Chelsea The Affiliate Reviews

Like most affiliate marketers out there, Chelsea Ouimet has a moniker. If Caroline Hannay is The Momtrepreneur, she’s conveniently known as Chelsea The Affiliate.

Just like Caroline, she’s also a stay-at-home mom who apparently struck gold with affiliate marketing. About time she finds something aight since this gyal hopped on multiple MLMs, selling boutique clothing, and all that “too much work, too little reward” biz before finding the one.

Their similarity doesn’t stop there, as they’re both promoting the same thang, something about making thousands of dollars from their phone. Should you join their cause? We’ll discuss that and more in this review.

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Who Is Chelsea The Affiliate?

Quick Summary

Chelsea “Chelsea The Affiliate” Ouimet helps ordinary people make money from home… At least, that’s what she and her co-affiliate marketers claims on their profile.

She’s successful as an affiliate marketer herself. She’s popular in the space, amassing over 666k followers on Instagram alone. That many, and still counting.

Chelsea The Affiliate Instagram

She’s known enough that many scam accounts are pretending to be her. She even has to clarify that she only has one account, and that she doesn’t do crypto nor forex trading.

Gonna do that, so that her rep won’t be ruined by impostors. It’s part suffering from success, part she can do the “ruining” bit herself. The latter is what happens when you choose to work with Dave Sharpe, more on this later.

Of course, we’re aware that clout doesn’t necessarily put food on the table nor pay bills. But in the case of Chelsea The Affiliate, she’s able to. Her clout means more engagement on her posts, more clicks and traffic to her affiliate links, and more sales of her affiliate offers.

Making money at home with no tech skills required is the major theme of her content. All you need is a phone and internet, and you’re on your way to earn wads of cash— $2 million in six months, $52k in four days, $10k a month, yada yada— just like her. Oh word?

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Her Story

Growing up, Chelsea The Affiliate witnessed how her parents struggled to make ends meet. Life was tough, and they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck. She thought to herself, never again!

But then, staying home with the kids is also her top priority. As a stay-at-home mom who had to leave her nursing job, she initially had no concrete idea on how NOT to end up like her parents.

As mentioned earlier, she tried MLMs after MLMs, then selling some boutique stuff, and back to MLMs again. Never worked out for her, or at least, what she earned isn’t enough to help with the bills. Oh, and the income is also unreliable.

Thanks to 15-Day Challenge, the failed business attempts don’t matter much now. She’s thriving and is able to afford the nice things in life while only working for a few hours, at home with her kids.

Her Definition Of Affiliate Marketing

Chelsea The Affiliate E-book

On her free e-book, Chelsea The Affiliate defined affiliate marketing as a low-cost, high return online business. Low cost isn’t necessarily true since some run paid ads to drive traffic to their links, but yeah, you can start with nothing, but your affiliate link and a dream.

She also mentioned that you earn money here by promoting someone else’s product. No need to get out, worry about coming up with product ideas, or how to handle inventory, you just gotta sell and promote. Easier said than done, of course.

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Chelsea The Affiliate’s Affiliate Marketing Guide

Pick A Niche

As the common saying goes, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. That’s why if it’s all possible, follow your passion and pick a niche that you’d love promoting, something you’ll use yourself.

Find An Affiliate Program

After picking your niche, find an affiliate program that has a product that fits it. Chelsea The Affiliate’s advice would be choosing a program that have values you’re aligned with. Y’know, something you’ll be proud to be a part of.

Be Picky

Having standards in choosing your affiliate programs is a must. At the very least, they should have options for low and high ticket items, provide 30% commission or better, and a cookie length of a month or more.

Apply To Be An Affiliate

Already made up your mind on what affiliate program to join? The next step is to prepare yourself for the application process. Although, don’t worry, most programs only requires you to accomplish a contact form, and that’s it.

Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

Of course, you have to let people know of your affiliate link. To do it, you can either create content on social media, or run paid ads. Traffic and clicks matter, it gets you seen by people who’ll purchase stuff using your affiiliate links.

The Way Chelsea The Affiliate’s Offer Works

Opt-In Page

Chelsea The Affiliate Opt-In Page

If you click the affiliate link posted on her social media, you’ll land on an opt-in page. Here, you’re prompted to provide your first name and email to get an e-book that includes the basics of affiliate marketing.

The said e-book will be sent to your email. You’ll also be redirected to a bridge page that’ll be discussed below.

The Bridge Page To Link Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer

Chelsea The Affiliate Bridge Page

The bridge page doesn’t contain that much besides a congratulatory message, a reminder to check out your inbox, and an invitation to watch the video from Dave Sharpe.

Dave is the one behind Legendary Marketer Starter Package Blueprint, the pricey upsell you’ll get during the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

The 15-Day Challenge In A Nutshell

With this affiliate offer, you’ll be encouraged to use a sales funnel just like what Chelsea The Affiliate used to promote it. Y’know, setting up a two-page site, sending a free e-book as the lead magnet, promoting the offer by posting content on social media (preferably every day, more chances to get viral), and using an email autoresponder.

You’ll get a new module every day for fifteen days. The highlight is the one-on-one consultation with a business advisor, the ones who’ll be pushing the Legendary Marketer upsell.

Besides the consultation, here’s what you’ll get with the challenge:

  • Customized high-ticket business plan
  • Facebook ads templates
  • High-ticket email templates, video scripts, and phone scripts
  • Copy of Dave Sharpe’s top converting high-ticket affiliate marketing funnel.

High-ticket this, high-ticket that, but the challenge is the opposite of a high-ticket offer. It’s cheap, but the next upsell definitely isn’t.

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Should You Purchase Chelsea The Affiliate’s Offer?

The Cost

Chelsea The Affiliate’s 15-day challenge cost $7. Affordable, right? Sure is. However, the upsell and actual offer, the Legendary Marketer Starter Package Blueprint, cost much more at $2,500.

They’ll also recommend their affiliate tools such as funnel builder, custom email and domain, and email autoresponder. Add all up, and it’s an easy hundred bucks or two recurring cost.

The Pros

Here are the pros about Chelsea The Affiliate:

  • She has clout, not just in terms of followers count, but also on engagement (on Insta, at least)
  • Her e-book provides info about affiliate marketing, albeit very basic
  • Stay-at-home moms might find her content relatable
  • She’s still active as an affiliate marketer

The Cons

Now, here’s the list of cons, particularly about Chelsea The Affiliate’s affiliate offer, 15-day challenge:

  • Reliance on personal branding and getting viral
  • Indicating lucrative income claims on social media content to promote the challenge, only to dismiss it all in a disclaimer
  • Pushy sales representatives (the so-called business advisors) that won’t let you proceed with the challenge unless you talk to them (starting at day four)
  • More of a sales pitch to purchase the Legendary Marketer Starter Package Blueprint

On why Legendary Marketer is problematic:

  • Using fake scarcity tactic to encourage impulse buy
  • Only teaches how to promote the Legendary Marketer itself
  • More pricey upsells (up to $9,500)
  • Misleading refund policy
  • Dave Sharpe has a shady MLM past (see his involvement on then Empower Network)

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Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, but not every affiliate programs are legit. They can be shit, just like what Chelsea The Affiliate is offering.

In particular, the Legendary Marketer is a problematic program, and so is the 15-Day challenge that leads to it. It’s wallet-draining for anyone who’s not part of the “elite” top. It would be wise if y’all refrain from joining unless you love wasting money.

Of course, Chelsea is part of the problem. She knows what’s in store for those who purchases her affiliate offers, and yet she continues selling those. She got eyes on the prize, and that prize is commission money, and that only.

As a rule of thumb, legit affiliate marketing programs don’t ask money for you to be a part of their affiliate program. They might be picky and strict, but they’re most likely not using application fees to sift through who’s fit to carry their brand and who doesn’t.

In addition, legit training programs for affiliate marketing will discuss affiliate opportunities other than selling the very training itself. If that’s not the case, it’s a no-go, and it’ll be better to stick to free but reputable resources online for learning.

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