Billionaire Creator Academy

While the industry is historically skewed male-dominated, there has been a steady increase in the number of women entering and succeeding in real estate over the past few decades. Over time, more women have received recognition for their accomplishments in real estate through industry awards and accolades thus making significant contributions in the real estate industry. 

Furthermore, many of them have started their own real estate businesses, showcasing their entrepreneurial skills and contributing to the diversification of the industry. They have been at the forefront of innovation, incorporating new technologies and sustainable practices into their work.

One of them is Mercedes Kelly, who’s starting to introduce herself more in the world of real estate. What unique techniques and strategy does she have to offer making her stand-out in this vast industry? Let’s find out.

This One’s Much Better

In her business profile, Mercedes Kelly is the founder and CEO of Billionaire Creator Academy. She’s also an award winning author, a real estate coach and an investor, who claims to have coached 20+ people to millionaires and has flipped over a thousand homes through her courses.

She started thinking that she might have the perfect ingredient to help other people be successful in the world of real estate. Sharing knowledge is power. “I help people build their empire through real estate investing with NO money out-of-pocket to create financial freedom and maximize their income”, says Mercedes.

Entering real estate investing with no money out-of-pocket, seems too good to be true. These days, I’m about to blow the lid off the top. I have changed the trajectory of my business. When I started piecing together processes from the most successful minds in real estate, I was able to create a formula that is 100% successful so long as you put in the work”, she continues.

Billionaire Creator Academy is a collection of high-ticket courses that focus on beginners to help them get started in the industry and also for experienced people who want to be more profitable in their venture. 

Everybody can jump into purchasing a property and invest their hard-earned money on something, but when there’s risk involved, they’re not guaranteed to make money. Mercedes claims that in her courses, they take out the risks, and guarantee success. “We’ve built an 8-figure business quickly by using these same methods. And we have the profits to prove it.

The main course, The 90 Day Fast Track Elite Program is perfect for individuals who are tired of the rat race in their 9-5 grind, working inside a building all day and making money for other people. It is beginner friendly and also for experienced people wanting to expand their knowledge and strategies in the real estate industry.

It includes one-on-one meetings with Mercedes herself, who will pass you down all the techniques and strategies that she has cultivated over the years, a done-for-you assistance including market research, MLS listing and all the tools that you need to be successful in the industry.

This One’s Much Better

It also gives you free access to Mercedes’ daily and executive elite classes every monday, which can teach you how to invest on your first house and double your money in just 90 days, and to their private Billionaire Creator Academy Facebook group where you can ask questions freely and learn from like-minded individuals that gained success through BCA. 

The cost of this so-called Tier A program is a whopping five grand, but is also available for financing if you can’t fork out that much cash in one sitting. They also offer live classes that provide you the opportunity to interact and ask questions to coaches in real-time. There’s no timeline on this one so it is safe to say that these live classes cost $199 per session.

In line with these live classes, you can also book a one-hour one-on-one live personal Zoom call with Mercedes Kelly herself, for also $199 per session. She will offer you personalized guidance, help you set your goals, immediate feedback on your queries, and many more. And I think it won’t end without her asking you to take their high-ticket course, the Tier A one.

It might not seem like a refund policy but, “if you do not see results, I’ll pay you $2,500”, Mercedes exclaims. You’re still guaranteed a 50% loss from your five grand if nothing happened during your stay plus the time and effort that you’ve exerted. Not a win-win situation at all.

This One’s Much Better