Ava Wang Review

Ava Wang gave a short tip on how to be a high-value woman. “Get your money up and stop relying on other people to get you expensive stuff”. And then she quickly continued with, “and in order to be like this, these are my three tips to start dropshipping today.

First is it’s never too late to start. Second is anything can sell if you learn how to market the product. Lastly is to keep consistency and learn how to scale up your business.” That’s a weird way to segue dropshipping in this manner. It’s like forced or whatnot.

Even still, Ava found her success in life in the dropshipping industry and no one can deny that. How did she thrive to be one of the youngest millionaires in the world of e-commerce, especially in dropshipping? Let’s find out.

This One’s Much Better

All of Ava Wang’s social media accounts have this “broke student to seven-figures at 22”. So two years ago, she was a med school student, fulfilling the dream for her by her parents, which is to become a nurse. She didn’t want it but just like any other child out there, Ava just wants to make her parents happy.

In my opinion, med schools are not that cheap either, that’s why she was dead broke during her college days. Ava looked for solutions on how she is gonna be able to pay for her classes and the only thing that she found is to work in an ice cream shop for minimum wage. But she eventually realized that she doesn’t want to get stuck on the 9-5 grind.

Most parents say that you won’t get success in life unless you have a degree, or is it just Asian parent things? Well, Ava is part Asian, so maybe she somehow relates to these kinds of parents. But she realized that being a nurse is her parent’s dream, not hers, she wanted more out of her life and would never be happy knowing she settled.

And the most important part, “Even if I become a nurse, I know for sure that I still wouldn’t have the time nor the money to do the things I wanted.” She sets off on a journey, and eventually comes across e-commerce and dropshipping. She had a sudden intuition that this could be the solution to her financial problems.

I was down to my last $400”, Ava says. “I wasn’t sure how to spend it. Will it be on food? Or something else until I stumbled upon a lady online talking about TikTok dropshipping. And I was like, okay, let’s try this. I’ll bet my $100 on this dropshipping thing she’s talking about.

So what I actually did is I purchased a product that I wanted to advertise off of Amazon, and then film the process. From buying to unboxing to using the product inside my one-bedroom apartment. After that, I posted it on my TikTok account, and to my surprise, it went viral.”

Ava recalls that after the viral incident, she got 100 orders of the product that she advertised. From there, she needed to find ways on how to scale. Of course, she just bought one piece of that product so how will she be able to attend to the 100 orders?

Product flipping on Amazon keeps her profit to the bare minimum, while doing all the hassle work of buying, repacking, and shipping to the customers. She thought about it and came to the conclusion that it’s not worth it. An alternative solution is for her to get in contact with one of the suppliers of the same product and they will be the one who will do all the hassle work.

This One’s Much Better

And that’s just what she did. Ava made a deal with one of the Chinese suppliers and they’ll do everything – from manufacturing, to packaging and then shipping to customers directly, for much less money than what she was paying on Amazon. And the rest is history.

From making her first $10k/month sales, to scaling up to $100k/week (which is featured in one of TikTok videos), she offers a free workshop on how all of these can be possible with dropshipping. 

Her free workshop is just a strategy for her to get people to gather around her, and at the end, she will try to sell you her high-ticket course at Ecom Wealthy University that costs thousands of bucks. 

And if that’s all it takes in winning life from dropshipping, you can just copy the things that she did, watch free dropshipping tutorial videos on YouTube and TikTok. Why spend money?

This One’s Much Better