Billy Gene Is Marketing Reviews

Billy Gene is Geneius, Billy Gene is Marketing. At least, that’s what the dude calls himself and his program.

Oh, wait. Correction! He’s now Billy Gene is A.I. & XR Marketing on the ‘Gram. As always, he’s jumping on the current craze. That’s his style, alright.

Wanna be familiar with his game? If yes, read this review. We’ll cover the important bits everyone needs to know about this self-proclaimed marketing expert and his program— cost, pros, cons, all the good stuff and the bad.

But before getting into the review…

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Brief Introduction To Billy Gene Is Marketing

What Is Billy Gene Is Marketing?

As the name implies, the program Billy Gene Is Marketing provides courses about all things marketing, usually infused with whatever is hyped right now. It has courses on Facebook ads, on how to make money on TikTok, and now, on AI.

The other courses are still there, it’s just the ones with AI are the program’s top priority to push right now via paid ads. Serving the hottest rather than the stale prolly gives them the best chance to generate more clicks and more sales.

How do we know this? We saw the ad with our very own eyes online. Specifically, we look up Billy Gene is Marketing and poof! comes an ad that links their AI thang.

I mean, duh, it’s goshdarned obvious too. As mentioned earlier, dude appended the term “A.I.” on his @, and not only on the ‘Gram, but also on his YouTube and Facebook account.

Before we go in-depth with the program’s latest offer, let’s talk about who’s Billy Gene first.

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Who Is Billy Gene?

Billy Gene Is Marketing Billy Gene Shaw

His name reminds of you of a certain pop icon, yes? Billy Gene, Billy Jean, must be MJ, hee-hee. We get it, but enough of that.

Joke’s been run into the ground, y’know. Let’s give it a rest, um-kay? Billy’s courses are the bigger jokes, anyway. Kidding… Maybe…

So, Billy Gene Shaw. Hailing from San Diego, CA, he was once an aspiring entrepreneur. He ain’t no trust fund baby, so he had to start as a typical 9-5er.

The call center gig was not too shabby, that he almost settled. Show up, do your thing, ka-ching. It’s a consistent paycheck.

In an interview, he said it’s all cool until he learned about how their CEO is making sh*tton of money. In comparison, his salary seems like measly crumbs. Not cool, no mo’.

So, he quit the job, ditch the thoughts that’s only making him content with mediocrity, and start being THE dude— the one we see now, the marketing guru who’s selling money-making courses.

The transformation didn’t happen overnight. It took many flops— like the oil change business that lost him buncha Gs— for him to become who he is today.

These are some insights from his life story, stripped of the melodrama. But if the latter is your cuppa tea, go ahead and peep his site. Just be warned, it’s going to be cheesy.

Where Has Billy Gene Been Lately?

Did y’all notice how his accounts (at least his IG account and YouTube channel) don’t have much content? We believe it has something to do with him digging his own grave in a 2021 interview.

In the interview, dude was asked to defend himself from fake guru allegations, and set the record straight once and for all. But nooo, all he did was yell and show hostility.

It’s a deer in headlight situation, dude was easily flustered when presented with conflicting opinions, no matter how reasonable it is. It’s prolly a by-product of only having yes men around.

Likewise, it seems like he doesn’t know what to say to prove he’s legit either, so he just tryna talk over the host. In summary, his “debate” strategy is simply be disrespectful and loud, and that’s it.

As expected, that didn’t work, and he was exposed as a bully who’s up to no good. Presumably, this leads to him backtracking, deleting comments, deleting posts and YouTube videos, and laying low until the situation blows over.

Now, he’s back. Billy Gene is Marketing is back. This time, he has chosen AI as the latest gimmick for his entry program.

Latest Offer Of Billy Gene Is Marketing

Join The Modern Day “Rich” With Billy’s 10-Day A.I. Business Blueprint

Billy Gene Is Marketing 10-Day A.I. Business Blueprint

In this program, the promise is learning how to use AI, marketing, and automation to deliver customers to businesses that need them. Besides increasing their sales, you’ll also be able to help the said businesses save up on labor cost using AI.

No prior experience in marketing, sales, and/or tech required. All you need is yourself, your computer, your AI program, and an internet connection.

Here’s how they serve the training: Expect a brief video and instructions from Billy every day. Consume the media, follow his instructions, and complete the daily task. Rinse and repeat for ten days.

If it doesn’t work— as in, you don’t make at least $10k a month as he promised— he’ll return your money back. If it does, you’ll have an online business you can do wherever, and whenever.

Don’t count on the guarantee, though. It’s bullsh*t as their terms says that the company don’t offer any refunds/guarantees for digital products. Boo!

Reasons For Joining

Billy listed out why y’all should join their program. We pick the sensible ones, and they are as follows:

  • You’ll be learning from someone (Billy) who is self-made— no team, no brand, no budget at the start, and still balling.
  • They worked with several big brands such as KIA, Crunch Fitness, and European Wax Center.
  • They’re always up-to-date with the latest development in AI.
  • They established relationship with AI experts, entrepreneurs, marketers, and gurus.
  • They got wares such as Tony Robbins Impact Award.

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The Cost

Billy Gene Is Marketing Upsells

As Billy Gene is Marketing’s entry program, Billy’s 10-Day A.I. Business Blueprint is designed to be affordable at $200. With the coupon code “SAVENOW”, you’ll get 50% off the original price, making it only cost $99.

On the sales, you’ll be greeted immediately by upsells. First is the $69 “All-Access” upgrade that includes buncha random marketing resources. Then, there’s the option to instantly unlock the 10-Day Blueprint at $29.99.

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Rating The Business Opportunity

Pros Of The Program

What we like about the program, at least Billy Gene is Marketing’s Billy’s 10-Day A.I. Business Blueprint, is its affordability. You won’t break the bank buying it, that’s for sure.

The program not being free might also help in having that extra motivation to go over the entire material. It’s like, you paid for it, so you might as well make the most out of it, and get your money’s worth.

Cons of The Program

Billy Gene Is Marketing ReviewsIf you don’t need the extra juice that comes from a paid course, you can easily skip Billy’s. The entry program only gets you the basics, and you can easily learn it somewhere else for free with no waiting, and no Billy Gene screaming.

Speaking of Billy Gene, his way of teaching is not for everyone. A lot have pointed out that his style makes his course more entertainment than educational. A cringefest even if you don’t vibe with his sense of humor, which is usually just swearing, going off tangent, and dropping some unnecessary innuendo.

If you want to learn more than just the basics, you’ll need to purchase the upsells. It’s a negative since these are hella expensive and is focused towards helping Billy sell more of his products (or those he vetted).

For instance, the one that includes an affiliate opportunity (right now, it’s for High Level) cost around $5,000. As a rule of thumb, good affiliate marketing courses don’t require you to pay that much, and they don’t focus on telling ya how to sell a specific product. Billy’s is bad, basically.

Other cons are as follows:

  • History of fraudulent credit charges and clients not receiving the product they paid for.
  • Failing to honor the marketed money-back guarantee.
  • Allegations of him planting fake reviews to drown out the negatives.
  • Sales pitch includes obvious typos/misspellings (e.g., recieved, bussinesses), and he didn’t bother to correct it.

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With Billy Gene is Marketing’s programs, the cons easily outweighs the pros. Hence, it’s fair to say that we don’t recommend it.

Not to spoil Billy’s redemption arc, but from what he had seen, he hasn’t changed that much. He’s still doing the MLM-y “make an acronym out of everything”, and just riding the hype.

Most importantly, he still hasn’t addressed what made people questioned his intentions in the first place. No accountability from him at all, and just counting on us forgetting the drama.

Before leaving…

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