Clayton Morris Review

Clayton Morris Reviews

Accusations against a familiar face from FOX & Friends, Clayton Morris, has been that he is running a Ponzi scheme through his company Morris Invests, by selling homes that were in worse state than advertised and weren’t repaired as promised. Morris and his wife, ex-MSNBC anchor Natali Morris, are accused of defrauding real estate investors which, of course they have denied the claims.

However, past reports suggest a different side to the story. It appears that a significant number of investors, possibly up to 300, have faced financial setbacks with Morris Invest. In an interview, Morris admitted to shortcomings in property rehabilitation, raising concerns about the promises made to investors.

Before considering involvement with Morris Invest, you’re on the right track of doing a much needed necessary background research about what this guy is really about. Read on this review article and we will aim to provide balanced understanding of Clayton Morris’s ventures.

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Who is Clayton Morris?

Clayton Morris Reviews


Clayton Morris is a media personality born on December 31, 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He pursued higher education, earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999. Starting his career in the media industry, Morris worked as a producer for Good Day LA at KTTV, a Fox-owned TV station in Los Angeles.

His journey continued with reporting and anchoring roles at WVVA in Bluefield, West Virginia, and the Montana Television Network, where he covered politics in Helena, the state capital. Morris then joined The Daily Buzz, a widely broadcast morning TV show, initially as a news correspondent and later as the host.

In January 2007, he became the host of Good Day Philadelphia on WTXF-TV, the Fox TV station in Philadelphia. A significant turning point came when Morris co-hosted Fox & Friends Weekend for Fox News Channel from 2008 to 2017. In a surprising move, he left Fox News in September 2017 to explore independent projects.

Transitioning from television, Morris embarked on a new role as an advocate for personal happiness and financial independence. Through his venture, Clayton Morris Invest, he shares insights on financial well-being via his websites and

On a personal note, Clayton Morris is married to Natali Morris, also a media personality, and they have three children. Beyond traditional television, Morris ventured into the online space, co-hosting Redacted News on Rumble and maintaining an active presence on his YouTube channel. He also delved into podcasts, discussing topics related to real estate investment.

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Clayton Morris Reviews

Turnkey Rentals

So, what’s the deal with turnkey rentals, especially in the world of Clayton Morris? Let’s break it down.

Turnkey rental properties are basically homes that have been fixed up and are ready to be rented out. They’ve gone through renovations and are in tip-top shape, making them move-in ready. The idea is that you, as an investor, can buy one of these properties and start earning rental income right away.

Now, why might someone be into this? Well, turnkey homes are a hit with investors who either live in pricier areas or just don’t have the time to dive into extensive property research. It’s like a shortcut to getting into the real estate game without all the hassle.

But here’s the catch – turnkey rentals often come with a price tag that matches the full market value. So, you might miss out on the sweet deals that make real estate investing so appealing.

Sometimes, these turnkey homes end up in the hands of investors who live far away and can’t really keep a close eye on them. While there’s potential for turnkey rentals to make you some money, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Issues can pop up, and you might not be there to tackle them.

Clayton Morris has been singing the praises of turnkey rentals as a super easy way to step into the real estate scene. Just remember, while it sounds convenient, there’s more to the story, and it’s worth digging a bit deeper before diving into this investment approach.


But, here’s where things get a bit sketchy. Morris Invest is a real estate company he started with his wife. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. The company is in some hot water legally, dealing with lawsuits claiming some fishy business. Back in March 2019, a bunch of lawsuits popped up in Indiana and New Jersey, accusing Morris of running a bit of a scheme. Allegedly, he’s involved in selling properties in less-than-stellar neighborhoods through Morris Invest in Indianapolis, with some folks even calling it a Ponzi scheme. That’s where things start to raise eyebrows.

Many investors first came across Clayton Morris through his online presence, whether on YouTube, podcasts, or other social media platforms. Morris convinced these investors to buy turnkey rental properties, typically priced between $40,000 and $50,000, with some exceeding these figures, particularly for duplex properties.

Morris has moved to a coastal town in Portugal, leaving behind dozens of lawsuits accusing him of fraud.

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Clayton Morris Reviews

Clayton Morris’ Legitimacy

Wondering if Clayton Morris is the real deal? You’ll find loads of positive reviews on his website, especially from fellow podcasters who’ve teamed up with him. His popularity from being on daytime TV and his self-help guru status got him invited onto various shows. This guy even has a Wikipedia page, it could be due to his career as a television host or for other notable achievements or the controversies.

The point is no matter the popularity, it absolutely does not equate to legitimacy in a business context where a legitimate business operates within legal and ethical boundaries, prioritizing honesty, transparency, and responsible practices.

Pros and Cons of Turnkey Rentals in Real Estate Investing

Being aware of the pros and cons of turnkey rentals enables investors to make well-informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of unexpected challenges and enhancing the overall success of their real estate investment endeavors, whether you’re diving into Morris’ deals or checking out other real estate opportunities.


  1. Ready-to-Go Investment: Turnkey rentals are move-in ready, allowing investors to start earning rental income immediately without the hassle of renovations or property preparations.
  2. Time and Effort Savings: Ideal for investors with limited time or those residing in high-cost areas, as the properties are pre-vetted and require minimal hands-on involvement.
  3. Diversification Opportunity: Provides an avenue for diversifying a real estate portfolio without the need for extensive research and property management.
  4. Streamlined Process: Turnkey properties often come with property management services, handling tasks like tenant placement and maintenance, simplifying the investment process.
  5. Access to Distant Markets: Allows investors to enter markets that may be geographically distant, providing opportunities beyond their local area.


  1. Higher Purchase Price: Turnkey properties typically sell at full market value, potentially limiting the potential for investors to secure properties at a discounted rate.
  2. Limited Room for Value Appreciation: With properties already renovated and priced at market value, investors may miss out on the potential value appreciation associated with buying distressed or undervalued properties.
  3. Reliance on Property Management: While property management services can be convenient, investors relinquish some control and may face challenges if the management company doesn’t meet expectations.
  4. Risk of Overpaying: Without conducting thorough due diligence, investors may end up overpaying for a turnkey property, diminishing the overall return on investment.
  5. Potential Quality Issues: Relying on the seller’s renovation standards may result in variations in property quality, and investors may face unforeseen issues if renovations are not up to par.
  6. Limited Involvement for DIY Enthusiasts: Investors who enjoy hands-on involvement in property selection, renovations, and management may find turnkey rentals too hands-off for their preferences.
  7. Market Dependency: The success of turnkey rentals is tied to the overall real estate market conditions, and economic downturns can impact rental demand and property values.


As of writing this, Clayton Morris’ still singing the praises of investing in “turnkey” rental homes from afar in Portugal. No apologies whatsoever—still sticking to his innocence. And now, he’s even selling audio courses on personal finance.

Emotions and money decisions don’t always make the best combo, especially when it comes to tricky stuff like real estate investments. Impulsivity might not be your best friend in these situations. Keep your head clear and think twice before diving into the deep waters of financial commitments.

My advice? Take your time, don’t rush into anything, and give yourself the space to think things through. This caution is particularly emphasized when considering involvement with Morris!

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