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Chi Ta didn’t really think that he would succeed in the BNB industry at first. In fact, the only reason why he put up his own rented house on AirBNB before was to pay off his rent.

It exceeded his expectations and helped him earn $5,000. More than enough to cover his $3,900 worth of rent, plus maintenance fees.

Seeing the potential of BNB, he started his own AirBNB arbitrage business. And now, he’s one of the most successful AirBNB hosts around.

And to help others succeed in the BNB business just like he did, he created the BNB University. Read on for my Chi Ta review.

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Who Is  Chi Ta?

Chi Ta 1

Chi Ta initially didn’t even think about going into the BNB business. He just did it to tide him over after an unfortunate event happened.

In his early life, he grew up in the ghettos of San Fransisco, California, in a 400-square-foot studio apartment. While he was doing badly at school, his parents taught him the value of a good work ethic, which proved to be beneficial in his later life.

He got a job at Starbucks at the age of 16, and two years later, he was promoted to store manager. At age 18, he was, back then, one of the youngest Starbucks store managers in the entire country.

When he was 22 years old, he started his own real estate mortgage firm Senior Advantage Association. This then allowed him to earn millions of dollars. At this point, he seemed to be unstoppable.

But in 2017, some troubles came. The Department of Housing and Urban Development passed a new law that changed the qualifications for reverse mortgages. Now, borrowers would have to pay higher upfront insurance premiums to qualify, and even then, the loan amount has been reduced from 64% to only 58% of the property value.

These changes took a big hit to Chi Ta’s company, his bread and butter. So he has to find a new source of income. This is where he began to see the potential of a BNB business.

He started with his own property, and soon after, he started his own AirBNB arbitrage business. Within nine months, he went from earning four figures to six figures worth of income per month, from thirty properties listed on AirBNB, and within a year, he has made a total of two million dollars (with one million in profits alone).

After he tasted success in the AirBNB business, he then created the BNB University. He hopes to strengthen the short term rental and vacation rental market by creating this program and using it to teach others how they can also be successful in AirBNB.

Chi Ta believes that, by teaching other AirBNB owners what he knows, he won’t create any competition. Since theAirBNB industry is also multi-billion dollars worth, meaning it’s quite massive.

What Is AirBNB Arbitrage?

Real Estate 1

To understand how Chi Ta does his business model, first, let’s define quickly what AirBNB arbitrage is. The usual pitch about AirBNB arbitrage is that it allows you to invest and build an AirBNB business, even without using your own property.

To do this, you need first to find a property up for long-term rentals. Then, you negotiate with the land owner that you want to rent that property and list that property mentioned on AirBNB.

After successfully negotiating with the land owner, you then put up that property for short-term rentals on AirBNB. And that’s basically it.

The short-term rental earnings that you gain from the AirBNB listing can then be used to pay off your long-term rentals to the original land owner, plus maintenance costs. Then you can keep the rest as profits.

AirBNB arbitrage offers several benefits as a business model. First, it requires lower capital than your usual real estate investing method (though still quite high), what you’ll only have to deal with most of the time is the rental fees, plus maintenance costs.

Second, it’s quite flexible, as you can quickly adjust your business strategies whenever a market fluctuation happens. It’s also easier to manage your AirBNB properties with this.

Finally, the profits that you can gain from AirBNB arbitrage can be quite high, since AirBNB is quite in demand. This allows you to pay off your long-term rentals, spend for maintenance, and still get a nice profit.

However, the business model is quite complicated. Not only will you need to comply with state laws with regards to AirBNB arbitrage, but you also have to get the land owner’s agreement and permissions to start listing your rented properties on AirBNB.

Because not every land owner is open to the idea for safety concerns. Especially if somehow, the property in question becomes damaged overtime due to multiple short-term rentals. Besides, the usual mindset of a land owner could be: Why would they let others list AirBNB rentals on their own property, when they can just do it themselves?

In addition, not all states allow AirBNB arbitrage, so you should be aware of that, too.

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What Is The BNB University?

BNB University 1

The BNB University is the AirBNB arbitrage online course created by Chi Ta. This course will teach you everything that you need to know about starting, and maintaining, an AirBNB arbitrage business.

It covers everything, including how to find rental properties fit for AirBNB arbitrage, how to pitch to land owners to convince them to work with you on the business, and how you can maximize your earnings while minimizing your costs for rentals, maintenance, etc.

The BNB University is also divided into three tiers. The reasoning for this is currently unknown, but you don’t exactly need to take them in sequence if you wish, especially if you’re an experienced AirBNB investor who wants to scale his/her business.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the three levels of The BNB University.

Level 1

BNB University - Level 1

This is considered to be the introductory course for the BNB University. This is where you’ll learn the basics of AirBNB arbitrage.

Aside from this, you’ll learn some things that are necessary to get you started on the business. Such as how you can find profitable properties for short-term rentals, how to set your pricing for AirBNB rentals, and how you can compound your income so you’ll earn even more money through the business.

This tier is provided by Chi Ta absolutely free. However, you can expect upsells being thrown at you for every module you visit.

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Level 2

BNB University - Level 2

Level 2 is for those people who are now getting serious about starting and scaling their AirBNB business. It seems to contain all of the modules contained in Level 1, but in expanded form. You can even say that this is the main course of BNB University, and that Level 1  is just a preview of it.

Aside from getting started with your AirBNB business, the course also gives you other lessons on managing your business. Such as how to create your listing, where to find maintenance personnel and a checklist of the things they need to do, make a schedule of your everyday tasks, and how you can employ virtual assistants to “automate” your business.

Level 2 is currently priced at $2,497, which is certainly expensive for most people. Furthermore, you’ll even need much more than that to even get started in this business.

Level 3

The BNB University website also speaks of a third tier online course for this program. Unfortunately, not much detail is being revealed on the website.

The only way to enroll in this course level is to send a message to Chi Ta’s Instagram. Which is kind of a red flag for some considering that there’s so little information being presented about the course.

Furthermore, they state that Level 3 is where they will teach you the “arbitrage” side of this business. Which kind of adds even more suspicion considering that, since the people who visited this course will most likely seek arbitrage training, then they will be disappointed that they need to enroll first in this “mystery” course.

This also means that the price and content for this tier is unknown. But you can expect it to be even higher than Level 2, probably five digits worth?

Conclusion: Is Chi Ta A Scam Or Legit?

It seems that Chi Ta doesn’t really come off as a scam, seeing as, based on his socials, he really seems to know a lot about AirBNB arbitrage.

Furthermore, even his free course content does offer something of value, especially when you’re trying to get a general idea of what the business model is. It’s also pleasing to note that he’s somewhat transparent about the pricing of his online courses.

With the sole exception of what I think is the most important course offering of BNB University. It’s also strange to think that the actual arbitrage training, which is arguably the most important element of this business, is locked behind a course that you’re not even aware of how much it costs.

Also, it’s important to know that the AirBNB business model is quite complicated to set up. Not only will you need to get permission from the land owner, you also need to have a hefty amount of capital to invest in even a single property.

Plus, not all states allow the AirBNB arbitrage business model. Ironically, some of the states that forbid this business model are the ones that are quite popular with tourists.

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