Bookkeeping Life Reviews

In a Facebook post, Bookkeeping Life mentioned how bookkeeping business can help cross some of that new year resolutions off your list. We’re talking about resolutions like wanting to work from home, have a flexible schedule, and make good money.

Not realistic enough? With a bookkeeping business, it IS realistic… or so Bookkeeping Life claims.

They also argue that everyone can do bookkeeping. Not just accountants, but you, me, and everyone else! Steve and the other mentors in Bookkeeping Life will exactly show you how.

Interested in giving it a shot? Read this comprehensive review first to see what’s up.

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What Is Bookkeeping Life?

Bookkeeping Life is an online training program on how to start your own virtual bookkeeping business. They claim that all you need to get started is a computer or laptop, they’ll provide the rest: Free software, mentors, support, and training.

About Bookkeeping

To clarify, bookkeeping is different from accounting. Bookkeepers only records financial transactions and tracking the money that cones in and out of the company, they cannot make interpretations from the data like an accountant.

On the other hand, accountants can do bookkeeping on top of their accounting duties if they want to. Knowing more is their edge, which is why they can charge higher than a bookkeeper.

Given the higher fee by accountants, business owners might prefer a bookkeeper. It’s acceptable to pinch pennies when they only need bookkeeping services.

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Reasons To Choose Bookkeeping As A Business Model

Bookkeeping Life Reasons

Bookkeeping Life always mentions advantages of having a bookkeeping business every chance they get. I don’t blame them, the opportunity doesn’t sound particularly exciting until you hear more about it.

People are not thrilled to do their taxes and financial documents, but that’s the point. You do it for them, at least the bookkeeping work, and get paid in return while you’re sitting pretty at your home… or in a coffee shop, your office is the world!

It’s a remote bookkeeping business, remember? Now, according to Bookkeeping Life, here are the reasons why you should start one:

  • The demand for a bookkeeper is high as every business requires bookkeeping.
  • The schedule is flexible, and you can work from anywhere, and anytime you want.
  • The capital requirement to start the business is low.
  • The business has the potential to generate an extra $1,000 a month as a side hustle, up to $100k a year if you do it full-time.

Did you count four reasons instead of three? If yes, congrats, you can be a bookkeeper. 😉 But seriously, this is how beginner-friendly the business model is for those with a keen eye for detail, at least according to Steve Crisler.

About Steve Crisler

Bookkeeping Life Steve Crisler

Steve Crisler is the founder of Bookkeeping Life. While his hometown is in Illinois, he is currently residing in California.

Steve has been a practicing accountant since y2k. That very year, he landed a typical 9 to 5 accounting gig that made him questioned his life right away.

It’s a boring, cubicle job and he didn’t like it… Actually, he hated it. He knew he was destined for greater things, or at least something better than wilting away in a windowless office for someone else’s business.

But he sucked it up for three years since he had bills to pay. Once that was up, he moved to San Diego, California, hoping for a fresh start.

Instead of working for a company again, he worked for himself, be his own boss, and handled business directly with clients. He’s doing the same bookkeeping and taxes stuff he did before, but it’s his business, he’s doing it in his own terms, and he could do it anywhere.

Life’s good, and he wants yours to be the same as well. This is why he’s sharing his knowledge in Bookkeeping Life.

How Does Bookkeeping Life Works?

Online Course of Bookkeeping Life

Just like most training program, the main highlight of Bookkeeping Life is an online video course. The focus is on learning how to use QuickBooks, a popular user-friendly small business accounting software, as well as how to do marketing.

The seven-hour course is divided into four steps. Step one is introduction to QuickBooks. In this step, topics on categorizing cash basis income and expenses, making journal entry adjustments, generating basic financial reports, and the likes are discussed.

Meanwhile, step two is about branding. Besides emphasizing the importance of professional branding in getting clients, they’ll also tell you how to be one, with topics on the how-tos of naming your business, instructions on how to get your domain name and hosting, and more.

Then, step three is on advertising. They’ll show you effective ways to promote your brand, and there’s something whether you are an extrovert or introvert, or whether you have budget for ads or not.

Finally, step four is about ways to work with clients. Here, you’ll know how to make the best first impression to close the deal, determine what you need from the client to satisfy their demands, and how to charge for your bookkeeping services.

For every step, there will be a complementary Zoom calls with either Steve or other expert mentors in Pamela and Yannick. There’s also a bonus course on the basics of Microsoft Excel.

Other Features Of Bookkeeping Life

Besides the online course, you’ll also get the following:

  • Recording archive of past Zoom sessions
  • Personalized calendar
  • Community forum slash virtual classroom
  • Templates such as onboarding checklist, email template, and billing form

All of these, including the online course, can be accessed on various devices, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Cost Of Bookkeeping Life

As a subscription-based offer, Bookkeeping Life costs $49 a month or $499 a year. There’s a three-day trial, although be sure to cancel it to avoid incurring the monthly charge that is automatically applied after the trial period. Don’t let them pull a sneaky on ya!

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Is Bookkeeping Life Worth It?

The Good

Bookkeeping is a legit business model. While some are worried that it’s on the decline, there are still businesses who would happily pay a bookkeeper. Like, “shut up and take my money!” happy.

For such businesses, they would rather delegate the tasks of maintaining records and crunching numbers, so that they could concentrate on what they do best. They don’t want the potential headache, alright!

The focus on marketing here is also commendable. Getting clients and keeping them is very crucial in a bookkeeping business, and marketing could help with both.

Wanna study a course while taking a dump? I know some of y’all want to, and the course being available on mobile allows it. Knowledge in, sh*t out— that’s the goal.

Lastly, the subscription model could be advantageous for those who only needs a month or two to complete the course.

The Bad

First, they don’t teach the basics outside QuickBooks. This is not for you if you’re the type who prefers the old-fashioned way of learning with pen and paper first and doing the thang manually.

Then, they also overestimate the client base. While it’s true that every business requires someone to do bookkeeping, they don’t necessarily need an external bookkeeper.

The very software you’ll use if you subscribe to Bookkeeping Life, QuickBooks, gives the opportunity to small business owners to do the bookkeeping themselves. Some won’t bother, as we pointed out in the earlier section, but some would since QuickBooks makes the process simple.

The Ugly

The thing we’re most concerned of is the existence of two unanswered reviews/complaints on BBB. The older one mentioned how he got insulted after asking for a refund.

Like, there’s no good reason for Steve to tell the person to get a life just because they want a refund. We understand declining the refund request, but sending some nasty on their way? Nu-uh. That’s a mean-spirited behavior we don’t want on any mentors.

Bookkeeping Life Reviews

Meanwhile, the latest complaint detailed how they can’t cancel their subscription. From being unhinged, Steve took the no-contact route and left the poor fella on read.

This is the reason we warned you earlier about the very brief trial. They’ll have your CC numbers on file once you signed up for the trial, and from the looks of it, they won’t hesitate to charge it monthly if you can’t cancel.

Why is the cancellation process difficult, anyway? We believe that it should be as simple as clicking a button, no calls or emails needed.

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Bookkeeping is a legit business model that can be done by everyone, not just CPAs. While the business is far from booming anymore, it’s still a nice choice of a side hustle for those who prefers remote opportunities.

If you’re a fast learner that wants a course that’ll go straight to sharing practical knowledge, then Bookkeeping Life might be for you. Of course, just take note of the complaints we revealed earlier.

To avoid fraudulent charges, consider using a virtual card with spending limit and expiry. Better be safe than sorry!

Before You Leave…

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