Client Accelerators Reviews

Client Accelerators Reviews

Hiring an advertising agency is beneficial for businesses.  These agencies have a team of skilled professionals who offer expertise in different aspects of advertising, resources and strategic insight, leading to a more effective and impactful advertising campaigns.

Together with a team of experts, Mike Buontempo want to change how online paid advertising works using creative strategies as well as to be the leading Paid Advertising Agency in the next 5 years. The goal is to establish a new industry standards. So that, when thinking about running paid ads, they want people to think of Client Accelerators.

With all the paid advertising agency across the internet, do they really have what it takes to accomplish their goal? Let’s find out more with this review.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Client Accelerators in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before getting into the review…

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Mike Buontempo

Client Accelerators Reviews

Let’s know about first the man who founded and currently the CEO of Client Accelerators, Mike Buontempo.

In 2009, he started his business by selling baseball products online. As a sports fan relying on numbers, He used data to lead their clients to strong results and makes sure their team is seen as a successful agency. His career in online marketing took off in 2010 making him earn his first million dollars through affiliate marketing using Facebook Ads. Since then, he’s worked with some of the top names in the industry, including Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels, Anik Singal, Russ Ruffino and many more.

Over the years, he became well-known in digital marketing for being really good at helping businesses grow fast using smart marketing ideas. On Facebook, he has 10K followers, 5.7K followers on Instagram, and  1.8K subscribers on Youtube.

Client Accelerators

Client Accelerators Reviews

Client Accelerators, a paid advertising agency established in 2018, specializes in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Google Search, and Google Display ads. With over 50 clients and an annual ad spend exceeding $40 million, the agency concentrates on the High Ticket Funnel Industry, eCommerce, and Lead Generation.

They excel by using targeted, data-driven marketing strategies.  Their special strategies for funnel marketing have helped them succeed in making ads bigger and performing better than their competition, both in buying media and creating content. They claim that whether aiming for the best results for clients or simply enjoying a weekend’s night, the team is committed to constant improvement and excellence.

As they invest a lot in advertising each week, they claim to understand the need to stay informed in their industry. They also encourage a learning environment where team members regularly suggest useful readings, courses, and ongoing education.

Recognizing that paid advertising is a non-stop industry, their ambition matches the pace.

At the time of writing, they have offices in Westfield, NJ, and Augusta, GA, and is proud to have a team of 45 individuals, both in-house and remote, which has expanded by 24 people in the last year.

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Services Client Accelerators Offer

Youtube Ads Agency

According to their website, ads on YouTube serve as the most potent type of social proof.

Many companies now use YouTube ads for marketing because they’re modern, easy to use, and reach potential customers anywhere. You can choose to pay when someone clicks or watches your video. With the help of Client Accelerators, who has over 50 clients and $25 million in ad spending, it makes them well-suited to assist with your marketing needs.

Here are some Ways to make money on YouTube as per their agency:

  • Buying ads on other peoples’ videos -pertains to display, overlay, or video ads
  • Producing your own video content
  • Displaying and marketing products on YouTube
  • Establishing memberships on your YouTube channel
  • Getting a percentage of YouTube premium subscriber fees

In addition to reaching a wide audience, Youtube gives you the ability to categorize based on demographics, including user interests, spoken languages, location, gender, and more. Even if users don’t watch your entire ad, they can still gain brand awareness and are more likely to convert later, particularly if they encounter follow-up ads at a later time.

Why Invest?

YouTube is a huge platform with nearly 2 billion monthly visitors, beating Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia in unique visitors. Brands find success with influencer marketing on YouTube through ads and sponsored user-created videos. People spend about 20 minutes on YouTube daily, making it the second most popular site globally after Google. It’s vital for reaching younger audiences, surpassing cable networks in 18-49-year-old viewership. With 81% of internet users worldwide using YouTube, it has extensive potential. YouTube ads agencies can boost results and return on investment for businesses.

Facebook Ads Agency

On the flip side, they regard Facebook as having the most precise and powerful targeting tools.

Companies and brands understand the importance of being on Facebook. With 3.5 billion monthly users and growing, Facebook is a powerful platform for those who know how to use it effectively.

Aside from managing regular posts, Client Accelerators contributes here as a digital agency that has the capability to run cost-effective Facebook ads that swiftly elevate impressions into thousands and probably more. Facebook ads also give the flexibility to target various demographics, considering factors like age, gender, interests, affiliations, user location, and more.

Why do you need a Facebook Ads Agency?

  • Build a Campaign Your Way

With Facebook ads, you can target campaigns based on various factors and specific goals. Whether you want to increase sales, gather leads, boost post engagement, or improve brand recognition, Facebook offers a versatile platform. Its exceptional audience segmentation, driven by the daily analysis of user data, makes precise targeting easy, even for smaller companies. This not only enables accurate targeting of desired leads but also allows for creating customer profiles to increase the chances of campaign success.

  • Make Your Copy Shine

This centers on making sure that your users engage with your content. Given the competition for attention, creating in-house ads isn’t sufficient; you need captivating copy. Their approach here involves crafting exceptional content aligned with your brand, addressing pain points, and showcasing industry expertise to resonate with your ideal audience. With constant supervision and analysis of campaigns, this helps them figure out what works, make changes as necessary, and use retargeting for people who showed interest but didn’t buy.

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TikTok Ads Agency

With the booming of TikTok just recently, they have considered this platform that can use ads for a strong social presence.

TikTok has more than a billion monthly users and is a top app for downloads. With its huge and active audience, a TikTok marketing campaign can greatly enhance your brand.

This is where CA comes in that studies the app thoroughly to create a personalized marketing strategy for your company. They value understanding each brand and its audience, using data to speed up business growth. Working together with clients, they build a strong marketing presence that connects with the target audience, building trust and engagement.

In addition, advertising in TikTok offers a powerful platform with precise audience targeting to reach the right users. TikTok’s ads have high engagement rates, using the app’s creative studio for iconic effects and filters that connect with a diverse audience.  Moreover, TikTok ads allow direct links to your website or app, making it easy to generate traffic and promote your products to a wide and active user community.

Why do you need TikTok Ads Agency?

Advertising on TikTok can be complicated in needing skills on audience targeting and creating ads. Depending only on your content might not give the results you want.  But with them, they can use your strengths to grow your brand quickly with data-driven strategies.

Working with them gives you access to expert marketing knowledge, analysis, and innovative methods focused on profitability. They make sure your advertising investment leads to substantial growth and returns.


It is worth knowing that their services costs $10,000 per month in addition to that, is a percentage of your profits. There was no refund policy found as well.

In Conclusion

While they do offer exceptional services across different platforms and does shows evidence that they are doing a good job by being able to successfully market their agency, there are still the cons that I can’t seem to turn away. The reviews and testimonials mainly come from the agency’s website and YouTube channel. For me this create an apparent biased feedback.

Client Accelerators Reviews

In addition, their pricing isn’t affordable for most businesses with limited budgets. This narrows down the group of people that they can actually help, which most of them badly needs one.

It’s true that their methods does shows reliability that can eventually turn your business into a success. But if you don’t have the means of paying the initial investment, how else can you start?

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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