Coders Campus Review

We’re already living in a tech-driven world, aren’t we? Most if not all of us can’t live without looking at our cellphones. It just shows that the Information Technology industry needs more and more skilled professionals that can ride the waves of the fast changing evolution of our technology.

In this dynamic environment, a lot of platforms are offering programming courses, tutorials, coaching, etc., and one of them is Coders Campus. They claim to provide a comprehensive learning experience tailored to both new and experienced programmers looking to enhance their skills.

Will the resources that they have prepared still provide relevance in today’s era or they’ve been left behind by the fast evolution of our technology? Learn more in my review down below.

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Coders Campus Overview

Coders Campus

Coders Campus is an online platform that provides courses and resources for people interested in learning programming and software development skills, and being part of the ever growing IT industry. It is like a one-stop shop for anyone looking to dive into the world of coding.

From tutorials to courses that break down complex programming stuff and turn it into easy to understand bits, Coders Campus provides a comprehensive learning experience even if you’re just starting out or already a coding whiz.

If you’re interested in learning programming or enhancing your coding skills with Coders Campus, tune in and I’ll tell you what they have to offer. But first, I will introduce you to the man behind the platform, Trevor Page.

Trevor Page

Trevor Page

Trevor Page must be born with the talents and skills a programmer should have starting when they were little. Long road trips and boredom, Trevor is not one who will just sit it down, looking outside the window, counting the trees etc etc, but rather, he’s one who will listen to his dad, blurting ideas about a programming language called Visual Basic.

That piqued his interest as Trevor is also a gamer, and has a passion for computers. Playing games makes him want to create one. His only guide as a 10-year old boy is reading books, which is more likely that his tiny brain won’t be able to understand any bit of it back then.

But looking now, Trevor is a Bachelor’s Degree holder, majoring in Computer Science as anyone would’ve guessed, has more than a decade of experience in the IT industry by being a Software Engineer, Backend Engineer, Development Lead, and many more job titles. And while he’s at it, he’s managing Coders Campus since 2012. 

He is now a well-known figure in the programming education space as he is also the man behind the YouTube channel, “How to Program with Java”, which is later renamed as Coders Campus’ channel also. He’s been creating educational content focused on teaching Java programming to beginners and intermediate learners. 

Trevor Page is also a Udemy instructor, offering 4 courses.

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Inside Coders Campus

Full-Stack Bootcamp

Coders Campus Bootcamp

Full-Stack Bootcamp is Coders Campus’ trademark program where you’ll be able to learn everything that a full-stack developer needs even if you’re a complete beginner. What’s good is that it is completely remote, you can do it on your own time, at your own pace, without someone pressuring you.

It has a 24-week long syllabus consisting of training videos, tutorials and assignments in which you can apply what you learn, making it an interactive aspect to help you practice and master every lesson being taught. It only requires you at least 20 hours a week, equivalent to more or less 3 hours daily. 

In addition to the access for the full course content, included in the Full-Stack Bootcamp are:

Weekly Office Hours Video Calls

During weekly live calls, you can seek clarification on confusing concepts, ask questions about the week’s lessons or assignments and engage in discussions with your instructor. Worry not, because all video calls will be recorded so that you can go back to it anytime you want. 

Personalized Code Reviews

This gives you a tailored and insightful evaluation of your coding assignment through video feedback. These personalized reviews can help you identify your strengths and certain areas that need improvement. 

This does not only address individual challenges and learning needs of students but also can help them deepen their understanding and refine their coding skills.

Access to the Community

Access to the community allows you to have a network of supportive peers who are also enrolled in the bootcamp. It serves as a valuable resource for navigating the challenges that any one of you will face in the bootcamp, especially during hard assignments or even when you’re not understanding a certain part of the lesson.

By collaborating or simply talking to another student can help you broaden your perspective, learn new ideas or techniques, and the most important part is that you can offer and in the same way ask for accountability from another person. 

Career Preparation Courses

When you’re done completing the syllabus of the bootcamp, you will then have access to Career Preparation Courses that are designed to equip you with the skills and resources needed to secure a job in your chosen field. 

These courses go beyond technical knowledge as they offer practical guidance on resume writing, interview techniques, networking strategies and job search best practices. 

Guaranteed Job Offer

Aside from the Career Preparation Courses, once you’ve completed the bootcamp content and assignments successfully, you will be connected with a recruiter who will work to secure you a job offer or contract position within a timeframe of 6 months. 

So while you’re learning the skills required in the corporate world, you have someone pitching for you on the outside, making sure that you’ll have a secured job in the IT industry once you deemed yourself ready to start the new chapter of your life.

This is Coders Campus’ feature that reassures you and every student that enrolls with them that enrollees turned graduates will be having a concrete career opportunity waiting for them outside the platform. 

The thing is that once you apply, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be accepted as they will still review your application. The cost of the Full-Stack Bootcamp is $13,500, but if you can’t really afford to pay it one-time, they also offer payment options so that you can pay in installments.

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Java Foundations

Java Foundations has the same scope as the free Java Beginner’s Course but is priced at $497. Why waste money if they offer the same contents for free? You can just ignore this one if you’ll be opening an account with Coders Campus.  

Java Beginner’s Course

Java Beginner’s Course is a free 4-week course offered by Coders Campus. It includes Git tutorials, and 3 weeks of full Java course for aspiring java developers. You can stay away from their Java Foundations course and stick to this free one.

What People Say About Coders Campus?

Coders Campus Student Reviews

People who have tried Coders Campus’ programs such as the Full-Stack Bootcamp say that each tutorial video is easy to understand and follow, meaning that they’ve done a great job simplifying complex instructions and lessons that any programming language has in common, not just in Java. 

Git is one of the most popular platforms/applications that every programmer can use to have a safe space for their programs to be in. It is also a place where programmers can collaborate for a certain project, helping them keep track of changes that each of them made. 

Pros and Cons


  • Coders Campus offers a wide range of courses, tutorials and resources most especially in Java programming that can provide you with a comprehensive learning experience.
  • They have a structured curriculum that can make it easier for you to follow a logical progression when learning how to code with java.
  • Most important part of all of these is that they have an active community of like-minded individuals where you can connect, ask questions and collaborate on future projects.
  • They offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to have access to every resource that they have, available day and night.
  • Coders Campus offer a job offer guarantee at the end once you’ve completed the bootcamp, giving you a reassurance of some sort.


  • The bootcamp is not cost-friendly, making people second guess about joining as they don’t also indicate any refund policy on the matter.
  • Some might find it overwhelming as every person has their own learning capabilities and capacities.
  • In the aspect of the bootcamp being completely online, interference with the internet connectivity can disrupt the learning experience of an individual.
  • Making the bootcamp a part-time setting makes other learners getting sidetracked and lack the self-discipline and motivation that they really need in order to learn things like programming.

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Coders Campus offers a comprehensive and interactive approach to teaching anyone interested on how to build programs using the Java programming language. The assignments at the end of each week can help you apply what you’ve learned, practice and eventually master the concepts included in it.

The drawbacks that I could think of is the price of the bootcamp which really is a big investment if you really want an in depth program such as the bootcamp offered by Coders Campus. And also, we don’t really have an idea if they’re constantly updating the contents of their tutorials, because as we all know, technology is constantly and rapidly evolving day after day.

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