Dan Cohen’s Ecom Authority Reviews

Dan Cohen’s Ecom Authority Reviews

Ecom Authority is a specialized management and service provider for Amazon store owners. They offer a wide range of services to help set up and run eCommerce stores, aiming to generate passive income for their clients.

What makes this company stand out is its unique and innovative way of providing services. They bring fresh and unconventional methods that differ from industry norms, offering a new way to manage online stores. Ecom Authority’s distinct approach positions them as an innovative leader in eCommerce services, dedicated to redefining industry standards with inventive solutions.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Ecom Authority in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen’s Ecom Authority Reviews

Dan Cohen brings over ten years of hands-on experience in supply chain management and online retail, infusing a treasure trove of expertise to boost the success of every client’s store.

Throughout his career journey, Dan’s unwavering dedication to customer success stands as the driving force propelling Ecom Authority’s growth. Glowing testimonials from thrilled clients vividly portray his commitment to continuously exceed expectations, illustrating his passion in action. His proactive approach assures that each client enjoys an outstanding experience; he consistently goes the extra mile to guarantee utmost satisfaction and deliver the best outcomes for their businesses.

What is Ecom Authority?

Dan Cohen’s Ecom Authority Reviews

Ecom Authority is your go-to expert for all things e-commerce. They’re absolute pros at finding top-notch products, handling merchandise, and running online businesses smoothly. Plus, they’re all about tailoring solutions to make your e-commerce ventures even better.

Their skills cover everything in the digital market, using clever ways to find the best products. They’re on top of market trends, building great relationships with suppliers, and making sure everything in the supply chain runs like clockwork.

On top of that, they’re wizards at managing the importance of online businesses: think inventory, sales tricks, engaging customers, and making tech work seamlessly for efficiency and growth.

Picking Ecom Authority means getting a bunch of savvy experts for your e-commerce needs. They’ll make buying stuff smoother and operations better, so you can focus on what matters while your online game gets stronger and more profitable!

How it Works

  1. Store Setup: They take charge of building your store. When you team up with them, their dedicated Ecom Authority Account Representative ensures a smooth onboarding experience. They will expertly craft your store to suit your unique needs and brand, laying a sturdy foundation for your online business.
  2. Inventory Assistance: Once your store is live, they assist in finding inventory. You will have the opportunity to grab your first batch of products at fantastic discounts. Leveraging their strong partnerships, they seek out high-quality items that resonate with your customers’ preferences.
  3. Shipping and Fulfillment: When your inventory is secured, their Fulfillment Team handles all shipping logistics. Your branded products swiftly head to your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) account, ensuring they reach their destination securely and punctually.
  4. Client-Centric Profits: At Ecom Authority, your success takes center stage. Your profitability is their priority. As sales pour in and profits accumulate in your FBA account, you’ll receive your earnings. They believe in a partnership where your accomplishments are celebrated as our mutual victories, highlighting a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach that puts your profit first.


Dan Cohen’s Ecom Authority Reviews

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Initial Investment

$50,000 is the initial investment required to hit a monthly income while maintaining a good credit score. Regularly investing in inventory is crucial to sustain this financial approach. This strategy has proven to be a game-changer for our clients, consistently helping them achieve the targeted income, significantly impacting their financial stability and family well-being.

These funds play a crucial role in essential aspects such as setting up your online store, obtaining approval from Amazon to sell popular household brands like Phillips, Vizio, Keurig, and others, and ensuring adequate stock to kickstart your business. This investment serves as the starting point for your e-commerce journey, positioning you for long-term financial success in the market.

Option to Pay Less than Half

There’s another option where you pay less than half the full price to kick off your very own Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) gig. You’ll team up with the cool crew at Ecom Authority, working side by side to get your business rolling and making the most of their e-commerce smarts.

Going for this option means you’ll dive headfirst into building your FBA business, and you’ll have the whole Ecom Authority gang there to help you every step of the way. You’ll learn the ropes, pick out products, manage your stock, and get a grip on how to handle your online biz. It’s a real-deal, learn-as-you-go kind of journey where you’ll master the ins and outs of running an FBA business, laying down a solid foundation for your future success.

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Pros and Cons


Ecom Authority specializes in offering a comprehensive e-commerce solution designed for newcomers. They manage everything from setting up the store to its ongoing management, enabling individuals with available funds but limited experience to launch their business ventures confidently. Their approach minimizes the typical learning curve associated with starting an online business, providing efficient setup and operation while leveraging their expertise and resources for a successful entrepreneurial journey.

The company’s way of doing business is pretty cool – they’re all about sharing the success vibes. Their system works like this: they only do well when you do well, which means they’re totally on your team. This setup creates a real win-win situation because they’re super invested in making sure your business thrives.

Plus, their commitment to being there for you 24/7  is awesome. You can just drop them a message anytime, anywhere, and they’re right there with the answers. Knowing you’ve got a buddy by your side round the clock gives you the confidence to handle any bumps and make the most of every opportunity in the e-commerce world.


It is a daunting reality that your store might take a considerable 3-6 months to reach its peak operational capacity and achieve the desired level of inventory purchasing power. Starting an e-commerce business requires a significant initial investment covering various expenses like acquiring products, setting up a website, advertising, and managing inventory. This financial commitment creates a barrier to potential profits or business expansion.

In addition, when your account gets suspended, it’s a real headache for your income. These suspensions can drag on forever, putting a hold on your earnings for an unknown stretch, from about two weeks to a whopping two months. It’s like hitting a wall for your ability to make any money through that account, leaving you in a tough spot financially and potentially causing some big disruptions to how your business runs overall. It’s as if someone slams the brakes on your cash flow, leaving you high and dry without any way to make a dime for quite a while.

In addition, getting $50,000 upfront to start a new business is a big challenge. But you know what? Having just $20,000 in savings or good credit might not cut it when you think about all the crazy costs of starting up.

Sure, $20,000 might feel like a good chunk at first, but when you start adding things up, it’s often not enough to cover all the stuff you need to get going. I mean, we’re talking about paperwork, getting some basic inventory, and just dipping your toes into marketing – that’s barely scratching the surface with that amount.



Generating income through e-commerce is a challenging journey involving the gradual construction of a brand, attracting customers, and building a positive reputation, requiring continuous and exhaustive effort for any chance of financial success.

In the world of online selling, running into problems like account suspensions happens more often than you’d think. Sometimes, these platforms have strict rules or other issues that end up causing a real headache for your business. Getting things sorted out can take forever, dragging on for up to two months. This messes with your sales and throws a real wrench into how smoothly your business runs, causing a ton of chaos and stress on the financial side.

Making it big in e-commerce is tough work, no doubt. It takes tons of time, money, and dealing with loads of challenges along the way. Getting any gains out of it is usually not as much as you’d hope, and you’ve got to deal with plenty of hurdles. To make it work, you’ve got to really understand these roadblocks and have some smart plans in place to keep your business somewhat stable and growing – even if it’s not by leaps and bounds.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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