Conversionly Review

Lead generation is the heartbeat of any business growth. The known traditional methods like cold calling, attending physical networking events with a couple of handshakes everywhere and doing door-to-door advertising in a scorching hot daylight, in a storm or a blizzard will never gonna cut it in today’s generation.

You’ll run out of leads before you know it. Not unless you drive miles and miles away just to get new prospect clients which is both time and energy consuming. But still, kudos to those people that have experienced and achieved success through this strategy.

With the rapid advancement of our technology, lead generation can never be made more simpler than it is. With different lead generation programs and applications out there, you just need to tweak some and it will work in your favor. Social media posting, content marketing, SEO optimization, online advertising, you name it. 

Conversionly created a system that can make your leads become scheduled appointments for whatever service that you have to offer. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, they claim that they have a systematic approach to things and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this Conversionly review.

But before I start…

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What is Conversionly?

Conversionly is a collaborative effort between Luckless Digital and Bullbox Marketing, two formidable marketing organizations, to create the best local company marketing services currently accessible.

If you have tried things in the past or have been doing something at present but it hasn’t been working, don’t worry because it’s not your fault, is what Justin truly believes. Most   entrepreneurs or companies don’t know what to do to turn leads into appointments. 

He believes that even though you have one or two pieces in place, the system works just like an engine, it may totally not work or will work but only a short amount of time if it lacks the necessary pieces. What you need to do is to collect and put all the pieces together in their right places for it to be able to work for the long run.

For whom is Conversionly Intended?

Conversionly are for business owners or companies that still experience the biggest problem that any entrepreneur will eventually face, which is profitable client acquisition. The world is filled with businesses that have great products or services but no customers, after all.

The People Behind Conversionly

Zach Williams of Luckless Digital and Justin Oglesby of Bullbox Marketing join forces and build Conversionly. Here’s a little info about the two lads.

Zach Williams

Zach is an entrepreneur raised in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He’s a double degree holder, BS Business Administration and Accounting. Prior to starting his own business, he worked full-time in the oil and gas industry, and has been traveling all over the US. He tried getting his Master’s degree but eventually decided to drop it to give more focus on his passion for marketing.

He spent the last four years perfecting the art of conversion-driven marketing in order to create long-lasting and enduring marketing and sales platforms for his clients. 

Luckless Digital is his lead generation-based company that later on merged with Bullbox Marketing to make Conversionly. 

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Justin Oglesby

Justin is from Florida, US. Came from a blue-collared family. He’s been into rodeo since elementary. Got a sponsorship to be able to get into college and that’s what led him to the world of sports medicine. He’s been an athletic trainer for a while after graduating but decided to go back to school to get his Master’s degree in Healthcare Marketing and Administration.

He worked for an orthopedic company doing sales and marketing. Justin has a lot of free time. Getting off of work by 2pm, he decided to start a small business concerning rodeo t-shirt apparel. He found success on that but he later realized that the profit margins of business marketing and apparel business are too far apart.

Justin knows he’s good in the apparel side of business, so why not try for the bigger fish, right? The difference of 30% for apparel and 85% profit margin for business marketing is too big of an opportunity to pass. 

Because he’s fond of bulls/rodeo, he named his company Bullbox Marketing, and later on merged with Luckless Digital to form Conversionly.

Why Work With Them?

They’ve been in the same shoes as you, not that long ago. The part where you’re being skeptic about trying new things, and they can’t blame you for that. Just like what I wrote in the beginning – lead generation is the heart of any business growth.

The number of people seeking advice and finding the right program to use is the same,  if not more than the number of people introducing new methods each passing day. That’s why these people are getting confused on which works and which doesn’t.

Justin and Zach have also experienced the confusion while starting their individual careers in lead generation. They both made numerous coaching program investments totaling over $850,000 which allowed them to grow their reliable revenue streams by learning about the market and adapting to it. 

They both vowed they would never go down that road after witnessing other coaches sell subpar products and services that fell short of their promises along the way.

The two lads also never expected to build Conversionly to the business it is today. It’s just the market pushed them to their limits. Giving unlimited access and learnings about lead generation to every person and company that needed it. 

With the unique and personalized systems that they had introduced to cater each client, they have helped countless entrepreneurs and companies scale over $10M in revenue. 

Since the foundation, Justin and Zach had the pleasure of working with 1,200+ entrepreneurs just like yourself and helped them build predictable sales systems, improved their fulfillment systems, separate them from the competition and took businesses to greater heights, much greater than what they themselves have anticipated.

The Three Primary Cogs Needed

The three primary cogs that you need to have in place in order for your machine of lead generation to turn leads into appointments predictably are:

  1. You need to have a solid lead generation source
  2. You need a proper sales system 
  3. Someone to manually follow-up with those leads

You need to have all of these three in place to maximize the number of appointments from the leads that you’re generating.

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Solid Lead Generation Source

A lead generation source is essentially the fountain from which you get those valuable leads that show interest in your products or services, and eventually convert them into customers. It can be a physical location, a digital platform or a strategy. 

The biggest shift in what Conversionly offers is that making your offer value-based rather than commodity-based. What you would want to eliminate here is the prospect that compares your offer to a competitor. They don’t want you to think about why those prospects are choosing the other just because of the price difference.

They will help you make your offer so value driven that price isn’t even a factor. That way, it will drive your cost per lead down. 

Proper Sales System

A sales system is the organized process and set of steps that guide how you turn leads into customers, and most people don’t have the proper follow up systems in place, causing them to lose a ton of deals from the leads that they already generated. 

The old sales system that they used only converted 11-18% of the leads generated into customers, which to date is the industry’s average of lead generation. 

With a lot of changes, tweaks and tests made, they were able to bring that up to 30-40% lead to book appointment rate. That’s double, closely triple to what the industry averages.

Manual Follow-up 

Having a look in the data, they’ve seen a handful of things that you need to implement by calling the lead when they come in 5 minutes. Following up at the right time, calling at least 6 times on the phone. 

They have what they call the inbound appointment setter. In the business, with all of the clients, they have someone who’s manually following up with their leads because the owners are busy running their businesses.

The industry averages about 50% show up rate. If you added this layer of manual follow-up, it will go up to 70-75%. Which shows a drastic and significant change to leads turned customers, or so they say. 

The Cost

There’s no mention about the cost because they offer several options to each client. It will be determined by their growth consultant during your roadmap session. It is a unique and personalized option that can cater your goals in mind that’s why there’s no constant price for their system/services.

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Lead generation is a world where every click, every interaction, is a step closer to a potential connection. Finding this perfect connection is what gives the business model an added spice to life – the business finding its ideal customer, and the customer discovering the perfect solution. 

Conversionly has proven itself to be one the best companies out there that has helped a number of entrepreneurs and companies scale up their businesses. It also shows in Trustpilot and Glassdoor reviews, where most of them are 5-star rated. 

Maybe you can give them a try, book a call and see what happens next. There’s no harm in trying and we don’t know, maybe you’ll click with them.

Before You Leave …

If you’re looking for a real business which can help you make money online, checkout my #1 recommendation. 

This is the BEST business to start right now and it has helped me make $30,931 last month alone.

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