Code With Mosh Review

Jobs concerning the IT industry is one of the most high paying jobs in today’s market. But is it easy to learn how to code? Don’t you need to have a bachelor’s degree as one of the qualifications to be hired? Can certificates help you land your first IT job?

These are the common questions asked whenever someone is inquiring about the world of IT. It is not easy to learn anything from scratch. While some are fast learners, some also take a while to learn new things just because they saw a better opportunity on that new stuff.

While some companies do require you to have a bachelor’s degree to land your first job, it is also important to build your portfolio. And other companies do that. They’re more interested in what you’ve done rather than some paper like a bachelor’s degree or certificates that you’ve collected while learning how to code.

Mosh Hamedani is one of the most compassionate software developers, and he started his program Code with Mosh to teach people what he knows about programming.

This One’s Much Better

Mosh graduated with a bachelor of science in 2000. He later discovered that just approximately 20% of what we were taught in school is actually being used in our everyday lives. He explained how boring class was for him even up to his master’s degree program while studying courses that weren’t “necessary.”

To avoid wasting more time on irrelevant stuff, Mosh decided to focus on teaching students exactly what they need to know to become software developers. He has devoted his time to creating concise programming courses over the years. 

He runs the youtube channel Programming with Mosh, which has over 2.6 million subscribers and offers free programming tutorials. While the paid ones are offered in his program, Code With Mosh. It is for people who wish to advance their computer programming skills from zero to hero and be able to land their dream job.

Courses offered by Code with Mosh span a range of technologies, programming languages, and development subjects. Both beginner and experienced developers can benefit from these courses by learning and mastering coding skills in a hands-on, practical manner. 

The platform is renowned for providing simple explanations, useful examples, and illustrations of how programming concepts are actually used in the real world. It usually consists of video lectures, coding exercises, and downloadable resources. The platform is popular among self-taught programmers, students, and professionals who want to enhance their coding skills or learn new technologies.

Code With Mosh offers an All Access Pass subscription which is a package that gives you unlimited access to all the existing and future courses that have been developed or will be developed by Mosh. It can be paid monthly or annually, it depends on you.

This One’s Much Better

The All Access Pass curriculum is designed to assist students in becoming proficient in as many programming languages as they can. This is due to the fact that many software development professions demand that you have knowledge of many databases, design patterns, data structures, front-end/back-end frameworks, and programming languages.

It costs $29 for monthly subscription and $249 for the annual which saves you $99 if you go for the annual payment. It includes 40 comprehensive courses, add it with future courses that will be developed, 250+ hours of HD videos, exercises and solutions, little-known expert tips, downloadable source codes and many more.

You can learn at your own pace with the 40+ courses to choose from, no rush. Watch online or offline, from any device. It also has a certificate for completion and a 30-day money back guarantee which makes it risk-free if you’re not satisfied with what you’re learning from Mosh.

Over the course of his 20-year career as a teacher, Mosh has amassed a sizable student body of over 10 million individuals, many of whom have shared testimonials about how Mosh’s courses have improved their knowledge and income.

Over 20,000 people have so far bought Mosh’s courses each year, and his YouTube tutorial videos have received millions of views. Not just on his website, he is also an instructor and he offers his courses in one of the most renowned online learning platforms, Udemy.

This One’s Much Better