Brook Hiddink Reviews

Brook Hiddink says that since moving to Dubai, it totally changed the way he sees money. That it is normal to have a $200 dinner for two, $2,000 worth of groceries a month and $10,000/month rent. Brook really is living the life, having to sustain that expensive lifestyle. 

While most people are finding ways on how to cut expenses in order to make ends meet, Brook is obsessed with earning more to be able to live the life that he wants. 

How did he achieve such success? It’s through high-ticket dropshipping. What is it? Learn more in my review below.

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Who is Brook Hiddink?

Brook Hiddink

Brook Hiddink doesn’t really have any experience in the business industry. He’s from Ontario, Canada, been part of the Ontario Hockey League for 3 years and “focused” on his doctorate in Law in Western University. I quoted “focused” since he didn’t even finish his degree. 

He decided to drop out of school to focus on his back-up plan, high-ticket dropshipping. His experience doesn’t say that he invested in researching the business model, or has prior experience on the matter, he just started it. Just like some genius out there that is Mr. Know-It-All. 

But it is included in his newsletter that he’s already doing it for 4 years. Maybe that’s why he didn’t finish college, since he can’t concentrate on doing one task. Law school is no joke also. Brook just had a realization that not everyone who has a degree can actually land a job after graduation. That’s why he focused his time on other things, like dropshipping.

The back-up plan turned into a real business, and he became a successful entrepreneur who is the founder of Audacia Home, a luxury goods eCommerce store that offers top-notch brands in various product categories. 

Along with Audacia Home, Brook also runs Invicta Digital, an agency focused on helping aspiring eCommerce store owners build six-figure incomes online in under a year. All of his experiences and knowledge in running his eCommerce store will be shared in a type of a Masterclass. 

Some achievements he had in the short span of time are:

  • Went from $0 to $5M+ in revenue in just less than 18 months
  • Has helped numerous people generate six-figure in their ecommerce business
  • And with that, countless people has generated $10,000+ a month with his help.

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What is High-Ticket Dropshipping?


A high-ticket dropshipping store is an ecommerce business model that revolves around selling premium and expensive products without the need to keep them in stock. In this model, the store owner partners with suppliers or manufacturers offering high-value items, such as luxury goods, high-end electronics, or exclusive fashion items. 

It also sometimes helps if the product you’ve chosen to dropship is something that people already recognize. Instead of investing in inventory, the store takes customer orders and purchases the products directly from the supplier, who then ships the product to the customer. What big brands want to focus on is building a new line of product, something that becomes a possible mainstream product and to be able to do that, they need you, retailers to make viable adjustments on doing sales, advertisements and customer support. It’s both a win-win situation for you and the big brands.

The profit margin in high-ticket dropshipping is typically higher compared to traditional dropshipping, as each sale involves a more substantial monetary transaction. Success with high-ticket dropshipping business requires careful selection of niche, reliable suppliers, and effective marketing strategies to target customers willing to invest in premium products.

High-Ticket Ecommerce Online Income is like an MBA 

It is like getting a Master’s Degree in Business Administration when you’re learning the ropes of high-ticket dropshipping because it offers you skills that you’ll need to run a successful dropshipping business. It needs skills on:

  • Product Research – products that are at least priced at $3,000.
  • Market Research – products that the market needs (high-demand products).
  • SEO – improving your ecommerce store’s visibility in search engines like Google.
  • CRO – improving the percentage of online store visitors converted into actual buyers. 
  • Google Ads – enhances one’s ecommerce business online presence, attracts potential customers and drives sales.
  • Facebook Ads – just like Google Ads but on another platform, which is Facebook.
  • Email Marketing – with compelling and visually appealing content, it not only drives sales but also builds a long term relationship with your customers.
  • Content Marketing – with high quality content, it makes it easy for your customers to digest the information they need based on the product you’re selling.
  • Hiring a Team – a unique team that can handle each task above for you so that you can focus on scaling your business even further.

3 Winning Criteria For High-Ticket Dropshipping

Criteria #1: Product must cost over $3,000

This is the least price of a product that you might want to sell if you want to start your very own high-ticket dropshipping. With a product that costs at least $3,000, every purchase will yield you at least $1,000 in profit.

Criteria #2: Product must have 30,000+ searches

To be considered as a high-demand product, Brook believes that it must have at least 30,000 online searches. Rather than having you pay for ads or any marketing tools to convince people to buy your product, the products that he recommends are those of which people have already searched for and are already willing to buy. 

Criteria #3: Product must be non-seasonal

The product of your choice must not be bound in any specific season like heating systems during winter, or cooling systems during summer. It should be a product that is needed by anyone, anywhere at any time. This way, your store won’t experience any sales swing and customers will just keep on buying your products all throughout the year 24/7/365.

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Services Brook Hiddink Offers

Platinum VIP

HTE VIP Platinum Plan

A full plug-and-play package for actions takers who want to get ahead of their peers and start setting up the foundations of their ecommerce empire right now even if you’ve never sold anything online before, or you’re just a beginner and you have no clue where to start, you can earn at least $10,000/month using the skills and techniques included in this Platinum VIP plan of Brook. 

Contents included are priced a total of $1,797 but you can only get it at a discounted price of only $27. Isn’t that just ridiculous? Well, as long as you signed up for his newsletter, you can get it at that discounted price but ready your email to get flooded with upsells of his other courses. 

Success Stories of Brook Hiddink's HTE

Refunds are guaranteed to those people who can prove that they really tried everything that is taught in the plan but their ecommerce store is still not moving along as it’s intended to. A maximum of 60-days to issue a refund since they’ve shown success stories of people gaining profits even just after a month of using the same system.

High-Ticket Ecommerce Masterclass

This masterclass is hosted by Brook Hiddink himself. It is a 1-day 90-min masterclass where he will teach you how to create a $10,000/month high-ticket ecommerce business in 6-months or less with U.S only based products. 

HTE Masterclass

It is the cliche promise of most online business coaches out there, like if he did it, then so can you. It is only good for live attendance and does not include access to any replays of the training. This means also that if you missed attending the date of your masterclass, they won’t offer any refund of the price that you paid. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

The potential for higher profit margins per sale is a significant advantage. Selling fewer, premium-priced items can result in increased revenue with fewer transactions. Additionally, the niche and exclusive nature of high-ticket products may lead to a more targeted and loyal customer base are some advantages of starting a high-ticket dropshipping business.

On the contrary, the disadvantages include the challenge of acquiring customers willing to make substantial investments, as the buying decision may require more consideration. High-ticket dropshipping business also involves higher upfront costs for product sourcing and marketing. Managing returns and customer expectations becomes crucial, as customers paying a premium price often have elevated expectations for product quality and service.

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High-ticket dropshipping offers a unique opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs to tap into a market of discerning customers seeking premium products. While the model presents the potential for higher profits and a more exclusive customer base, it comes with the challenge of establishing trust, managing higher upfront costs, and meeting elevated customer expectations.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and you also need to be always present when meeting up with “popular” brands so that you can get the opportunity to know more from them, helping you on how you can advertise their product in a more casual way, making it easy for customers to connect with and eventually buy the product from your store.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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