Conversion Monster Reviews

Halloween is right around the corner, and Conversion Monster takes the opportunity to post relatable nightmarish experiences that gave ‘em the chills.

Despite the monster in their name, they’re not talking about ghosts or any supernatural phenomena like the majority would to celebrate this spooky season. Instead, they’re sharing the horrors experienced by real estate agents in nurturing their leads.

This is their reminder that you can avoid allat if you’re subscribed to their service. Should you? Are they even legit? Read on our review to find out.

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Introduction To Conversion Monster

Conversion Monster is a lead conversion company based in Buffalo, New York. If you need a team to call, qualify, nurture, and convert your leads to appointments, Conversion Monster and their inside sales agents (ISAs) can help.

You may be wondering where the leads are coming from. Well, to put it simply, it may come from you or some company you hired, but definitely not from Conversion Monster. There’s a reason they don’t call themselves “Generation Monster”, after all.

The company do provide several seamless integrations with popular CRMs such as Real Geeks and KW Command to make directing the lead to them streamlined and hassle-free.

For companies that generate leads as well as qualify and turn them into appointments, check out our reviews on Leadjolt Reviews, and Housejet Reviews.

The Core Values Of The Program

Conversion Monster ISA

As a company, Conversion Monster take integrity, professionalism, and accountability very seriously. They are passionate on getting real estate agents tangible results, and they’re continuously improving their services to meet the ever-changing requirements of the real estate industry.

You don’t have to worry about qualifying and nurturing leads with their ISAs, many are licensed agents and brokers themselves, that are highly trained to do it well. With them, you’re in good hands.

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The Founders Of The Program

Dave Carr and Ro Malik are the men behind Conversion Monster. They’ve been with the company since its inception, witnessing the early struggles up to the time when it tripled its revenues.

Conversion Monster Dave Carr

Besides founding Conversion Monster, Dave played a major role in creating a multinational organization for distressed asset management. He also currently works with EliteMed Laboratories and TipBx as advisor and founder, respectively.

Meanwhile, Ro is a practicing real estate broker that established Chicago Homes 360, and is recognized as a top agent by both The Chicago Association of Realtors and Chicago’s Top Agent Network.

Conversion Monster Ro Malik

Seems like Ro is making all the right decisions in life, besides his choice of beard before and NFL team. (P.S. Call them dysfunctional and what-not, but Ro’s Chicago Bears did manage to curb stomped the Oakland, er, Las Vegas Raiders recently, so there’s that… Raiders shouldn’t have left THE Bay, TBH.)

How Does Conversion Monster Work?

Before Lead Qualification Process

Curious about how Conversion Monster do their conversion magic with your leads? We got ya back. But first, here’s what happens before the *officially official* lead qualification process begins.

It all starts with leads coming in. Once a lead has registered in their system and showed interest (not to be confused with intent to surely make a transaction within six months), Conversion Monster will contact them right away, and will attempt to say HIs and HELLOs on the phone within five minutes.

Meeting new faces can be fun, most especially when they’re potential clients to your business. When you’re giddy and excited like most business owners would, Conversion Monster is the extension. I mean, nothing spells enthusiasm more than quick and prompt calls to establish rapport.

What if the lead didn’t return the initial call? Does it mean no more calls and messages to them, then you’ll be left wondering months or years later if they’re the one that got away?

The heartbreak of potentially missing out on six, seven-figure deals is just as bad or perhaps even worse than Katy Perry contemplating what her life could be with a high school sweetheart. You’re talking about big money, he’s just her “Johnny Cash”.

Conversion Monster knows that all too well, and will not only call once, twice, not even thrice, but up to seventy-five times!

Specifically, they’ll contact seventeen times via calls, email, SMS, and voicemails within ten days. If the former isn’t enough, then they’ll do it again, seventy-five times in total, in the course of one year.

Conversion Monster is that persistent, and they won’t say a lead is “cold” until they exhausted all the means to contact them. Here’s to hoping that their “will to reach out no matter what” don’t get their messages intercepted by spam filters.

Once they established contact, the lead qualification process begins.

Lead Qualification Process

The lead qualification process begins with ISAs asking a series of qualifying questions. The said questions are as follows:

  • What’s your price point?
  • What neighborhood are you looking in?
  • Have you been pre-approved for financing?
  • Are you working with a realtor?
  • What amenities are you looking for in the neighborhood or in a property?
  • What’s your time frame (in making a real estate transaction)?

This is important because there are leads that simply don’t meet the criteria. Maybe you’re interested in striking a deal with a home seller, but the lead you had is just looking for a rental. You have to make sure that you can serve the leads as to not waste your time and theirs.

If they’re qualified and their time frame is within six months or less, Conversion Monster will attempt to live transfer that lead over to you as quickly as humanly possible. They expect differences with availability, which is why they provide option to scheduling appointments for a call back at a later date.

On the flip side, if their time frame is more than six months out, they will continue nurturing the lead on your behalf. It’s to get them below the sixth month mark, so they’ll eventually be ready for live transfers.

All you have to do is close. Easier said than done, of course, but at least, you have Conversion Monster as your wingman doing ‘em prerequisites, so you can focus all your might on closing.

Other Features Of Conversion Monster

With Conversion Monster, you don’t have to worry about some AI going rogue like Housejet’s that’s off-putting prospects instead of nurturing them. Yeah, no beep boop shenanigans here, as the process is executed by humans— motivated real estate professionals trained by industry leaders.

They don’t talk like a bot nor talk like themselves even. Instead, they talk like you, as in they use a customized script when conversing with leads to represent you and your business well.

Furthermore, not only are they based in a city that never sleeps, their ISAs never sleeps as well… Okay, technically, not really, but you won’t catch them ALL sleeping, and they will always have someone on and available via text and email, 24-7.

They also have other offices besides the one in New York to accommodate agents in their local time zone. For calls, they’re available between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM on the weekdays, and between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on the weekends.

Conversion Monster Reviews (Referral)

Instead of charging referral fees, they opt to get their service dues via subscription-based payments. The only “referral” here is a commission program giving three hundred buckaroos for those who refer real estate agents on using their service.

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Should You Consider Conversion Monster?

Cost Of The Program

From several reports online, the cost of Conversion Monster starts at $795 a month for one hundred leads.

Besides getting a team of ISAs to do the lead qualification process as mentioned earlier on your behalf, you’ll also get the following:

  • An onboarding process
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Daily reports
  • Access to a portal where you can view the activity of your leads and listen to past conversations of them with Conversion Monster’s ISAs
  • CRM integrations with KE Command, Real Geeks, FollowUp Boss, Firepoint, Sierra Interactive, and more
  • Custom scripts with branding

They also offer flexible options if the one listed above doesn’t fit your needs, including a “Revive” option to re-engage cold leads. Book a demo with them to learn more.

Pros And Cons Of The Program

First off, their guarantee on rolling any unused portion of your subscription package to the next month is commendable. This accounts the seasonal nature of real estate as a business, where some months are just slower than the others.

In addition, the reviews on the site are promising as well. They’re talking about what made Conversion Monster special by revealing the specifics like revenue figures, and none of that vague stuff only.

For instance, the co-founder of Lab Coat Agents Nick Baldwin commended the program for having a top-notch nurturing process that eventually leads to sixty closed transaction in a year. Fifteen million dollars in volume and he still has high hopes in doubling it the next year, thanks to Conversion Monster.

Our only concern is the lack of similar, convincing reviews outside their site. They do have a profile on Glassdoor where their previous staff and ISAs expressed satisfaction, sans a few comments on how the company’s salary structure and promotion policy sucked.

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If your real estate business is not equipped in qualifying and nurturing leads and your source of leads is strictly for lead generation only, then Conversion Monster can help. They’re a legit company that provides access to their ISAs, so you don’t need to be one or hire them yourself.

Just remember that having them on board isn’t a guarantee that you will have a closing. The company will do their best to improve your chances, but it’s still up to you or your closer to seal the deal.

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