Chat Money System Reviews

When gurus like Marcel Fernandes II show themselves standing next to a fancy car, we at Fewchur aren’t so impressed anymore. We all know how easy it is to simply rent ’em luxuries, and pretend they’re living the dream life.

Although, it could also be an instance of Marcel faking ’til he makes it. We cannot dismiss the possibility that selling his Chat Money System and the upsells that comes with it is able to put lots of money in his coffers.

Or maaaybe, he really makes $100k a month by using the business model in his course. However, we do think it’s a long shot, just like your chance of learning something significant with his course. In this review, we’ll elaborate on why, so keep reading!

But before getting into the review…

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What Is Chat Money System?

Overview Of The Program

Chat Money System is an online training course designed to show how to start earning three, eight k a month using Instagram. It’s an online marketing business where you don’t have to post content online, sell a physical product, or invest in expensive ads.

The creator of the program is Marcel Fernandes II. He argues that he’s the only one teaching the system right now, although we doubt it. After all, it’s easy to say that he isn’t the only one that teaches SMMA and the likes. He’s not the only guru to make bold claims while standing next to their fancy cars, either.

The gist of the business is you find potential customers in the mentioned social media platform, slide into their DMs, and offer your marketing service. If it’s a deal, you then hire someone else to fulfill the service. So, white labelling, basically.

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About The Ads

Chat Money System Income Claims

From the chatters we’ve seen online, it seems like Chat Money System was made known to the world primarily through ads. Starring none other than Marcel, he always mentions in every ad iteration that all you need to start a thriving online business (the income claims says it all) is included within the Chat Money System.

That draw an ire when it becomes clear that it isn’t really the case. The course doesn’t have everything an aspiring digital marketer needs, and it’s a matter of too many lessons on mindset, too little on instructions on actually building the business.

Things like extra hand-holding and access to an exclusive list of “good” contacts, are also separately as an upsell, too. Arguably, should you manage with the system, you’ll have better chances to finally land a client with those two, and you’ll have none of that with only Chat Money System.

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About The Founder

Chat Money System Marcel Fernandes II

Marcel is a Brazilian digital marketer and online guru that loves to show himself doing some rich man stuff. Quite frankly, we don’t give a damn about his Lambos or Ferraris. It’s nothing special. Even the obnoxious high school dropout turned dropshipper can rent one out.

His photo on doing some falconry did catch our eye, though. It reminds us of the Cait gal that recently blew up on Booktok, she who not-so-sneakily one-star review bombed books of her “competitors”, particularly those written by BIPOCs. Tried to deny accountability, but failed. FAFO-ed real hard, we should say.

She surely can wipe her crocodile tears away with ’em Benjamins, though. She’s from old money, something that can fund a top dollar hobby such as training falcons.

With Marcel, however, we believe him having a pretty bird perched on his arm is simply a once in a blue moon thang. Just for show, and just to have an “Instagram-able” content.

Speaking of Instagram and social media, he has 122k followers on Instagram, then almost 285k on TikTok. Recently, it seems like he has more engagement on the former platform, and somehow, it’s not doing him favors.

Most, if not all, of the comments under his Instagram posts are critical of him and the Chat Money System. He’s pretty much unbothered, though.

Dude prolly believes the common saying, bad publicity is still publicity. Many have mentioned that he’s also a Tate wannabe, so that checks out. He got the irrational confidence, it seems like.

What Are The Key Features of Chat Money System?


The modules included in Chat Money system is a mix of mindset training, bits of info on marketing and white labelling, and some other ways to make money online. About the latter, they even dedicated an entire module to discuss the opportunity of becoming the course’s affiliate.

For the mindset part, they first discuss meta topics such as how to get your expectations right, and how to make the most out of the course. The rest are about handling rejections and turning it into something positive, and understanding the importance of rest and momentum on winning more.

Meanwhile, the topics related to running the business itself are as follows: How to pick a niche, how to optimize your Instagram profile, how to use sending DMs and cold emails to attract potential clients, how to do follow-ups, and what to do after you closed a deal (the part where you hire others to fulfill the service for you).

Unconditional 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Chat Money System offers an unconditional 7-Day money-back guarantee where one can get a full refund of their money if they’re not happy with the course. It’s a no-questions-asked policy where your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back provided you request it within seven days of purchasing the course.

Conditional 60-Day Double Your Money-Back Guarantee

Chat Money System Reviews (Instagram)

On the other hand, the conditional 60-day double your money-back guarantee is the refund policy with, well, double the money back and longer refund period. It does have prerequisites before you qualify, as listed below:

  • Attend all classes.
  • Complete all tasks in the course.
  • Send at least 1,000 cold messages and/or cold emails using a script of Marcel’s (proof is required).

No one’s going to be thrilled to document thousands of their messages, that’s for sure. But if you did allat, and still didn’t land a client within sixty days of your course’s purchase, you’re supposedly eligible to get a refund.

In theory, you can qualify for one. In reality, qualifications doesn’t matter, ’cause they’d simply ignore your refund requests. At least for people talking about it online, they had no luck on getting one approved, or more aptly, no luck of getting simply acknowledged. It’s all crickets.


Several ads promised students of Chat Money System access to an accountability coach for free. Turns out, one has to pay a subscription fee to get it. The fee is affordable, but it’s still a bummer since everyone expected zero additional charge.

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Should You Purchase Chat Money System?

The Cost

The Chat Money System course cost a one-time payment of $97 for lifetime access. For the monthly coaching and access to Marcel’s team, it’ll be an additional $27 a month.

For the pricier upsell, there’s the exclusive contact list, which Marcel offers at a price of $997 or more.

The Pros

  • If you’re looking for mindset training, there are a bunch of it here.
  • There’s an affiliate opportunity to grab if you’re interested.
  • White labelling is a legit business model.

The Cons

Chat Money System Disclaimer
  • Contrary to their claims, Chat Money System won’t have everything you need to start an online business. Earning three to eight k a month without significant investment isn’t typical either.
  • They keep on using misleading ads and scummy marketing tactics such as fake scarcity, posing logos of sites to pretend they recommend the course (they don’t), and guru-fied ads.
  • Training on how to conduct the business is lacking, and the recommendation to find high-paying clients (or anyone, really) on Insta is very unreliable.
  • Marcel talks too much fluff, and is said to lack substance.
  • The upsells are expensive.
  • They have a history of not giving any kind of refunds and customer support. This is the top reason there are so many comments calling Marcel and his Chat Money System a scam.

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If the complaints online didn’t deter y’all from remaining curious about the course, I hope this review will. It isn’t worth buying, and it’ll be much better to simply google all the “business” info for free. What he discussed in the course are not that complicated, anyways.

At least, with googling, you’ll less likely to have too high of an expectation that’ll only lead to disappointment. No misleading ads to go through, no enduring of Marcel talking in circles, no wasting your time, money, and effort. None of that.

Personally, I, along with the team, also wouldn’t want Marcel to come advise how to “optimize” my Insta profile. IMHO, I could easily do better than put “Resist the slave mind” on my bio. That’s very odd and tacky, whatever his intentions are, and I’m not a fan.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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