Blue Edge Financial Review

Blue Edge Financial is just one of many finance companies that recognizes the importance of enhancing traditional trading knowledge with the integration of the ever-evolving technology we have today. In this context, they have blended Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their trading system. 

Their products are said to be designed for the aim of empowering both novice and experienced traders with the skills and tools needed to be able to build wealth in the volatile landscape of the trading industry.

Is it true or will it just give you another headache aside from understanding the complexities of the said landscape? Find out more in this Blue Edge Financial review down below.

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What is Blue Edge Financial?

Blue Edge Financial

Blue Edge Financial is a finance company founded in 2019 that focuses on trading, mainly on ForEx.

They’re famous for their proprietary trading strategies that have incorporated the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to further give their clients the edge in building wealth through trading. 

But we can’t really rely on technology as a whole in this kind of realm, that’s why they also have training programs about the traditional trading policies, guidelines, and strategies because these are still what makes trading fun, interesting and challenging for traders.

And in my opinion, the use of AI in their trading strategies is to further help them make firm decisions about the trades that they will be getting involved in. With AI, you’ll obtain data-driven facts, mainly in market shifts, so that a trader will have a boost in confidence in making their final decisions.

Who operates Blue Edge Financial?

Adam Wenig

Adam Wenig

Adam Wenig is from Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area. He’s a sports guy, as I’ve seen in his Instagram posts, an adventurer, entrepreneur, and the man who is behind the establishment of Blue Edge Financial.

He specializes on the marketing side. Included in his skills are making effective sales funnels, video, sales and social media marketing, copywriting and everything in between.

Additional Information

Joseph “Joe” Hicken (CTO) and Tyler Turner (COO) of the same company might have known each other since their college days. Both are from Brigham Young University who took Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, and both took off in the same year (2017).

And the two lads, meeting Adam Wenig, are as vague as what they really do in the company. But if we’re just looking at their descriptions on BEF’s website, Joe is the IT expert, possibly handling the operation and maintenance of their AI-aided trading system, and Tyler is the one doing the traditional trading training for beginners and experienced traders.

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For Whom is Blue Edge Financial’s Products For?

Products of Blue Edge Financial is for you if:

  • You’re a beginner or even an experienced trader wanting to expand their knowledge in the volatile world of trading.
  • You wanted to know how AI will help you make informed decisions with your trades.
  • How to control emotions such as greed, fear, and impulsiveness to lessen the risks of your trades.

Products Inside Blue Edge Financial

Blue Edge Financial Products

Titan X AI Trading Algorithm

Titan X is Blue Edge Financial’s flagship program, said to be the game-changer for aspiring traders. It is a constantly evolving algorithm that is being updated to keep up with the ever-shifting landscape of market conditions and it’s not just the insights of 1 person but a whole community of expert traders in the field.

They aim to give traders the competitive edge of trading, relying solely on data-driven decisions and not with their emotions such as greed, fear, and impulsiveness since it clouds your professional judgments, causing you to make mistakes that don’t align with market fundamentals.

With their proprietary trading algorithm that’s backed by Artificial Intelligence, they claim that committing 2 hours a week is enough to properly and actively manage your trading activities across multiple prop firm accounts, helping you build wealth with trading in no time.

In fact, their promise of increasing the odds of securing funding by up to 10x is not just a claim; it’s backed by a money-back guarantee, because they strongly believe in the power of the Titan X AI Trading Algorithm that they have built.

Prop Farming Leaderboard

Blue Edge Financial introduced Prop Farming Leaderboard as the gateway to a diverse array of proven trading strategies. It is a dynamic platform that serves as a hub for the collective knowledge of their active community of traders, constantly learning and adapting to the volatile land of both simulated backtest environments and live market conditions. 

With just a click of a button, you’ll have access to a pool of trading strategies of expert traders inside their community, integrate it to your MT5 trading platform, and viola, you have a tested and refined strategy, helping you in navigating the complexities of financial markets.

1-1 Success Coaching Program

The personalized one-on-one coaching gives a lot of value for both novice and experienced traders as it gives personalized guidance based on their needs and goals, and most especially and most important, is having a partner for accountability. 

You will be paired with a coach, someone who has not only mastered the art of trading but has also been funded multiple times through Titan X. This mentorship is a dynamic exchange where you can obtain knowledge on the strategies that are currently driving success. 

It’s not just about theoretical knowledge but also about practical and actionable insights from someone who has walked the path and achieved success in the venture that you’re trying to get involved into or has not found success yet.

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Prop Farming Discord Mastermind

Most trading firms that I’ve reviewed in the past use the Discord app because of its accessibility, real-time communication, multimedia sharing, voice channels for group discussions, cost-effectiveness, and many more features, and Blue Edge Financial is not new to that.

The Prop Farming Discord Mastermind serves as a safe haven for a community of more than 500+ funded traders to learn, share and help each other out for their individualized success. 

Whether you’re seeking real-time market updates, exploring new strategies, or simply wanting to talk with someone in the same field about their experiences, the Prop Farming Discord Mastermind is the perfect place you want to be in.

Prop Farming Blueprint

Prop Farming Blueprint is Blue Edge Financial’s comprehensive step-by-step guide to unlocking the full potential of AI trading. As the name suggests, its aim is to ensure that you grasp the fundamentals of AI trading and master the unique approach of prop farming with their over-the-shoulder training.

It is said that these products are not sold separately but as a package/bundle, a complete system that works together, hand-in-hand for you to be able to realize success and reach your goals. 

Blue Edge Financial Satisfaction Guarantee

You can also opt-in for a free demo. And by the end of it, you can learn more about the system including the price as it is not visible on their website, but the satisfaction guarantee does. It states that if you don’t get funded, you don’t need to pay for anything.

Can only be fulfilled if you’ve incorporated all of the techniques, strategies, training that you’ve been through but still doesn’t produce result/s. That’s how confident they are in their system and their training.

Pros and Cons


  • They offer a comprehensive, step-by-step program for people who are not aware about proprietary “prop” trading and how to build wealth around it.
  • Most takeaway from their products is the 1-on-1 Success Coaching Program, giving their clients individualized guidance based on their goals and needs, paving their way to success. 


  • Price for the system is not publicly visible for anyone who are looking for companies that have products regarding trading strategies, making them want to pass out on their offer.
  • Blue Edge Financial’s TrustScore on TrustPilot is currently unavailable due to a breach of TrustPilot’s Guidelines, making someone wary of the company itself.

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As for what I can make for everything included in this review, Blue Edge Financial is a legit financial company, providing products that can help both beginners and experienced traders in their trading journey with the additional aid of Artificial Intelligence embedded in their system.

The people behind the company, Adam Wenig, Joe Wicken and Tyler Turner’s background to trading is still questionable as it is not available in any of their social media accounts, just the marketing expertise part. Making it more like their success is due to their sales talks and nothing more.

Markets evolve and so do strategies, so staying up to date with the latest trends and effective tactics is crucial and you can assess Blue Edge Financial in this aspect by joining their Free Demo, to test the waters. 

Before leaving…

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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