Better Earth Solar Review

Zain Jan’s company, Better Earth Solar, encourages you to shift from getting electricity from a utility company to just providing it yourself. How? By the use of solar panels. 

Perks of having installed solar panels in your homes had a huge impact on today’s market and many others like you are wondering if they can live off their lives by getting into the solar business. 

Better Earth Solar also got you covered in that aspect. They offer a program for the purpose of educating aspiring entrepreneurs on how they can leverage the expanding market of the solar industry.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know more about the solar industry and how Better Earth Solar will help and guide you to be successful on your solar business journey. Stick with me and let’s dive right into it in my Better Earth Solar review below.

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Better Earth Solar Overview

Better Earth Solar

Better Earth Solar is made to make a stand on converting end-users from using fossil fuels to using solar energy. 

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas emits carbon dioxide and other pollutants that harm the world that we live in. And we can reduce that by lessening the use of these fossil fuels and shifting into solar panels instead. 

Solar panels can be installed in any place, just make sure that it can be struck by sunlight. Most common places where you can see such panels are above the roof of our houses and open fields. 

With the use of these solar panels, electricity bills decrease, and you don’t also have to worry about not having electricity during a blackout, because they have their respective battery storages.

Just like the name of the company suggests, their aim is for the betterment of our mother Earth. With that in mind, they also want to let other people know more about solar energy. 

Words of mouth about solar panels are spreading like wildfire but it’s still not enough to reach every nook and cranny of the world. That’s why they created a program that educates young and expert business owners on how they can take full advantage of the growing market of solar business.

About Zain Jan

Zain Jan

Zain Jan had a rough start growing up but still aspired to become successful someday which led him to where he is today. He’s from a blue-collared family living off of a basement, where his parent’s combined incomes is just enough to pay for their day to day expenses.

He knew since he was a kid that it’s better to just work rather than finishing school but still completed his Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island.

Zain’s first job is in the sales and marketing department of Staples. And his next job is what led him to love everything about solar energy. In 2014, he was the Sales Manager of SolarCity which was later on acquired by Tesla (now known as Tesla Solar) while taking up his Bachelor’s degree. 

After he graduated, Zain left SolarCity and started his first company Sungrade Solar and acts as its CRO where he made it into an eight-figure business in just a year. 

With the vision of going global in solar business, he established his second company in 2019, Better Earth Solar, which is set to have a record breaking of $400M in sales by the end of 2023.

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The Solar CEOs

Solar CEOs

Solar CEOs is created to provide tested strategies to solar business owners, dealers, and installers to help them expand their solar businesses. By teaching you the precise sales and growth tactics that have been found to be the most successful in the industry, they will work with you to put their SOPs, hiring practices, sales strategies, lead generation, and other ideas into practice so that your solar business grows significantly.

They claim to have assisted over 750 solar enterprises in boosting their monthly deal and install volume dramatically since establishment.

What They Offer

Solar CEOs offer different kinds of services that cater to every concern any new and experienced entrepreneurs in the solar business has. 


Together with their sales and growth experts, you will be trained and guided all throughout your journey until you can handle your business that produces 10 times more than you normally would’ve ever imagined. 

These are 1-on-1 coaching sessions with the said expert that will instill you wisdom that will help you achieve every goal that you’ve set for your business and for yourself.


The heart and lifeline of every business growth, lead generation. With their experience of over $10 Million spent on marketing ads, generating over 100,000 leads and closing more than 10,000 deals with them, they’ll make sure that your business will also implement their so-called “award winning” strategies in lead generation to let your solar business be known in all parts of the world and fill out your calendar with qualified homeowners wanting to know more about solar energy and eventually close a deal with them in the process.

Zain Media

Building your portfolio and having a unique brand for yourself is also important in achieving success in any business. They have their expert media team that will provide you the exact same roadmap for viral development, help you create content, edit everything, and guarantee rapid social media expansion just like what Zain used in order to gather 300,000+ followers and reach countless people just by the use of social media platforms. 

Solar School

They have a dedicated Solar School for your sales reps, a fully automated training program that allows them to close more deals more quickly and with little or no involvement from you.

Zain’s Better Earth sales representatives use a foolproof strategy and guarantee 30 to 50+ deals a month and your sales representatives will be thought exactly just like how they achieved those numbers.


In-line with the marketing and Zain’s media service, everything that you need to do to build a successful solar business with the help of social media will be child’s play. 

From scripting, to filming, editing and polishing of your ads and social media postings, their team will handle everything for you, to the point that all you have to do is essentially copy and paste.

They will make you a customized marketing plan that guarantees rapid expansion, or so they say.


Solar CEOs offer weekly mastermind workshops and separate quarterly mastermind workshops for the top clients that allow you to interact with Zain in person as he discusses the cutting-edge methods and growth strategies he employs on a daily basis.

They’ll make sure that you’re leading your market and consistently outperforms your competitors when you attend such workshops.

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Available Packages, Cost and Refund Policy

Solar CEOs Packages

There are four packages available in Solar CEOs that you can choose from. All offers a 12-month sales rep training program that educates joiners on sales and acquiring new clients.

Gold and Gold+

For companies looking for 100+ deals a month, the Gold/Gold+ package is the right one for you. It includes weekly national sales meetings and live coaching calls, a customized CRM , text and email buildout, 200+ SOPs and other resources. 

Choosing Gold+ includes an additional custom coded website and a 1x free admission on their quarterly 3-day mastermind workshop.

This package costs $8,000 for Gold, and $10-12k estimate for Gold+.


This package is for companies that are looking to close at least 250+ deals a month. It includes everything in the Gold package, 4x free admission on their quarterly 3-day mastermind workshop, free marketing ads of up to $25k/month and an access to a private member group and it costs $16,000.


Their most expensive package is for companies who are looking to close at least 500+ deals a month. It includes everything in the Platinum package plus additional budget for marketing ads up to $50k/month, monthly board meetings and quarterly personal branding shoots with Zain, and an executive VIP retreat.

This package cost a whopping $24,000. 

Gladly, they offer 100% money-back guarantee for every unsatisfied customer they have but the span of getting such refunds might take longer than usual because of how expensive each package is.  

Recent Activity

Solar powergrid Installation

Last April 2023, Better Earth had a retreat and installed a solar microgrid to give power to a remote community with limited electricity. The community has an abundance of resources around them but aren’t able to keep them fresh because they don’t have consistent sustainable electricity.

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There are indeed some profits that can be earned in starting a solar business. But with the competition, and also the initial cost of purchasing and installing one, some might have struggles in closing their first deal. It will take a lot of time and patience to do so.

Better Earth achieved their success and has proven that their strategies/methods work. Whether they can help you or not is up to you. If you’re willing to do your part and work hard for the goals that you’ve set, you’ll eventually get there. There’s no walk in the park in starting any kind of business after all. 

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