Boyd Clewis Review

It’s okay if you want more from your IT job or if you simply want to move away from the help desk so that you may have a bigger influence in your role or if you simply want to increase your compensation because most individuals desire all of those things. 

The world of technology, may it be computer science, I.T, cybersecurity, game developers, software developers and many more is growing at an exponential rate and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. But not every tech job is stable and lucrative. So you need to find the right position and that starts with finding the right mentor.

It can be really difficult to understand how to do those things, especially because there is a lot of advice out there, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good advice. How would you know which are the right steps to make out your career to a six-figure one and achieve a better position?

Boyd Clewis, a self-proclaimed internationally recognized cybersecurity expert who didn’t have a traditional start to his career but claims that he can help you be at the top of the employment list.

This One’s Much Better

Up to this date, I still don’t have my college degree”, Boyd says. He is a college dropout, and has struggled for years to build a career he wanted. “There are better ways to do something”, he realized. That realization brought him to his dream career, earning six-figure in American Airlines, with the position that he loved. But he did something crazy.

‘Yo man Boyd quit his dream job. “Why?”, you asked. Maybe because he wanted to do more than what he’s been doing at his past job. And that’s what it is. He claims that he wanted to help people achieve what he has achieved during his entire career. 

When I started, I had no I.T certifications, no degree, with a very limited I.T background.” Baxter Clewis Training Academy has allowed Boyd to experience the privilege of helping over 500 professionals find six-figure careers in cybersecurity. From a complete beginner, to help desk jobs to earning six-figures from Fortune 500 companies. 

They train them in a way that their positions will make a great impact on the success and the security of a company. “So if I did it, you can do it too. Without the degree, certifications and must have skills like hacking or coding”, Boyd reiterates. 

If you wanna learn how to differentiate yourself to elevate your salary, position and impact on the company, then you’re on the right page.” You can get the clarity on what it takes to achieve a reliable six-figure, recession-proof salary in just 90 days when you join Boyd’s program. 

They offer a so-called special framework that top companies need but struggle to find qualified candidates for. By setting yourself apart with the one skill that he’s talking about, you are guaranteed to stop chasing low-paying jobs, worrying about your income and have great companies coming to you with high paying career opportunities, or so they say.

This One’s Much Better

In the program, they’re more than just giving certifications and stuff. They will teach you their “highly specialized” framework that will catapult you about close to 100% of tech professionals out there. During the program, you’ll work to get real-world applications of various skills so that you’ll be able to understand and comfortably apply your special skills.

There’s nothing mentioned about what you will learn from the academy which is already a red flag for me. And their explanation for this is because there are different plans set for different people in order to achieve their goals. One says that after talking to the person in charge, he’s asked to pay $3,000 to enroll, and a different client was asked to pay $15,000.

Just one thing that he talks about is the authority mindset. You need to know your own expertise if you want others to pay you for it. And then they’ll help you, hands-on how to market yourself using LinkedIn profile and resume surface. And by that, you will be flooded by emails from Fortune 500 companies wanting to hire you, so they say.

For me, you can pave your way alone, learning simple things on the internet, free tutorials available on YouTube and other platforms. Build your profile yourself. Start from an entry-level job and go beyond as you gain more experience in the said venture. That way, you won’t have any regrets paying money that didn’t actually work in your favor.

This One’s Much Better