Credit Launch Secrets Reviews

Upon reaching adulthood, most people are stressing out about their credit scores. Why? Because having a low credit score tells a lender that you might not be the most reliable borrower, making them think twice whether they want to process your loans or not, most especially banks.

Not all people can pay straight cash to buy their needs and wants, that’s why we rely on credit cards. Credit Launch Secrets claims to have the secret sauce to make your credit score close to perfection, making it easy for you to apply for loans, rents, interest rates, and many more. 

Can they really help you lessen the headache of applying for one and straightly secure whatever you need when it comes to these kinds of topics? This review aims to give you details on how they work, the price of their service, and everything in between so continue reading.

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What is “Credit Launch Secrets”?

Credit Launch Secrets

Credit Launch System based from Austin, Texas, is an online platform for leveling up your credit game, especially for those who are eyeing having their own home. Their team of professional credit experts offers cutting-edge training regardless of your current credit standing. 

Not just home purchase, they’ve also helped people:

  • Acquire automobile ownership
  • With unsecured credit card
  • Start a business line of credit
  • Get job offers
  • Invest in properties

They’ve been able to reach a global audience, helping thousands of people achieve their dream of homeownership through credit improvement. From free training videos and resources to premium credit repair programs, Credit Launch System has it all for you.

The platform is also proud of their customer support system. If you have questions or guidance with their program/s, just hit up their contact page, send them an email, and they promise to get back to you within a day.

Who is Arielle “Ari” Gruman?

Ari Gruman

There’s nothing much about Ari “The Credit Guru” Gruman aside from the fact that before Credit Launch Secrets, she was a member of a team of Multidisciplinary Graphic Designers where she specialized in creating infographic designs for clients. 

She’s good with what she does, based on several positive feedback on her work in Fiverr. But what made her shift from a graphic designer to launching Credit Launch Secrets is still a mystery.

If I’ll be basing everything from her social media accounts that I’ve found, she regularly posts short videos on her Instagram account everything about credit scores – why it is important, what happens when your credit score is low, how to avoid decreasing your credit score, how to improve it, and everything in between.

Then she also has a Facebook page with 6.5 likes and 8k followers, and a YouTube channel with only 2.55K subscribers, having her last posted video 5 months ago.

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The Correction Overhaul Sequence Training System

Correction Overhaul Sequence Training System

The Correction Overhaul Sequence Training System is Ari’s signature program that is said to be working like magic. It will equip you with the knowledge and resources through a 3-step sequence, making your credit fixing a breeze.

Step 1: The Full Spectrum Credit Analyzer

In this first step, you’ll know the importance of getting a credit report and how it will help you improve your credit score. And inside this Full Spectrum Credit Analyzer, you’ll be knowing 2 great ways on how to get your hands on a pristine copy of your credit report without messing up your score.

  • Soft Pull Magic a soft pull is like a gentle credit check that won’t leave a mark. It allows you to review your credit information, providing you a convenient and non-intrusive means of accessing updated and accurate financial data.
  • Annual Credit Report Hustle – annually, you’re entitled to request a free credit report from each of the major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, through the centralized platform,

With a correct and updated credit report, you’ll be able to see all your credit accounts, possible payment history/ies, credit inquiries, and your current credit score, which can help you make your next step/s on how to improve on it as you progress with the program.

Step 2: Unique Letter Dispersement Technique

Because there’s a lot of confusing advice out there, especially for folks dealing with bad credit, it’s really important to ditch the old, wrong ways and embrace a new and effective approach to fix your credit, and that’s with the help of this second step.

Crafting precise dispute letters can be a headache if you don’t know which letters to use and how to use them, but with this technique, you will be guided accordingly. 

It’s not just about fixing mistakes but it’s also a positive experience that quickly boosts your credit score. Their method is said to be super effective, that if you stick with it, you’ll likely see real improvements in the first month. 

Step 3: Accelerated Score Maximizer

This phase will equip you with the tools and knowledge to build your credit the right way, at the right times. It will be all about setting the record straight and focusing on doing things yourself, instead of relying on outdated or incorrect information from the past. 

It includes optimal strategies for credit-building, empowering you to take control of your financial journey, instead of relying and paying for others to do what you can easily handle yourself. 

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Aside from this 3 main pillars the program also have bonus features such as:

14-Day Free Pass to the Dispute Club

It’s an “All Access Pass” to the top-tier insider tools and training from not just Ari Gruman herself, but all the credit experts that are members of the Credit Launch Secrets. 

This Dispute Club membership is your ticket to a proven plan that guides you through crucial credit challenges, including handling student loans, dealing with public records, liens, and judgements. It provides coaching and valuable advice to keep you on the right track.

They will also let you in with expert advice from a VA-approved lender, where you’ll gain insights into the home buying process and maximizing your VA benefits. 

If you still want to continue your membership with their Dispute Club, it requires a monthly membership fee of $19/month.

Credit Launch Secrets’ Facebook Community

Aside from the 14-day free pass to their membership program, you’ll also be part of their ever-thriving Facebook community, where you can create a direct line for support and interaction with both Ari herself and her team of coaches.

The community will serve as your safe space to share your wins, toss around ideas and get loads of encouragement from like-minded individuals. With a community like theirs, you’ll be able to broaden your perspective in the field of everything about credit.

More additional features are as follows:

More of Correction Overhaul Sequence

And the Correction Overhaul Sequence Training System’s cost is: 

Credit Launch Secrets Cost

There’s even a special 50% off offer for a limited time, making it only $23.50. This limited offer might only be available once you’ve prompted for a checkout. And it also comes with a 365-Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee. 

Pros and Cons


  • The Credit Launch Secrets is available worldwide, making them more accessible even from the corners of the world.
  • You can learn at your own pace, at your own time, given that you have a total of 1-year to make all of their strategies, methods, training working at your end.
  • The money back guarantee is what makes most people opt-in for a program since it allows them to try whether the system works for them or not.
  • The presence of a community itself makes it more valuable for a program like Credit Launch Secrets.
  • They don’t do the process themselves, but instead, they want to equip you with the knowledge and tools to do it yourself, instead of relying on others.


  • It can be a disadvantage where you’ll be trying real hard for a system that doesn’t really work for you. Even if they have a refund policy, you can’t take back the time and efforts wasted.
  • Ari Gruman’s lack of personal background can make someone wonder about the effectiveness of her strategies and methods.

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Understanding credit scores and how they’re important to an individual is an important aspect of financial literacy and empowerment. Having a good credit score opens doors to favorable financial opportunities, from securing loans with lower interest rates to obtaining better insurance premiums.

Credit Launch Secrets, with its flagship program Correction Overhaul Sequence Training System offers a comprehensive and educational approach to guide you through the complexities of credit repair.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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