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Chase Reiner uses whatever new technology that is introduced in the online space today to his advantage. And thus, he claims he’s now earning around four hundred thousand dollars a year.

He is widely regarded as an SEO expert, and his knowledge of SEO has contributed greatly to his success in affiliate marketing. But that’s not all. He’s also an advocate of leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to earn money.

From SEO to AI, Chase has created several programs that claim to make you succeed in being an affiliate marketer. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been into internet marketing for a while, Chase claims his programs can assist you.

Honestly, Chase is full of promises, but can he deliver it? Read my Chase Reiner review to find out.

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Who Is Chase Reiner?

Chase Reiner is an internet marketer who claims to be an expert in SEO. In fact, he was once regarded as the “highest-rated SEO Consultant”, according to Google, but now, I can’t see any evidence of this claim, other than what’s being stated on his online profiles.

According to his website, he started doing his SEO work in a tiny garage that also serves as his own home. Which meant that he was living in poverty back then.

He also says that he completely dropped out of high school since he wanted to focus on his internet marketing career. A rather bold move, I might say.

And it seems that it worked for him, as he now claims makes over forty-thousand dollars per year, through his SEO.

Recently, he has started to be an advocate of artificial intelligence. He has been seen leveraging various AI tools (ChatGPT) to up his SEO game and boost his internet marketing.

Previously, he had a YouTube account wherein he made videos about SEO and internet marketing. But I searched for it and it seems like it’s either deleted or replaced.

Currently, he’s more active on a different YouTube channel, Shinefy, which now talks about using AI in various ways to make money online.

Other than the information he publicly revealed on his website, not much of his personal life is revealed. Even his net worth isn’t revealed publicly, and it’s even difficult to estimate it.

What Are Chase Reiner’s Programs?

Chase Reiner has created a few programs that impart a new strategy one can use in affiliate marketing. Some of them are focused on SEO strategies and some of them teach methods on how you can use ChatGPT A.I. as a method to earn money online.

One thing to note about Chase Reiner’s training programs is that they also have an affiliate program that comes when you sign up for the course. This means that you can promote and sell these programs, and if someone buys the course through your affiliate link, you’ll get a commission.

Although the structure of the training programs is such that they intend to sell Chase’s courses using their affiliate link, Chase repeatedly claims that the training can work with any affiliate program you wish to join. Even though they increasingly urge you to join theirs.

As of today, Chase has 9 active full courses and 5 mini-courses. Here’s a complete list of the courses they are offering, as well as how much they cost.

  • AI Cash Cow – $427.00
  • Short Form Riches – $625.00
  • Fortune Bots – $587.00
  • Short Form Checklist – $297.00
  • AI Profits Course – $601.00
  • Shine Local Course – $297.00
  • Unlimited Leads – $297.00
  • SEO Audit Masterclass – $297.00
  • Tiktok Growth Machine – $327.00

In addition, Chase also offers 5 mini-courses which are shorter than the regular courses that he offers. Here’s a list of the mini-courses that he currently offers.

  • Scary Tool Bots – $54.00
  • Local SEO Starter Kit – $27.00
  • Citation Assembly 2.0 – $27.00
  • Google SERP Hacking – $27.00
  • Shine Ranker Checklist – $27.00

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Is Chase Reiner Legit?

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Despite the lack of personal information about Chase Reiner, I think that the guy is still quite legit. It can be argued that the reason why he doesn’t reveal so much is due to privacy.

However, it might be better if he gives more info about himself on his personal pages. Most of the time, being someone who “makes four hundred thousand dollars per year” isn’t enough to prove the credibility of any guru.

He should’ve put forward more of his credentials, should he ever have one, like awards and recognition. That will greatly increase his credibility as a guru and will make more people trust him.

But perhaps, the reason he’s unable to do that, is that he doesn’t even have one. Which may hurt his credibility a bit.

But this doesn’t make Chase a scammer. What this only means is that there are far more reputable SEO gurus out there who have more credentials and awards than him, and thus, their online courses would have more value and quality than his.

Also, let me revisit his claim that he’s the highest-rated SEO consultant on Google today. gain, this is a rather bold claim, and if proven, would be impressive.

But to be honest, I haven’t found any kind of evidence that supports this claim. Even doing plenty of digging for that claim of his left me empty-handed.

It could be that he’s just lying, or maybe he’s telling the truth, but now he’s outranked by others.

Finally, I’m still curious about why he suddenly removed his SEO videos and replaced them with AI and ChatGPT videos. He doesn’t even post any more SEO content on his YouTube channels.

I get that he’s just getting on with the times and that he’s leveraging new technology for his marketing. But it still sounds rather off to me on why would he suddenly remove all of his SEO videos instead of archiving them, or even updating them.

Because if Chase is really an SEO expert, he should focus more on his strengths in SEO. Besides, ChatGPT right now is quite unreliable, and could even hurt your SEO if you rely on it too much.

Are Chase Reiner’s SEO Courses Worth Taking?

Personally, I don’t think enrolling in any of Chase Reiner’s courses is going to be worth your money, despite Chase Reiner’s good reputation as an SEO expert.

The main reason for this is simply because, it’s not worth paying for an online course that has the same amount of information as other free alternatives. Yes, you heard me right.

Most of the educational content that you can learn from here, can also be found on the internet for free. You just have to know where to look. Furthermore, some of these free content can prove to be much better than the ones included in Chase’s courses.

But if there’s any advantage to taking Chase’s courses, it would be that you won’t have to hop from one video to another just to get that particular information that you need about SEO. Since everything now is gathered and compiled into one course.

Nevertheless, it’s still more beneficial to just rely on free education first before you pay for any SEO course.

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SEO is, as I would usually say, the lifeblood of any internet marketer. Without a good SEO method for your website, your online business won’t even get a chance to earn any money for you.

After all, how can anyone buy a product if they don’t even know it exists?

But again, I can’t emphasize this enough. You don’t need to pay for any online course to get that SEO training that you need. Because there is plenty of free resources out there, and you just have to know where to look.

Besides, most of these online courses don’t offer a refund option at all. Chase Renier’s online courses are no exception.

Thus, you won’t get your money back if these online courses didn’t work for you. You’ll only end up wasting more money than you should.

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