Brain-A-Thon Review

John Assaraf claims in his video advertisement that despite dropping out of high school before his senior year, and failing English and Math, he was nonetheless able to grow his first company’s revenue from nothing to four-point-five billion dollars annually. 

What was his method? Through gaining knowledge of various techniques for opening the brain’s doors and releasing more of its potential. 

He remarks that this is the type of exciting material that you might want to know, so let’s check this one out.

This One’s Much Better

John Assaraf is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker who specializes in personal development and mindset training. He gained widespread recognition through his appearance in the documentary “The Secret,” which focused on the law of attraction and positive thinking. 

I’ll show you how to change your brain so you can transform your life and your results from the inside out, and you’ll discover the exact methods used to go from near bankruptcy to becoming a millionaire in less than a year.”, he said in one of his sales pitches. 

You’ll discover why it’s not your fault that you’re not further ahead and why you may be stuck and most importantly, you’ll discover many new brain-based innercise techniques to unlock your brain’s hidden power so you finally achieve your financial and life goals faster and easier than ever before.“, he added. 

Can it be that you are just one small step from unlocking your brain’s full potential and the hidden power within it? And all you need is for someone to show you how to unlock the little latch that can help you break free and finally turn your life into the masterpiece that you wanted it to be. 

One of the events associated with John Assaraf and NeuroGym is the “Brain-A-Thon.” The Brain-A-Thon is an online event that focuses on the power of the brain and how individuals can rewire their minds for success. 

During the event, Assaraf and his team share insights into neuroscience, mindset, and strategies for achieving personal and financial goals. The event often features guest speakers and experts in various fields related to personal development and success.

You’re going to learn, step-by-step, how to train your brain so that you can automatically attract more wealth and success (and avoid money mindset disasters), discussions on topics such as overcoming limiting beliefs, boost your confidence and start living life on your own terms.

They’ll teach you how to switch on your “success switch” (which scientists also call the “Neuroplasticity Switch”) to turn your brain into a superpower, for more productivity and less procrastination.

There’s also a so-called “a Master of Automaticity” which consists of hidden brain tricks that you can leverage to become automatic and become 3-5x more productive than an average joe. 

How to switch the “Dopamine Button” to get people ethically hooked on you, your message/speech, products, anything you want to make an impact with, and many more techniques.

This One’s Much Better

Terms may sound silly but it is what it is, bud. Just like what they preach, they’re using terms that might get you hooked on to the masterclass that they are offering. Things that might sound interesting at first, until you know what kind of gig you’re up to.

It is not some “hokus pokus” trick that you can learn overnight and become millionaire the next day. It requires dedication, time and commitment before it flourishes into something real. And that’s what he asked of you. If you have what it takes, then click the register button.

Brain-A-Thon event registration is free. You just need to sign up with your name and email and you’re part of the circle. But once you’re signed in, you’ll then see that it is also part of the sales pitch that John designed. You’ll be met with a number of products that can be purchased. 

Some of which are e-learning programs such as Winning the Game of Business, Winning the Game of Money, Winning the Game of Fear, Winning the Game of Procrastination, Winning the Game of Weight Loss, 7 days to a Millionaire Mindset, and Having it All.

Best selling books like The Complete Vision Board Kit, The Answer, Innercise and Having it All,  that John himself has published are also available. He also offers one on one consultation with the man himself. And the prices of all of these can only be seen once you sit through their respective webinar.

This One’s Much Better