Digital Millionaire Podcast Review

John Crestani is now an internationally-renowned expert in affiliate marketing. In just a couple of years, he has built an empire in the affiliate marketing space. And now he’s taken it upon himself to teach a handful of aspiring marketers how they too can get a piece of the affiliate marketing action.

But before all of this, John Crestani had his fair share of ups and downs, starting at the bad side of things. He’s a college drop-out, but it didn’t stop him from dreaming. And when things are going well on his end, something will come up and everything will eventually fall apart. That’s the cycle of his life before he reached financial freedom.

Let’s look further into it, in a more detailed manner. To understand and relate to him, and eventually maybe be used as an inspiration.

This One’s Much Better

For a college drop-out, John Crestani, age 21, doesn’t want to be a bother to his family. He fled to Thailand, trying to “find” himself, with the little money loaned to him by his family. He was a reader, loved reading books and The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, the now-classic guide for escaping the 9–5 grind by creating an internet business, turned out to be his saving grace.

So he jumped into his computer, googled how to earn passive income and the first thing that he saw was being an online seller. His first attempt in entrepreneurship was selling on eBay. John was starting to get a couple thousand bucks a month when a problem popped up concerning his business model. He was selling products that Paypal doesn’t approve of. That’s strike one.

His Paypal account was shut down and the business fell into shatters. That’s when he decided to re-enroll in school. Being on the techie side of things, having his ways on the computer, John used his knowledge to acquire all the test answers to every online course for every major in his university.

I had all the answers, and sold that knowledge”, he said. “I never realized that a PDF file could be so valuable. It was my first experience of trading knowledge for money”, he continued. It resulted in a $1,000 dollar gain and a suspension from school, because they suspected him that he acquired the test answers through illicit means. That’s strike two.

After a year, age 22, John got a real job working for a marketing firm. The business specialized in search engine pay-per-click marketing. Crestani learned the trade by doing, and he eventually managed more than 20 customer accounts while creating persuasive advertisements and clever bidding schemes to increase sales.

He mastered the field of paid advertising. There’s also a time where he multiplied a client’s business 40x. He’s bringing lots more money for the company than he could ever believe. He rose to fame within the company as a star of online advertising. 

John thought that it is high-time for him to request for a salary increase because of his hard work and expertise. “My boss looked at me across the table when I asked for the raise and said, ‘Or what?’”, says John as he recalls what happened that day. Instead of a raise and a praise, he was mocked and just shunned to just get back to work.

This One’s Much Better

Dumbstruck and because he cares for his mental being, he willingly checked out of the job to the point that he eventually got fired. And that’s strike three.

Well, having three strikes doesn’t mean that he needs to stop the dream. For John Crestani, it just means that he needs to start a new ball game. His ultimate goal was to develop a multimillion dollar company where he would never have a boss again, so he hustled on the side to attract clients for himself to keep him afloat.

With his expertise in paid advertising, he hit upon the idea of promoting products developed by other companies. He discovered that a limited group of suppliers gave him the best margins for homeopathic products, and that’s where his journey as an affiliate marketer started. And the rest is history.

Digital Millionaire Podcast talks about how anyone can replace their 9-5 grind with the simple three step strategy that he has formulated for affiliate marketing over the years. Interested? Book a call to learn more.

This One’s Much Better