Career Evolved Reviews

If you’re someone who is musing about quitting your current day job and finding another one, maybe you shouldn’t… Not until you find your purpose.

You shouldn’t start with looking for a job in the first place. Instead, look out for something that lights your soul on fire, start from there, and everything else will follow.

These are words of wisdom from Career Evolved. Regarding the sentiment, they mentioned how they’re persistent on encouraging their clients to start with their why before anything else.

Seems like something you need to spice up your career? Read this review first to see if the program is a good fit.

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Career Evolved Overview

Career Evolved is a career coaching program meticulously made for professionals who desire a breakthrough in their career. In order to have the said breakthroughs, you have to experience real transformation, and that’s what Career Evolved can provide.

Getting a promotion and higher pay is good and all, but it takes more than that to truly take your career to the next level. Money can’t buy happiness, and the same goes for your salary— it won’t make you genuinely love your job.

With Career Evolved, they can provide clarity and “evolve” your behavior, mindset, and identity completely. With their help, you’re not only paid well, but also fulfilled in every other aspects such as being fit for both the job and the company culture.

And yes, it takes more than having a competent skill for key decision makers to see your value. Generally speaking, career transition is complicated and never easy, and it’s nice to have the guidance of an expert like Career Evolved to make it less difficult.

To reiterate, this program is intended for those who want a breakthrough in their day job. If you’re looking for a course to start your own business instead, check out our Natalie Hodson Review, Bookkeeping Life Reviews, and Smart FBA Reviews.

About What Makes Career Evolved Different

With Career Evolved, rest assured that you would not get outdated and too simplistic advice. No, they ain’t telling you to toot your own horn on LinkedIn nor simply re-write your résumé. At least, not just that.

They’ll get down to the nitty-gritty, and find the root cause of why you feel like you’re not the best version of yourself, why you’re not getting what you truly deserve, and why you’re not achieving your desired breakthrough.

They don’t work on one facet of yours, then ignore the rest. It would be a total overhaul if it needs to be. They’re all about real transformation, ‘member?

Besides messaging and positioning, they’ll also take at look in improving your identity, mindset, behavior, and executive presence.

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About Olivia Gamber

Olivia Gamber is the founder and CEO of Career Evolved based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s also a psychologist, a personal development coach, a talent manager, an author, and an entrepreneur.

Besides her master’s degree and background in organizational psychology, Olivia also has extensive experience in leading premier recruitment teams, counselling top executives, and developing training for talent development. She’s confident in calling herself a natural leader.

Career Evolved Olivia Gamber

She also has a knack for uncovering the truth and the real you. There’s more than meets the eye, and she’s ready to dig deep, find what’s in your identity that holds you back, and guide you towards reaching your fullest potential.

She’s convinced that she can help with any career woes you may have. She’s a seen it all, solved it all typa gal. Likewise, she’s also been there, done that in terms of what it takes to thrive in the corporate America.

If you want to get a gist of her beliefs without spending thousands on mentorship first, check out her newly-released book that’s available on Amazon. It’s titled The $150k+ Club: Discover the Career Strategies and Mindset that Separates the Top 10%.

Key Points Tackled In Career Evolved

As a so-called career upgrader, you know you’re ready to take your career to the next level. You’re looking forward to the future you with a better career, whether it’s on a same or completely different path.

You have a vague understanding of where you’re heading, but you’re still lost, and you still can get where you want to be. Because what enabled you to secure your last job is likely not sufficient to get you on the next.

Showing Value Beyond The Résumé

Career Evolved Résumé

Again, career growth and transition is less about building the “perfect” résumé and CV, nor your qualifications and track record. It’s more on influencing others, getting yourself promoters that’ll advocate on your behalf, and effectively demonstrating your value.

Getting your last job is one thing, transitioning into a better one is another. Being qualified is a given at this level, and the way you can distinguish yourself is being better at marketing your worth.

Laser-Focused Messaging

Being a jack of all trades is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a testament on how you can adapt, and thrive under pressure. It’s a plus to be this clutch, do-it-all playa for the team, and that’s a fact.

However, it could be detrimental if you’re trying to showcase yourself because you can easily lose sight of what aspect of you is the best to highlight, and who is your intended audience. The result is likely an unclear, diluted mess that won’t get you anywhere, and most definitely not in front of the right people.

That’s why a cohesive and laser-focused messaging is important. Also, don’t try to please everyone, it’s counterproductive and downright impossible. Instead, concentrate your efforts on making the best impressions to key decision makers.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

In regard to showing your worth to key decision makers, try your best to have as many conversations with them and other executives. It’s not simply mooching off your boss and trying to score some brownie points, you do it to understand what aspect of you and your messaging can make you irresistible in the industry.

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Should You Consider Career Evolved?

Cost Of The Program

Career Evolved Quiz

From reports online, the cost of Career Evolved ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. This is for the core video training, weekly group coaching calls, one-on-one mentorship, community group, and more.

Do note that the specific details are not listed anywhere on their website. You have to book a call (not only once, plus you have to do a quiz to access the page) to know more.

Pros Of The Program

Here are the pros of Career Evolved:

  • Several reviews claiming tangible results. (e.g., increase in pay, successful career transition, gaining multiple job offers, etc.)
  • Comprehensive course that is not simply a résumé builder 101.
  • Availability of resources such as YouTube videos and affordable books to check out if you vibe with the mentor (Olivia).

Cons Of The Program

Meanwhile, the cons of Career Evolved are as follows:

  • Booking a call is required to know the cost of the program plus other specific details.
  • The program is expensive, and not the most budget-friendly option out there.
  • Not the best for someone who’s completely done with office politics and being dependent on someone else’s evaluation of them.

Online Sentiments Surrounding the Program

Career Evolved Reviews

Majority have commended the program. One reviewer mentioned that as long as you do the work, a typical tumultuous career transition will be navigated easily with the help of Career Evolved. You’ll attract opportunities that pay well and align with your core values and purpose.

Then, a dude named Paul Wood thanked the program for facilitating his career development. He shared how the one-on-one coaching and weekly group meetings helped him stay on track, and focused on what matters most in advancing his career.

Of course, we cannot ignore the negative reviews made towards the program. Only two of them out of fifteen (and counting) on Trustpilot, but their concerns were aplenty.

Here are the criticisms in bullet points:

  • Too much focus on sales and networking even if it isn’t applicable to a client’s industry.
  • Awful production quality of the training modules.
  • Info lacks depth. and is allegedly something you can easily find online for free.
  •  Not inclusive for POC and minorities.

Pretty harsh, although it looks like it’s an unfortunate situation of misunderstanding and things simply not working out. I mean, the gal who mentioned the inclusivity bit (or lack thereof) dropped the program after one call with a non-minority (succeeding a promising initial call with a minority, BTW).

I’m not saying that she can’t decide that she and Career Evolved are not a match, but we believe that the decision was made too soon. I’ll give Career Evolved the benefit of the doubt, they could probably right the ship and make adjustments to meet the gal’s need if she asked.

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Career Evolved is a legitimate mentorship program that helps professionals navigate career transition. Take note that it requires a huge investment on your part, and you need to be committed and willing to re-invent yourself to make this work.

In any case you can’t bring yourself to fit in the corporate America anymore, starting your own business might be better. You can be your own boss, work on your own terms, and have the time freedom to do all the things you’re passionate about.

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