Bold CEO Reviews

Bold CEO Reviews

Led by Brian Cristiano, Bold CEO offers a program known as the Deal Flow Accelerator. Brian shares his journey from running a seemingly successful marketing agency in Manhattan to realizing he owned a job, not a business. Struggling with issues like inconsistent lead generation, difficulty closing significant deals, and challenges in scaling the team, Brian discovered what he terms the “Wedge Strategy” – a concept utilized by billion-dollar consulting firms to scale sales effortlessly.

Now, Brian invites you to step into the shoes of a Bold CEO with his Deal Flow Accelerator, a six-week program promising MBA-level results without the unnecessary complexity and become the Bold CEO you’ve always aspired to be. The program covers what you will need to accelerate your growth, featuring real-time implementation, scripts, tactics, case studies, and frameworks.

In the ever-evolving prospects of online business courses, the Bold CEO’s Deal Flow Accelerator program has caught the attention of many aspiring entrepreneurs. However, is it a legitimate opportunity for growth, or could it potentially be a scam?

We are here to give you the lowdown so you can figure out if taking the plunge into this course is your best bet or if there are other online business options that might suit you better. Stick around to make an informed decision!

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Who is Brian Cristiano?

Bold CEO Reviews

Brian Christiano, the founder of Bold CEO and BOLD Worldwide, emerged onto the entrepreneurial scene with an insightful start, securing his first job as a busboy at 15 to save for a video camera. At 16, he turned that camera into a lucrative venture by selling a skate video for over $40,000.

At the helm of BOLD, Brian also serves as the executive producer and subject of the docu-series, Growing BOLD. His professional trajectory includes collaborations with major brands like PepsiCo, UFC Gym, Jennifer Lopez, and Alex Rodriguez. However, Brian’s entrepreneurial journey was not without its challenges.

Despite lacking a business background, he weathered the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, acknowledging significant mistakes that led his first company to the brink of bankruptcy. Facing a quarter-million-dollar debt, Brian found himself loaning out his apartment and sleeping on a couch to make ends meet. However, rather than succumbing to despair, he chose to fight back.

He immersed himself in self-help books and seminars, realizing that he held the key to his success or failure. Accepting responsibility for his predicament, he embraced a newfound work ethic and persevered. He acknowledged the risk of failure and knew that success was not guaranteed, but through determination, he climbed out of debt and achieved his first million dollars.

This guy’s online presence is everywhere, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram where he’s got a surprisingly decent amount of followers, he has a Quora account as well which he joined in 2014, and even making appearances in his wife’s podcasts and blogs.

The point is that the guy is pretty much out there in the public eye and this level of transparency is somewhat reassuring, signaling that he is a real person steering a real business not just a suspicious made-up identity plug-in as compared to other so-called “CEOs” that barely has online credibility. After all, the market value of a company is significantly influenced by a CEO’s reputation and visibility is synonymous with authenticity.

Bold CEO Reviews

What is Bold CEO?

Formerly Bold University (2019), Bold CEO is in the business of empowering owners and entrepreneurs through their business accelerator program and coaching. By leveraging modern strategies and proven systems, Bold CEO aims to unlock the full potential of businesses, enabling them to achieve what they are truly capable of.

The focus is on providing a step-by-step formula derived from the expertise of the world’s leading business strategists. This formula is designed to guide owners and entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their businesses effectively, emphasizing immediate and tangible results.

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What you can Expect to get in Deal Flow Accelerator

  • Week 1: deep diving into the Bold CEO psychological framework
  • Week 2: cutting your sales cycle in half
  • Week 3: Mastering the Wedge Strategy for turning proposals into profit
  • Week 4: taking command of deal closures
  • Week 5: real-world case study
  • Week 6: guide to scaling up your business

Deal Flow Accelerator promises to be your ticket to a paradigm shift, helping you break free from the weeds. As mentioned above, it is a six week program and throughout the six weeks, Brian and his team will guide you through a transformative journey. Week one introduces the Bold CEO psychological framework for success, while week two focuses on slashing your sales cycle in half. The Wedge Strategy takes the spotlight in week three, turning proposals into profit. Week four is all about taking command of closing deals, followed by a revealing case study in week five. Finally, week six is dedicated to scaling up your business.

The Wedge Strategy is said to be a game-changer borrowed from billion-dollar consulting firms. Brian implemented it into his business, and voila – everything transformed. The Wedge Strategy became the catalyst for a steady stream of qualified leads, boosted profit margins from 20% to 60%, and turned the agency into an authority in its field.

This six-week program promises to reshape the way you view your business.

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Is it worth it?

Before diving into the program, it’s crucial to assess if it is the right fit for you.


Now, here is the catch, Brian’s keeping things under wraps about the cost of the Deal Flow Accelerator program. The only way to know is to book a consultation call to get the details.

Several courses may choose not to disclose their service rates on their websites for a variety of reasons and one is Customized Solutions which business courses often offer personalized or customizable services tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. As a result, the cost can vary based on the level of customization required.

Another reason could be Variable Pricing Models: Courses may have different pricing tiers, additional services, or packages that can significantly impact the overall cost. Providing a range or variable pricing structure accommodates these differences.

But, there is also a definite chance that they just want to Upsell Opportunities: By keeping rates undisclosed, businesses have the opportunity to showcase additional services or features during consultations, potentially upselling clients to higher-tier packages. While it often creates a bad taste for some, upselling only becomes problematic when it deviates from ethical practices, lacks customer-centricity, and does not genuinely contribute to the customer’s satisfaction and value. A balanced and customer-focused approach to upselling is crucial to maintaining trust and building long-term relationships.

Is it for you?

Just a friendly heads up: This program seems tailor-made for the seasoned digital marketer who’s already established, and making strides but just needs help on the executive stuff. The content could be a touch too advanced for beginners who are still in the pursuit of that first client. Just something to keep in mind as you weigh your options.

And, of course, I’m curious about Brian’s backstory, net worth, and all the nitty-gritty details. He claims to have built multiple multimillion-dollar businesses, but the real question is, how much did he personally pocket after dealing with all that overhead? we all wish Brian would spill the beans on his net worth and the intricacies of building multiple multimillion-dollar businesses. Guess we’ll have to dig deeper to find out but that is another story for some other time!

Bold CEO Reviews


I do not think Bold CEO is a scam. He is credible enough to claim that he worked with such prominent brands as PepsiCo, UFC Gym and Jennifer Lopez then risk that reputation to scam people.

In the end, while there surely are tantalizing possibilities of the Deal Flow Accelerator, it also raises a skeptical eyebrow. What is Brian’s net worth? How much did he take home from those multimillion-dollar businesses? Brian claims success, but the burning question remains: How much did he personally pocket after handling all the overhead? These questions linger, adding a dash of mystery to the Bold CEO narrative.

One of the main concerns is the undisclosed cost while this lack of transparency might raise eyebrows, it is not uncommon in the world of business courses. There are valid reasons for not showcasing prices upfront.