Crep Chief Notify Reviews

The world of e-commerce still shows no signs of stopping and is still massively evolving over the past few years. Many people have indulged in the success of having an e-commerce business in the recent decades and are still producing millionaires up to date all around the globe.

With the help of our ever-evolving technology, e-commerce leveraged it to help retail stores gain global presence, enabling them to reach a global audience, making them known in every part of the world.  

E-commerce not only helped retail stores, but also customers. There are some products that can only be bought in certain places, that’s why with the help of e-commerce, they will be able to purchase it whenever and wherever they are, and wait until the product is delivered in front of their doorstep.

So it’s a win-win for both store owner and customer. Crep Chief Notify is aware of the convenience of having an e-commerce business can bring, what more if they can leverage the prices of products from different markets?

They’ll walk you through their system that has helped countless people earn significant cash from reselling products. Interested? Continue reading on my Crep Chief Notify review below.

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What is CCN?

Crep Chief Notify (CCN) is an online reselling platform where you will have access to updates regarding product trends, where and how to buy them at retail price, and where to resell them to get the best profit margin you’ll ever imagine. 

They claim to have a simple yet effective system that works from time to time, with a 24/7 chat support, have a lot of different membership plans to cater your needs and allows you to work flexibly. 

Who Runs CCN?


This guy right here is the face of CCN. His name is “Milo” and there’s nothing much about him because they didn’t post any of their personal social media accounts anywhere. Milo is the face of every Crep Chief Notify videos in their YouTube channel. Ever since 2021, Milo has been reselling products, starting on Facebook Marketplace. 

His first video was 2 years ago when he bought a brand new XBox Series X in a certain online store for £449.99. Once it arrived at his doorsteps, he immediately listed it on Facebook Marketplace for £580. That’s already £130 in profit. In a little about an hour, someone just fancied the product he listed, and on that same day, they met up and he sold it. Easiest money of his life, indeed. 

He has been posting similar videos for over 2 years now. There are also other cast members behind CCN. One of them is also featured on their YouTube channel, named Alex who is a sneaker freak – reselling in-demand sneakers like Jordans and the likes and making profits out of it.

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Steps to Becoming a CCN Reseller

Step 1: Pick a Membership Package

They offer 4 different membership packages for you to choose from.

  • Monthly Membership Subscription that costs £34.99/month.
  • 3 Month Membership Subscription that costs £84.99 (save almost £20).
  • Annual Membership Subscription that costs £299.99 (save almost £120).
  • Lifetime Membership Subscription that costs £549.99.

You can apply for any membership package stated above after creating your account using their Crep Chief Notify application available in Apple App Store. Sadly, they’re not available in the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: Jump Into the Introductory Walkthrough

You will be assisted by their staff, introducing you to Crep Chief Notify, who has been redefining the reselling market for over two years and how you’ll be able to do just that, making sales in reselling products.

Step 3: Know What to Buy

They have already debunked the act of reselling. CCN has the necessary tools to locate what in-demand products you should leverage and where to resell them to get a proper, significant profit margin.

Step 4: Start Receiving Notifications

These in-demand products sell rapidly. You better stay alert for notifications where these products will be restocked soon so that you can get some for a retail price. Some of them are limited edition products and you can sell them for more than what you can ever imagine.

Step 5: Purchase Your First Profitable Product

Once you receive a notification, before anyone else even knows it’s on sale, make your first buy and get ready for a profit to come your way.

And just repeat steps 3-5 for continual profit. You don’t need to do your own market research because CCN already got you covered. All you need to do is tune in for updates and news of restocks of products that allows you to gain big profit margins.

Member Privileges

CCN Seller Perks

After becoming a member, you’ll have access to product information, instant notifications on the current trends and and in-demand product restocks, one-to-one live chats to ask queries and gain support from their specialized team, and an access to a thriving community where you can ask questions, share ideas and ask experiences with like-minded individuals.

What Are Some of These “In-Demand” Products

Based on the design of their website, most “in-demand” products nowadays are sneakers. The Jordans and the Kobes. Some of these sneakers can be resold at double or even triple of their respective retail price, depending on the design and demand. 

It can also be gadgets, like the Apple’s Iphones, where they release new series every year, there’s also a demand for that. Vintage cars, which have very limited manufactured copies. 

Other items such as appliances can be resold but with minimum profit margins, not like the items stated above, but at least you gain profit.

Bigger profit margins means that you also need a bigger capital to buy these items. They’re not cheap, after all. But once you’ve started, you can keep your money and revolve your profit into reselling many other items.   

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The Problems They Encountered

CCN Trustpilot

Many people have fancied the act of reselling, because there really is profit from there if you picked the right products. Many of them also tried CCN as a new found company, thinking that because they’re just new, they would be so eager to cater all of their customer’s needs. But mixed reviews can be seen in Trustpilot.

Most of them say that they have very bad customer support. Others are complaining about having a hard time getting products. Well, yes, of course, you need to have the speed of light reactions in order to get a hold of an “in-demand” item. That’s why it’s called “in-demand” because a lot of people want to have them. 

And some people who’re not that techie can’t keep up with the technology they’re using, like the Discord server. Even for someone like me, who’s also having a hard time navigating through different discord servers where I joined, what more for those not so young ones that wanted to try their program?

Those are the issues that need to be addressed and fixed so that future applicants will not be overwhelmed and they’ve already addressed the discord server thing and have migrated to their own Crep Chief Notify user-friendly application stated above. 

Advantages of Reselling

  • If you’re just starting, some products don’t require you to have big initial investments. You can always test it, or maybe stick with it. There’s always a diverse product range in the e-commerce industry, after all.
  • You can focus on sales and marketing since you’re not involved in the production process. And as long as you got your purchased product, you can immediately list it on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and the likes to get back the money that you used plus the profit, of course.
  • And since you’re the one picking the product that you wanted to resell, you can easily adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences. 

Disadvantages of Reselling

  • It’s a highly concentrated market, so sometimes that product that you chose might only get a low profit margin or sometimes it will make it hard to sell.
  • You’re dependent on the suppliers, most especially on the “in-demand” products. Once they get restocked, you’re not the only one who wants to get a hold of the product, there are others who are waiting just like you.
  • And because of the market volatility, if ever there’s a chance that you decided to buy a big inventory of a product and the market shifted, sometimes you’ll be at a loss instead of having profit. 

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Reselling can be a lucrative side hustle for some people but you need the right product resold for the right price to be able to keep going. Crep Chief Notify can guide you step-by-step to have a successful reselling business but one thing bothers me. 

They also cater live concert tickets, where scalping is something that is already banned in other countries. I don’t know why and how they can get past those restrictions, but it’s better to not deal with it and focus on other products. 

Before You Leave …

If you’re looking for a real business which can help you make money online, checkout my #1 recommendation. 

This is the BEST business to start right now and it has helped me make $30,931 last month alone.

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