511.53 per month for 3 months or $135.12 per month for 12 months.

Gain lifelong access to David Omari’s course, a step-by-step guide designed to initiate or elevate your automated, faceless YouTube channel. This continuously updated training spans over 15 modules, featuring an extensive collection of 60+ video lessons.

Refund Policy

The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, providing students with a window of time to assess the course and decide if it aligns with their expectations and goals.


Faceless channel creation; one standout feature of Omari’s program is its comprehensive guide on creating a faceless channel. For those who value anonymity in their online presence, this aspect can be a game-changer, allowing individuals to express their creativity without revealing their identity.

Profitable Niches Backed by Real Data; Omari doesn’t just throw ideas around; he provides a valuable list of profitable niches supported by real-world data. This hands-on approach can be beneficial for those seeking practical insights into the most lucrative corners of the YouTube landscape.


Comparatively Pricey; the cost of admission to Omari’s YouTube Mastery Program might raise an eyebrow, especially when compared to other automation courses in the market.

No Tools Included; unlike some competing courses that bundle essential tools with their offerings, Omari’s program leaves students to navigate the tool landscape on their own. This lack of included tools might be a drawback for beginners who prefer a one-stop-shop approach.

No Live Coaching Calls; while the course content is undoubtedly valuable, the absence of live coaching calls might leave some students craving more direct interaction. Live coaching can provide real-time feedback, clarification, and a sense of community, aspects that could enhance the overall learning experience.

Overhyped Income Claims; one notable critique is the hype surrounding income claims. Potential students should approach such statements with a healthy dose of skepticism. Realistic expectations are crucial for long-term success in any online venture.

David Omari Review

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Is he Legit or a Scam?

YouTube Automation involves speeding up the content creation and uploading process on the platform. The primary goal of automating YouTube videos is to build an audience that can be monetized through different methods, such as offering advertising space within your videos. Contrary to some misconceptions, the road to profitability in YouTube automation is not a swift one. It is a common misunderstanding that automation leads to rapid follower growth and immediate affiliate link sales within a few weeks.

I guess this is mainly why people see him as a scam. Firstly, he makes it seem easy and anyone can do it then, secondly, people think his course is too expensive for what information you get from it. Thirdly, are the overhyped income claims. The promise of earning $100K in 30 days might be a stretch for many individuals.

In reality, generating income through YouTube automation takes time and strategic effort. Unfortunately, some individuals fall into the trap of believing that automation alone can quickly translate into substantial earnings. This notion can be misleading.

Omari is not a scam, he offers a genuine method to earn income through YouTube Automation. He sets a price for his course that he deems reflective of the value of his knowledge, even though some may argue it’s too high. Ultimately, it is his course and the additional income from the course can be a natural progression for accomplished individuals.

It’s crucial to recognize that YouTube automation is not a shortcut or a guaranteed fast track to financial success. Success in this realm demands a significant investment of time and effort, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the process. In essence, YouTube automation is a long-term strategy that requires commitment and a thorough understanding of the platform, making it unsuitable for those seeking quick and effortless results.


In conclusion, the transition from success to mentorship reflects a common trajectory among experts, contributing to both education and the development of a success-oriented mindset. This stands in contrast to individuals who might perceive everything, especially nowadays, as a scam, that may hinder their own opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Not implying that every guru offering courses is trustworthy, far from it. As much as being cautious, there’s always merit in maintaining an open mind.

David Omari’s YouTube Mastery Program offers a blend of anonymity, and niche selection guidance, but comes at a cost, both in terms of pricing and a lack of included tools and live coaching. As with any investment in education, prospective students should carefully consider their goals, budget, and preferred learning style before committing to this program.