Circuit Sales System Review

With the constant evolution of our technology, starting an online business has never been simpler. The digital landscape offers a plethora of tools and platforms that empower aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life with relative ease.

Social media platforms serve as powerful marketing channels, allowing businesses to reach a global audience with just a few clicks. Payment gateways ensure secure transactions, and analytics tools provide valuable insights into customer behavior.

These things and many more can be both done manually, even automatically. And that’s where the Circuit Sales System comes in. They claim that all you need to do is to turn on the “circuit” that will automate everything for you. More information is available on my review below.

But before getting into the review…

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Who Created Circuit Sales System?

Nicki Krawczyk

Nicki Krawczyk developed the Circuit Sales System. She is from Greater Boston, finished her studies in Boston University, Bachelor of Science major in Communication.

She has more than 20 years in the copywriting industry, most of these years as a freelancer; working with TripAdvisor, Marshalls, Hasbro, Keurig, to name a few. 

Now, she’s a content marketer. She built both Fired Up Freelance and Filthy Rich Writer. 

Both programs are sold using her proprietary Circuit Sales System. Nicki began offering entrepreneurs access to the proven systems and tactics behind CSS, the same tactics that enabled Nicki K Media to 40x its revenue in just under 2 years. 

What is the Circuit Sales System?

3 Secrets On How to Sell and Scale your Programs/Services on Autopilot

3 Secrets to Sell Programs on Autopilot

Secret #1: How to generate all of the excitement and high conversions of live launching.. Without live launching

It’s not that Nicki is a hater of doing live launch but she just believes that it’s not for everyone. It’s not like you need to do it since big companies are doing so. It’s still in the competition. Compared to them, your invitations will most probably get ignored and that will just lead to waste of time and effort. 

You don’t need to be at present doing live launching. Instead:

  • You just need to let them know that there’s a real person behind your offers.
  • They just need to understand your expertise.
  • They just need to understand why yours is the very best offering for them
  • They just need to understand why the  best time for them to purchase is right “now”.

You can still generate that same amount of excitement, anticipation and desire to purchase in your audience without making them wait for your live launches. And you can do it automatically, which they claim is what this system does.

Secret #2: The simple way to know exactly when people are ready to buy

It’s not you who approaches people—rather, it’s them who chooses to follow you on social media, sees your website, or subscribes to your email list. The fact that they are showing interest in you is significant.

When they hear about you and your products for the first time, most people get really enthused about them. But as the days pass, they start to get less and less motivated. 

In other words, if you “nurture” someone for a week, two, or worse, a month before offering them a product to buy that will fulfill their needs, they will become less and less interested and excited.  

You may nurture your customers while also presenting them with a sales pitch. Give them the opportunity to buy when they are most enthusiastic about you and what you do, which is right when they first see you and your product, if you want to sell as much as you can. 

People are less likely to buy from you if you make them wait longer. Likewise, if you show a stranger a sales page right away, they will eventually run away.

Secret #3: How to sell like crazy, without giving away your best content – or your time and energy – to non-buyers

The majority of business owners exhaust themselves organizing challenges, producing free contents, and holding live calls for clients who haven’t paid anything. Your finest resources—material, time, and effort—should be directed toward those who have paid for it rather than those who haven’t.

People see the world differently after breakthroughs. People who may have struggled in the past now have hope. That’s what encourages people to buy from you, boosts their confidence in your knowledge, and piques their curiosity.

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Main Course

Circuit Sales System

Circuit Sales System isn’t just about the system framework, it is the system that will power up your messenger, energize your audience and electrify your sales all automatically. CSS is a complete sales and messaging system that creates genuine connections with your brand and drives sales every single day, on autopilot.

Powered by proven psychological principles to give them the right offer, at the right time, in the right way. It’s the exact same system Nicki used to 40x her business, Comprehensive Copywriting Academy to 40x, and now with refinements, adjustments and enhancements, needed to make it even more effective. 

It’s called the circuit sales system because it’s an automated, closed loop of crazy effective sales and marketing. It’s the system that powers your successful, scaling business. All you have to do is create yours and flip it on. 

It comprises of:

Building Blocks

A system that runs on its own and generates multiple sales a day should probably have at least different moving pieces. Each piece is broken down with clear principles, guidance and examples to make them easy to understand, and recreate.

Some of the pieces are in-depth master courses on video content, email copy, sales page creation, opt-in page optimization, market research, testing and many more.

The System

Once you have recreated all the building blocks which I will call here as the cogs of the machine, it’s time to put it together and build the system itself. You’re going to learn exactly how to structure the circuit that works best for your offers, audience and business goals. 

The Enhancements

Once the system’s done and running, you’ll get access to different enhancements and personalizations that you can do to it. Different systems for different businesses need different cogs to run perfectly. 

It’s either you put in automated challenges, upsells, downsells, promotions, sales calls, email, marketing, live events, it’s all up to your discretion. If you think it can help you boost your sales, do it. Trial and error is not bad as long as you get feedback and results so that you can experience first hand what works and what doesn’t.

Breakthrough Messaging

Breakthrough messaging refers to a type of communication or marketing strategy that aims to stand out and capture the audience’s attention in a crowded space. It should be unique, compelling or innovative that it breaks through the noise and makes a significant impact. 

This technique breaks communications down into simple, captivating parts that anyone can master, regardless of experience level with messaging or self-doubt about their writing abilities. Nobody is born with the ability to generate persuasive marketing copy; even the world’s most accomplished copywriters had no prior experience in the field.

The principles can be taught and learned, it’s just a matter of following the steps. And if you’ve struggled before, it’s just because no one has given you the right steps, yet.

Writable Worksheets and Google Docs Templates

They have created worksheets for each step in the process to keep you focused and keep making progress. 

All in all, the system has 17 info-packed video modules, includes live Q&A coaching held twice a month for 6 months, access to all the recordings moving forward and to a community of peers that will help you keep on track and broaden your perspective.

When you purchase the system, you’ll have life-time access to the course, including future contents that Nicki and her team will make, who are continuously testing out new features and enhancements. 

The standard enrollment price for the course costs $4,497. But if you watch the free training until the end, she has a special/limited offer just for you. You can get the course of the system for as low $2,997 one-time payment or 3 months of $1,197/month.

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For Whom is The System For?

This is for you if you have created a course, membership, program, product and you’re struggling with the chaos and risk of trying to make your entire year’s revenue in just a few launches a year or with trying to create consistent income with the latest “everybody’s doing it” tactics.

They’re here to tell you that it’s not your fault. There is a lot of information out there and there are a lot of people that make it look like they’re successful and selling crazy when they’re actually not. 

Nicki's 40x Revenue Using CSS

This system claims to have been proven and tested, used to make her own business make 40x its revenue in just under 2 years. Nicki ensures you that you won’t be treated like guinea pigs. 

Pros and Cons


Circuit Sales System Success Stories

Nicki Krawczyk has the experience and knowledge to back up her claims. The Circuit Sales System is made due to her constant trial and errors, making it the system that works today, an automated one at that. A lot of success stories can be seen on her website, which are happy users that have experienced revenue growth using the exact same system. The life-time access is also a plus.


You’ll need to hire a tech-savvy specialist if you’re not one yourself to do maintenance on the “automated” system that they offer if ever you encounter a problem on it. And it costs more together with the initial upfront cost of the course itself. 

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Every success in any type of business that you’ll do depends on the amount of effort that you want to put in. They can give you all of the information, the steps and the support, but it’s up to you to take action on it. 

While the integration of automated systems in businesses offers undeniable advantages in terms of efficiency, productivity, and innovation, with its overhead cost, maintenance and everything in between, there’s still a lot to do and learn with regards to our ever evolving technology.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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