Blog By Number Course Review

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Suzi Whitford first started blogging because she just wanted to have an outlet for her creativity. But her blog has since turned into so much more.

Now, she claims she is blogging to pay their mortgage, to buy groceries, and even to bring her husband home from his corporate job. Essentially, blogging has become her key moneymaking method.

But does that mean she spends 8 hours in front of her computer thinking hard about what to write? Suzi admits she did at first, but now, she claims her blog makes money for her as if it was on autopilot.

How did she do it? Now that she’s already blessed with financial freedom, Suzi claims that her goal today is to teach other mom bloggers like her. Read on for my Blog By Number course review.

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What Is Blog By Number?

Blog By Number Course 1

Blog By Number is an online training program about blogging, made by Suzi Whitford. This program aims to teach people, specifically moms, how they can create and use their blog as a platform that allows them to earn money from it.

Like Suzi before, most bloggers start blogging simply because they love to write, and they want to express their ideas to everyone through their blogs. But as the internet grows, it’s now become something that can help them earn money, while still being able to do what they love.

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers feel lost as to how they can achieve that. Blog By Numbers claims to help solve that issue.

The sales page states that Blog By Numbers will teach you around 80 ideas on how you can earn money through blogging, many of which involve digital products, services, affiliates, or other types of products.

Furthermore, Blog By Number will also teach you how you can earn passive income for your blog. Such as you eventually won’t have to spend hours or more sitting in front of your computer, because the blog itself will earn money for you.

Blog By Number is intended for mom bloggers to succeed in their blogging. However, any kind of blogger can benefit from the lessons being taught by this training program.

My only gripe about this course is that this online course claims that it can show you how to make money from your blog from Day One. That promise is quite misleading because, in reality, one day isn’t enough to accomplish that.

Even one month isn’t enough for some bloggers to successfully monetize their blogs. Depending on their hard work, it could take a year or more before you can finally start earning money through your blog.

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Who Is Suzi Whitford?

Suzi Whitford 2

Suzi Whitford is the creator of Blog By Number. She is known for being the blogger behind the Freedom By Numbers, the MomLifeHappyLife, and the Start A Mom blogs.

Suzi worked as an industrial engineer before with a flourishing career. She spent years working for Fortune 100 Companies like General Electric and Walt Disney World, and even studied and implemented Lean Six Sigma in those companies.

She even taught web design as a teaching assistant, being responsible for creating homework and project assignments.

But as soon as her first daughter was born, she decided to become a full-time blogger to better take care of her children while her husband was away from work.

Soon after, her online business has scaled to six figures, and as per her claims, she’s already living the life she wanted. Now that she has reached her success goal, she wants other bloggers, especially her fellow moms, to reach that same level of success that she achieved, and to show them that you can make money with blogging.

Thus, she created the Blog By Number online course.

Aside from Blog By Number, she’s also the creator of Printables By Number, an online course about selling digital printables.

Her online presence is such that she’s been featured in several publications, which can be seen in the image below.

Suzi Whitford Features

Blog By Number Course Inclusions

What’s interesting about the Blog By Number course is that the website already gives an overview of what can you expect from its modules. For many others, this is a great idea as it helps them get a general idea of what they’re getting for the course.

Nonetheless, the website states only 9 modules contained in the course. In reality, the entire training course is made up of 12 modules. 9 of the modules listed comprise the main training, and there’s an ending module, as well as 2 bonus modules.

Overall, the modules will cover everything that you’ll need to start a blog and set it up so that you can earn money from it. It even covers topics such as how you can find the best niche for your blog, as well as how you can increase relevant traffic to your blog.

Here’s a complete list of the modules included in the Blog By Number Course.

  • Module 1: Why Should You Start a Blog?
  • Module 2: How to Decide on the Perfect Blog Niche for You
  • Module 3: How to Create an Unforgettable Blog Name
  • Module 4: Step by Step – How to Start a Blog
  • Module 5: How to Setup a Powerful and Free Theme
  • Module 6: How to Supercharge Your Blog with Plugins
  • Module 7: The 3 Key Blog Posts to Make Money
  • Module 8: The Mandatory Pages Every Blog Needs
  • Module 9: How to Create Pinterest Images That Go Viral
  • Module 10: How to Get Thousands of Visitors – Blog Traffic
  • Module 11: How to Make Money Blogging – Your First $1
  • Module 12: Build Your Email List

Aside from the modules, Blog By Number also contains free bonus materials:

  • Bonus #1: Blog By Number Ebook
  • Bonus #2: Strategy & Growth Levers
  • Bonus #3: Heavenly Hosting
  • Bonus #4: Blog Beautiful
  • Bonus #5: Super-charged SEO
  • Bonus #6: WordPress 101
  • Bonus #7 : Featured Experts

One thing to note about this online course is that it does not have a private group or community of any sort that you can join in once you enroll in the course. This means that you won’t be able to network with your fellow bloggers who are students of Blog By Numbers, or even get any sort of help from them.

It’s kind of disappointing, especially when you need to ask any questions or clarifications.

Another thing I need to point out here is that, inside the course, there’s no search function of any sort that you can use to navigate inside. This can get confusing and tedious in the long run, especially when you need to backtrack some lessons.

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How Much Does Blog By Numbers Cost?

Blog By Numbers comes in two versions.

The standard Blog By Numbers course costs a one-time payment of $147.00. It includes the entirety of the course and all the bonuses.

The premium version costs a one-time payment $1,997.00. It includes the entirety of the course and all the bonuses, plus includes a done-for-you service for your blog. This means that you don’t have to do all the hard work to creating your blog and website, because the tech people at Blog By Numbers will do it for you.

The premium version also allows you to connect your custom domain for your blog, 30 days of hands-on support, plus lifetime access to Over $1,000 worth of premium WordPress plugins.

There’s also an $18 version that only contains the Blog By Numbers Ebook. While not as comprehensive as the full course, it contains everything you need to know on how you can start your own blog.

All versions give you lifetime access to the course material once you’ve paid. But keep in mind that Blog By Numbers doesn’t have a refund policy at all.

Is Blog By Numbers Any Good?

Suzi Whitford 3

Personally speaking, I don’t think Blog By Numbers is a bad course. But it’s certainly not too good, either.

One of the positives that I can see from this course, is that Suzi is definitely a legitimate blogger. She has two highly successful blogs, and both of them don’t show any signs of stagnation when it comes to content updates.

Thus, her students can be assured that she really knows the industry of blogging, and how you can turn that blog into something that helps you earn money.

One of the negatives of this training program, however, is a lack of community support. There’s no private group that you can join once you are enrolled. While it seems to be not a big deal for some people, it really is, especially when you need to ask further questions and clarifications from your fellow students, or if you simply want to build a network.

Also, the course is engaged in misleading marketing. They claim that with Blog By Numbers, you can already start earning through blogging from Day One, once you finish the course.

For me, that’s not true. You’re still going to need plenty of hard work in updating content, monitoring traffic, and even optimizing your analytics before you can really start earning money through your blog.


So, will I recommend this course? Personally, I would, if it’s only free.

You see, while it is a good online course, the lessons and material presented here isn’t anything new or groundbreaking. Many of the lessons and topics here are already covered elsewhere. And most of those sources can be acquired free of charge.

It’s also worth noting that there aren’t any real student testimonials for this course. Most of the positive testimonials that you’ll find are only posted on Suzi’s blogs, and all of them come from people who can’t be determined if they’re real or not.

Just like this one.

Blog By Numbers Fake Testimonials

I ran a Google image search on the picture of “Victoria”, and I didn’t find any match. Thus, this testimonial is rather suspicious. For all we know, it could be a different person, or not.

Thus, the reason why I can only recommend this course if it’s free. The value that this course gives, compared to its price, is kind of questionable.

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