Exotic Car Automation Review

Owning an exotic car is somewhat a milestone to some, if not all people, yeah let’s generalize it to people, not just investors, or business owners. Even the people grinding at their day jobs dream of having one of these. Even I am dreaming of having one someday (ehem, manifesting).

So, when you go back to your family, and you have to make a really big purchase, I’m sure you’re gonna chat with your FAs, spouse, parents, whoever it is because owning one is not a joke, literally and financially”, says Branden. 

Branden Condy is the owner of Exotic Car Automation. Here’s a little bit of his story on how he got into exotic cars – automation and stuff. 

This One’s Much Better

When Branden moved to Miami about four years ago, he riding on his Lambo down the bridge when someone pulled up to him and said, 

Bro, that’s a beautiful Lambo, do you own it? Do you want to rent it out to make some money? If you’re in, follow me.

Well, with all due respect sir, even if you’re anywhere or even in one of the safest places in the world, a person in their rightful mind won’t follow a stranger to someplace with their Lambo. “I don’t know where we’re going, but let’s go.”

That’s why some people don’t believe backstories like this. But let’s just continue. It’s HIS story anyway, so let’s let him be the main lead, at least for this part. 

We’ve got to the guy’s showroom. He had Lambos, Ferraris, RRs, any car that you can imagine was there. They’re going in and out, getting car washes, and I thought, “If I had one of my cars in the fleet, how much money would I make.

He trusted the guy outright. Well, as a young man who’s just eager to get into the business (given that he owns a Lambo at that point, huh) and make some money, they talk about the splits and insurances and stuff. The strange guy printed out a one-page contract, Branden signed it and he was dropped off by one of the Bentley’s in the fleet.

A week later, I came back for the check. I made my first $2,500 with it and I realized. Doing all the math, If I’m making $2,500 a week, then that’s $10,000/month.” So yeah, all first weeks are always awesome. Before starting his second week, he has leased another car, which is a G Wagon. 

To the day he came back for his checks, the Lambo was full of cigarette holes, ashes and the G Wagon had a dent. When he asked the guy how he will fix the cars, the guy told him straight that it’s HIS problem and he’s gonna deal with it.

All the money made went completely back to fixing the two cars, but he didn’t stop. He saw the potential of the business model. And all he had to do is not be like the sh*tty old guy who betrayed him. And that’s the birth of Exotic Car Automation.

This One’s Much Better

Exotic Car Automation is for investors that are looking for a strong return. It’s the new premium luxury profit strategy. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur and if you’re looking for a FUN way to earn an extra couple thousand bucks per day, then this is for you.

This is also for investors who’re finding a smarter way to justify acquiring exotic cars. Well who aren’t, right? Almost all car enthusiasts or even non-car enthusiasts out there have dreamt of having or even just to drive a Lamborghini. Tell me you don’t and I can tell it outright that you’re lying.

They function as a 3-in-1 business. They have the done-for-you management company, the leasing company and also the rental company. All you have to do is sit back and wait for passive incomes coming to your bank accounts.

Accidents can always happen anytime, but he promises you that he won’t be like the guy who will give you all the responsibility when something goes wrong. Because it’s also their responsibility to do background checks on people who wanted to rent one of the cars for lease. Summary, he’ll take care of all of it for you.

The most important requirement? For you it’s trust, for them, it’s trust and money. You need to have a minimum investment of thirty grand for the start up cost and also your exotic car to be rented out. And that’s just for start up, how about the dealer fee, insurance fee and stuff?

This One’s Much Better