Chase Reiner Review

Chase Reiner is a well-known figure in the digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) industry. He is recognized for his expertise in helping businesses and individuals improve their online presence and increase their visibility on search engines like Google.

Let’s look at how he was doing before he achieved this so-called success and we’ll talk about what he’s enjoying doing these days.

This One’s Much Better

I never went to school, I might have done 3 homework assignments in my entire life [maybe a little bit more]. I wound up dropping out of high school when I was about 16. I don’t know if I wanted to or not, but it was more like it because I’ve fallen into a dark place.” 

My dad died when I was 16, because of a drug overdose. I’ve started taking medication for ADHD to be able to focus at school and went a little bit overboard taking it and went crazy. And the last thing I knew, I got kicked out of my house.

The guy jumped from place to place just to have somewhere to spend the night with and it was described as the lowest point of his entire life. “I was really struggling in life and I never really believed that I would ever be successful.

His start of being interested in the internet in general is when he was hired in Radio Shack and people keep asking for help with their electronics. He built a website for repairs and luckily the manager was cool about it (because it is not supposedly how he will work there).

So he earned a couple of extra bucks going to people’s homes repairing their electronics. Learning the ways on how to improve the site or how it will get more attention for awareness is what he does during his free time. 

And here we are at the exciting part. We all know that there are some people near us that want us to succeed, prosper, right? And there are some that just do the exact opposite. 

The lad named John noticed Chase’s potential and immediately hired him for his I.T company. He’s a family friend, as Chase mentioned. Chase was given all materials, handbooks and many other things needed to learn more about SEO. And people like John are the ones that you want to be always near you, don’t you?

Learning about SEO, Chase wanted to make the website he made for repairs during Radio Shanks days be at the #1 rank in searches, as he stumbled upon another family friend, Ricardo, who is at that time holding the site in the #1 rank. Chase called him and asked for advice on how to get to top rank.

Ricardo answered, “You know what? You’re never going to be able to outrank me. Don’t even try it.” and he hung up. What a foul attitude Ricardo got, ain’t he?

This One’s Much Better

Fire lit in his eyes, Chase is set out to outrank this guy after he got offended. Well, he succeeded but still came out with another realization.

He doesn’t want to be ranked #1 in electronic repair but instead, he wants to be ranked #1 in SEO in the town he was in and eventually be known in a bigger area. 

Another rags to riches story, isn’t it? The “not to brag but to inspire” thing that usually comes around.

And now here he is. Reiner has gained a significant following through his educational content, including blog posts, videos, podcasts, and online courses, where he shares insights, strategies, and tactics related to SEO, local search optimization, content marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing.

And he also has a website, in which when you click “Learn”, you’ll be able to see his blogs that you might want to check out to know more of his stuff.

The thing that he’s doing at present is the Shine Ranker: Start Earning Money with AI, an AI-powered SEO tool designed to optimize your online content, drive traffic and generate leads. There’s an annual fee of $354 and a monthly fee of $75 once you decide to avail of this offer.

Mixed reviews can be seen all over the internet, stating that his ideas are good but not worth the money. Some say it’s too generic and nothing advanced. And I’ve heard that he’s on and off doing the SEO stuff, like, are you hiding from someone? Or multiple people in that matter, which is a red flag for me.

This One’s Much Better