Brenae Robinson Review

Brenae Robinson wants you to be aware of an opportunity to open up a business that you can literally manage together with your day job. Curious about what kind of business it is? It’s all about short-term rentals or what the general calls the Airbnb Arbitrage.

She will fill you in with knowledge of the ins and outs of the business as well as the mindset of getting those checks from your day job be a nice to have rather than the need to have

Her Get-It-Done program will teach you the step-by-step process she’s used and honed for years which made her the woman she is today. Let’s dive right into the things that made that transformation possible.

This One’s Much Better

Brenae Robinson worked in corporate America, as an insurance professional for over a decade. Despite having a great profession with lots of bonuses and promotions obtained, she nonetheless became weary of the grind in the corporate world. 

Trying new things is never out of the picture for Brenae. Since she has a knack in interior design and interest in real estate while being well-versed in business operations thanks to her day job, learning short-term rentals is an ideal turning point. She was crushing it in no time.

I really didn’t expect it to take off the way that it did,” she laughs. She didn’t think that it would be that good for a starter like her, starting to question herself even to the point of thinking that it was all a fluke. But days go by and she’s still seeing profits come into her bank accounts. 

But, as I began adding new rental properties and Airbnb units to my portfolio, other people, other family members began asking me how they could do it too. And I just started sharing my approach, and here we are,” Brenae says.

Before starting your venture in the STR business, she wants you to know that you mostly need three things in order to succeed. First, you must not treat this as a side hustle. It will be at first, but you need to treat it like a real business. Giving the time and effort just as you do in your day job. She gave an example to justify her claim.

If you want to rent a home or an apartment to list on Airbnb or Vrbo, if your business isn’t registered as an official business, the landlord of the unit won’t probably approve a corporate nor a master lease for you”. So, she wants you to register it as your official business.

Second one is establishing your business credit profile after registering your LLC. “It means you can actually use other people’s money, in the form of business credit cards, loans or business grants, so that you can start and grow your short-term rental business.

I didn’t mean to boast, but good thing I had a six-figure job, but for anyone else, it may not be feasible. And since learning about it and getting into the business, I’ve been able to add more and more properties to my portfolio. And so this is what I teach my mentees and clients to do as well”, Brenae explains. 

This One’s Much Better

Lastly is to do your own market research. Finding hot spots in short-term rental in certain cities will help you find properties that will produce positive cash flow.

For someone who’s looking for a side hustle instead of switching completely to a whole new path, short-term rentals can’t be an answer to that. Having a day job is your only insurance that you’ll have a roof to sleep under if a side hustle business went up the dust.

And even if Brenae assures you that her methods are working, you wouldn’t be so sure  before you actually try it. But her course is not that cheap. There are numerous ways to pay for her course. There is a one-time payment of $3,200, or paying $1,600 twice, $800 four times or a financial planning option with a down payment of $500.

The suggestion to continue working on your day job is there, but the end goal is that you really didn’t have to. But how can you do both of these things, as a starter, when the course is Get-It-Done instead of a Done-For-You. I don’t think any average joe can keep up with both the hustle of a day job and an Airbnb Arbitrage business.

This One’s Much Better