Catalyze AI Reviews

For most of us, getting a home is our life’s biggest purchase. Surely, it’s an investment that requires planning and careful consideration.

This is why many real estate agents aren’t too concerned about AI taking over their jobs. To them, these bots can’t match the expertise they can offer, especially when the process involves human emotions. As it stands, it’s a people to people business, and will remain that way for long.

However, Catalyze AI has a different idea when it comes to using AI. Rather than a complete replacement, they think of AI as a tool that can assist agents in generating leads, and closing more deals.

Ready to leverage big data and AI in your real estate business? Before you jump in, read this Catalyze AI review first.

But before getting into the review…

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What Is Catalyze AI?

Introduction To Catalyze AI

Catalyze AI Reviews

Catalyze AI is a lead generation program that highlights their use of predictive analytics more than anything else. Launched in 2021, Catalyze AI is originally made for financial advisors.

That’s how they started since the founders are previously financial advisors themselves. It didn’t take them long to include real estate agents as the program’s potential clients.

The name is inspired by “catalyst” events, a term they coined for major, life-altering events that can increase one’s likelihood in using a professional service… As in, something or someone that initiate drastic development.

Again, it has to be disruptive. Hence, the program’s motto “Catalysts cause change.”

To give you an example, a catalyst both financial advisors and real estate agents need to look out for is inheritance. If one know how to leverage knowing that info, they can be there at a right place and right time for prospects/potential clients.

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Introduction To Predictive Analytics

Catalyze AI Predictive Analytics

Just like Offrs main selling point with the same name, Catalyze AI’s predictive analytics is the key in determining which properties are more likely to sell. The gist is turning data into decision.

In particular, predictive analysis is an advanced modeling method that’s part event–driven and real time data, part historical data, and part behavioral analytics. Not just any statistical analysis since it’s AI that’ll process the data points.

In case you’re wondering, behavioral analytics includes owner and property characteristics. This has to be in the equation along with “hard” data or else, accuracy would be compromised.

Why would you want to know what properties have a high probability to sell, then? For starters, it enables real estate agents to narrow down their marketing approach.

This way, agents can direct their effort towards an audience that are likely to be prospects. This is very efficient resource-wise as it’ll save you time, money, and the very precious mental juice.

In addition, they can also do the following:

  • Deliver more personalized marketing campaigns
  • Establish credibility through marketing materials that shows their expertise
  • Yield higher ROI on their outreach efforts in general

Overall, using predictive analytics can help an agent outperform others, and be the first to contact prospects. That’s good news since most people go with agents who reach out soonest.

To explain further, an agent has to get someone under a contract first before even thinking about closing. Being the first to contact gives you a competitive edge to do exactly that in a consistent manner.

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Story About The Men Behind Catalyze AI

Sam Kendree is the co-founder and CEO of Catalyze AI. He’s a Gonzaga U Alumni based in Hermosa Beach, California. Before Catalyze AI, he was an advisory board member and west coast GM of Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors for five and a half years.

The other co-founder of Catalyze AI is Seattle-based Brian Scott, who’s also the current COO of the program. Just like Sam, he also attended the same university, and taken the same undergrad degree (mechanical engineering). He calls himself an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast.

They both believe that money in motion creates opportunities… So, cashflow, perhaps?

How Does Catalyze AI Work?

The Approach

Again, Catalyze AI is all about predictive analytics. Thanks to AI, they’re apparently able to analyze big data with ease.

Big data simply means lots and lots of data points. We’re talking about hundreds of millions here.

Then, they also consider real time, event-driven triggers to predict whether someone Will make a real estate transaction, selling a property in particular. It’s essentially the catalyst we’ve discussed earlier.

In summary, AI plus big data and event-driven triggers is predictive analytics’ sugar, spice, and everything nice. Get it?

The Features

Here are the features of a lead generated through Catalyze AI:

  • Exclusive listing leads
  • “In your backyard” leads (within twenty-mile radius from you or the location you’ve set)
  • High net worth and propensity leads (highly likely to be prospects)

Getting Started

To get started, an agent must provide info about themselves. Just the usual like name (including their firm’s), email, and phone number.

Next is choosing the area where an agent want to get leads from. It’s done by specifying a zip code, and Catalyze AI will guarantee to provide quality leads within fifty-mile radius… Wait, I thought it was twenty? (Yup, it was indeed twenty before, and now it’s different. Interesting…)

Then, in the checkout page, you can specify the quantity of leads you want to receive monthly. There’s also an option to select the worth of the property involved (over a million, under a million, or both).

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Is Catalyze AI Worth It?

The Cost Of Catalyze AI

Catalyze AI Cost

For leads that involves over a million in value, the cost charged by Catalyze AI is $150 a month for ten leads. For those that are under a mil, it’s $120 a month for ten leads instead.

As previously mentioned, one can mix-and-match the number and type of leads. You can also enter a promotion code to get up to 20% off in discount.

The Pros

While we’re not really convinced that the AI here is more than a marketing gimmick, the program taking data and lots of it into consideration is a good practice. Although, with their claim of forecasting likely-to-be clients, it should be a given.

The Cons

Now, for the cons, we’ll summarize them in a list. See below:

  • No guarantees about replacing leads when it’s bad (e.g., bogus, fake, unreachable, etc.)
  • No mention about CRM integrations besides the ability to export in Excel
  • Glaring typos and inconsistent info
  • No client feedback outside their site
  • Low website traffic

For leads that agents pay upfront and aren’t handed out on a referral basis, it’s a must to have a refund policy. Without it, Catalyze AI can simply send shitty leads and call it a day.

We’re not saying that they would do some shady stuff, but a safeguard for agents has to be in place, so they likely won’t. There’s none, which is not reassuring.

Catalyze AI Typos

In addition, the typos and inconsistent info are off-putting to say the least. Boasting their “Artifical Intelligence” yet they’re not using a basic spellchecker? Make it make sense.

Or maybe it’s sort of a litmus test. If you’re fine with them not having reviews outside their site (excluding the affiliate reviews and PR pieces that are likely paid by them) and the errors, they’ll deem you as someone that’s “easy” to please… or worse, easy to scam if they’re shady like that.

Again, we can’t surely say that Catalyze AI is up to no good. Still, we advise everyone to be mindful about dealing with programs like them that lack social proof AND attention to details. Can’t ignore ‘em red flags, understood?

Be wise, think twice, Catalyze AI is not that nice.

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In conclusion, we can’t recommend Catalyze AI as a lead generation program. We can’t say it’s a straight-up scam, but there’s no proof to say they’re legit either. At best, they’re mid.

Also, don’t be caught up in the hype around AI. It’s still in the works, and you’re not missing out that much if you avoid using it.

We want to reassure y’all that your hunch was right— you’re not going to be replaced by ‘em bots, at least not in the near future. Even THE AI company in OpenAI is nothing without the brilliant minds of its human workforce, as we saw on the recent drama surrounding the said company and its board.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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