Christian Business Incubator Review

Christian Business Incubator Reviews

Imagine a hub that does not just give you advice and direction but serves as a guiding light, a supportive network that propels your entrepreneurial journey forward. That is the essence of the Christian Business Incubator. They are a dynamic ecosystem tailored specifically for Christian entrepreneurs worldwide, with a laser focus on nurturing the birth and growth of thriving businesses.

At its core lies a foundational belief: it is not merely about amassing information but undergoing a profound transformation that is crucial for living life to the fullest. This foundational principle is what drives everything they do.

Understanding that success in entrepreneurship transcends the mere accumulation of knowledge, they have curated a comprehensive approach. Step-by-step, they guide entrepreneurs through a journey of learning and, more importantly, mindset training. This is not just about acquiring skills; it is about instigating transformative shifts within oneself, something pivotal across all industries.

Is this program worth a shot? Let’s find out!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Christian Business Incubator in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Paul Bocco

Christian Business Incubator Reviews

Paul Bocco, an American entrepreneur, has made big waves in the world of Christian business. He is the brains behind projects that help Christian entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. One of them is the Christian Business Incubator, which serves as a beacon of guidance for newly established Christian business proprietors. This is all about following the teachings of the Bible in business, showing how committed Bocco is to merging Christian values with how he does business.

He started this program because he strongly believes that people do not just need info to live their best lives—they need a real transformation. That is the whole idea behind his business incubator, which he built carefully on biblical principles. It is not just about learning step by step; it is also about changing your mindset in a big way. According to Paul, this change in thinking was super important for his own success in business.

What is Christian Business Incubator?

Christian Business Incubator Reviews

The Christian Business Incubator goes beyond business growth by nurturing a deeper spiritual commitment. The program strongly promotes blending biblical principles into business strategies and daily operations. Members gain access to valuable guidance from experienced industry professionals, tailored for those starting or expanding a digital real estate business, allowing for flexible progress.

Their focus is to foster a mindset that geared towards continuous improvement, adaptability, and transformative change. They claim to walk hand in hand with entrepreneurs, providing the tools, insights, and support they need to not just survive but thrive in the world of business.

In this program, entrepreneurs receive crucial tools for accelerating their initial digital rental property deals, including video courses and quality lead-finding resources. This incubator stands out for its emphasis on creating online ventures that match personal lifestyle choices and spiritual beliefs, prioritizing a holistic approach beyond just making money.

In addition, it is about teaching you the ins and outs of lead generation and virtual real estate investing. You will get the lowdown on how to pull in leads effectively, which is super important in the real estate game. Also, it will take you through the fundamentals of virtual real estate investing, covering everything from checking out opportunities to understanding what is hot in the market. According to them. by the end of this program, you will be geared up with the knowledge and tools you need to rock the world of lead generation and virtual real estate investment.

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How it works?

Upon my research, it seems that Paul does not really spill all the beans in the course marketing materials about what exactly you will be diving into if you decide to sign up. However, he does drop subtle hints about what you might expect.

Here are what Christian Business Incubator includes:

  • It offers a range of resources vital for entrepreneurs aiming to initiate and manage successful businesses while emphasizing on accessible business development resources is a cornerstone of its mission. This dedicated platform serves as a go-to for individuals seeking comprehensive insights into business development covering a spectrum of topics, including best practices in business development, the latest technological advancements driving innovation, and the fundamental steps required to establish a thriving business.
  • You will find loads of stuff about Christian values and how they connect with running a business and being a leader. You can expect all sorts of content showing how Christian principles can be a natural part of doing business, making leaders more ethical, and businesses more sustainable in the long run.
  • These resources claim to help boost readers’ pro skills by sharing key insights on important stuff. They are all set to bring in more content covering must-know topics for getting ahead in your career. They will be talking about things like how to keep a strong bunch of clients, why top-notch customer service is a big deal in every part of running a business, and loads of other important stuff that can help you smash it in your professional life.
  • Lastly, the module revolves around creating impactful marketing campaigns. They dive into different tactics like using social media, getting into the essential part of email marketing, and checking out other important ways to put yourself out there. Knowing how to market yourself in the digital world means getting the hang of these strategies whereas each one is super important for building a strong online presence and connecting with the right folks who want what you have got to offer.


Interested clients are required to schedule a sales call with the Christian Business Incubator’s team to obtain the details of the course and its price, as it remains undisclosed. These information will be clarified and provided during that call.

After delving deeper into reviews from their course clients, some say that the cost is more than $6000. One client stated on her review that an initial payment of $6,800 was required upfront, in addition to three monthly coaching fees.

Moreover, there are unspecified ongoing marketing fees that also need to be covered. Notably, no contract is offered; instead, upon agreement, they promptly provide a link for payment processing or conduct the transaction over the phone. Another said that he was asked a $7500 payment upfront plus $497 a month for 3 months.

Christian Business Incubator Reviews

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Pros and Cons


  1. The Christian Business Incubator’s approach, rooted in faith-based principles, sets the foundation for the trainings and teachings. This distinctive perspective draws from biblical Christian values, making it an appealing choice for individuals whose beliefs align with these principles. This unique aspect offers an intriguing opportunity for those seeking guidance and education that harmonizes with their Christian faith and moral values.
  2. Paul frequently introduces fresh courses or makes adjustments to existing ones. This consistent innovation might signify a dedication to ongoing improvement and staying updated with the latest trends, insights, and advancements in the field. It could demonstrate a commitment to evolving and adapting the courses to meet the changing needs of the audience.
  3. The opportunities within the virtual real estate sector are diverse and continually expanding for those interested in exploring its potential. Ranging from digital properties like websites, domain names, and online businesses to virtual spaces such as virtual reality environments and digital marketplaces, the array of possibilities is massive.


  1. There are not clear success stories or evidence proving how well these programs work. This is worrying for users who want proof before trusting virtual real estate and digital business programs. They need real stories or data to show if these programs help people succeed. Without this proof, it is hard for customers to feel confident about investing in these initiatives.
  2. Young entrepreneurs diving into the virtual real estate world deal with a bunch of potential risks that could seriously mess up their game. From dealing with fraud and online security threats to sorting out problems with copyrights and scams, it is a real minefield out there. And if that is not enough, they might have to handle tricky stuff like messing with market tricks, figuring out how much their stuff is worth, and maybe even facing legal battles.
  3. Also, not knowing how much the course costs makes everything seem more mysterious and not so clear. This whole secrecy thing makes you kind of skeptical and unsure about whether it is really worth it or what the course is really about.


Many Christian entrepreneurs are drawn to this program, aiming for businesses grounded in biblical principles. They are lured in by the idea of blending faith with business. However, some users also complain about the lack of a supportive community, making it difficult to seek guidance.

Moreover, the training is not up to par; it is seen as inadequate by some users. The program lacks transparency about its cost and coverage, leading to confusion among potential participants making people wonder if it is actually something worth diving into.

Furthermore, there is a glaring absence of success stories or proof demonstrating the program’s impact, leaving prospective joiners uncertain about its effectiveness.

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