Authority Site System Reviews

Authority Site System Review

Authority sites provide many advantages, such as being reliable sources of information with credibility and trustworthiness.

Their expertise in specific fields makes them leaders, resulting in more visibility and better conversion rates. Quality backlinks improve search engine rankings, and community building promotes engagement and loyalty. Successful authority sites can be sustained through monetization opportunities, and their adaptability helps them navigate industry changes.

But how can it help you as a someone who is just starting their journey in the online marketing world?

In this review, we will be looking at Authority Hacker’s The Authority Site System course they have designed to help you with the normal struggles you can encounter when starting your online business.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Authority Site System in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before getting into the review…

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The Men Behind the Authority

Gael Breton

Authority Site System Review

With more than a decade of experience in constructing and expanding websites, Gael has collaborated with different clients, ranging from local enterprises to Fortune 500 company sites.

Since initiating his online journey, he has transformed several blogs from basic WordPress setups into immensely prosperous web entities, drawing millions of visitors and achieving seven-figure annual revenues. Throughout his journey, Gael has imparted his expertise in internet marketing by speaking at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Wharton, and Oxford University.

Mark Webster

Authority Site System Review

In 2008, Mark launched his first profitable website and developed a passion for creating streamlined systems and processes. His relentless pursuit of maximizing efficiency on websites is unmatched.

As an entrepreneur since the age of 13, Mark has successfully built multiple businesses and is well-versed in delivering results. His expertise extends to guiding others on the most effective approaches.

Teaming up with Gael since 2010, they embody the perfect balance in online marketing. Gael’s visionary ideas are complemented by Mark’s ability to turn them into reality.

Authority Hacker

For starters, authority websites are often the first or most visited online source for information on specific topics. Their popularity comes from trusted content, building credibility with the audience for the brand or team behind the information.

As a leading online marketing education company, Authority Hacker offers industry expertise. They educate marketers of all levels, from beginners to experts, through their video training courses, blog, and podcast. Their belief is in the transformative power of honest, actionable, and process-driven marketing to turn dreams into reality by providing training courses, tools, and resources designed to assist you in constructing and expanding a lucrative authority website.

The Authority Site System

Authority Site System Review

TASS, or The Authority Site System, is a complete training program designed to help you build successful authority websites from scratch. It’s beginner-friendly and covers topics like choosing a niche, keyword research, creating content, and building links.

According to their website, this program is essentially for those looking to launch their first profitable website as it provides a comprehensive, step-by-step system that ensures success right from the beginning; if your website is not making at least $1,000 per month as they can provide you a proven system that guarantees success with the precise structure to follow, make you certain know exactly what steps to take; and if you aim to efficiently create a collection of passive income sites with the way they approach and expandable course.

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TASS Training Course

To help you understand more what The Authority Site System can offer you, here are the modules that is included in their program.

Module 1: The Authority Site Business Model 101

This module aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the most effective methods for getting revenue streams and outlines the specific business models that should be employed for amazing results.

Module 2: Finding Niches

In this section, your focus will be on creating a list of potential niches and share advanced methods for identifying suitable topics for your website.

Module 3: Qualifying niches

Once you have compiled your list of potential niches, this module will guide you through a streamlined process for narrowing down your choices significantly. This critical step is designed to help you select a niche with ample opportunities for success. Additionally, the utilization of expired domains to expedite the process will be discussed.

Module 4: Site planning

After finalizing the niche selection in the previous module, you will be proceeding to plan the initial version of your website. This involves creating a comprehensive sitemap that outlines the structure of the site that you will collaboratively build.

Module 5: Site Setup

This module will guide you through a step-by-step setup of your new website, covering everything from choosing a domain name to the entire process. You will not need any technical expertise, if you are worried about that. According to them. you can simply just watch them demonstrate the setup on a demo site, and then replicate the exact steps for your own site.

Module 6: Branding

In this lesson, elements to make your website feel like a reliable and established brand are added. Again, skills with designing or any background with it is not needed here are they will guide you through the process to ensure your site looks professional and trustworthy.

Module 7: Building Posts & Pages

After setting up your branded website, they will take the time to build its foundation using the sitemap from module 4. You will be guided step by step in creating the structure of your site.

Module 8: Creating info content

Once the technical base of your site has been set up, you will need to create the planned content. The goal is not just to meet but to surpass the quality of content provided by your competition.

Module 9: Writing content: Step by Step

Since not everyone is comfortable writing for the web and optimizing content for search engines, they we offer an expert guidance on writing web content effectively via this module.

Module 10: Optimizing & Publishing content

In this section, you will be taught beyond just writing and how to enhance your content. You will learn to include effective illustrations, optimize it for better Google ranking, and pick up various tweaks for overall improvement.

Module 11: Initial Link Building

As your website advances in this stage, it will gain momentum. The next step is to start building links, and in this section, you will be given a detailed guide on how to do it effectively.

Module 12: Affiliate setup

As your website is now in good shape, it’s time to focus on monetization! In this module, they claim to guide you through the most effective affiliate setup, ensuring you can maximize your earnings.

Module 13: Writing & Optimizing Commercial content

As you start making money from your site, product reviews and roundups will be crucial. For that purpose is why this module was created. This lesson is filled with tips and tricks specifically for crafting this type of content.

Module 14: Advanced tactics

This module centers on consistently updating and providing additional tips and tricks designed to assist users of the Authority Site System in achieving more traffic and optimizing their monetization strategies.

Module 15: Bonus: Becoming an authority

In this dedicated bonus module, the team aimed to elevate the members’ sites to the next level by sharing the tactics used to establish true authority in a niche. The goal is to anchor the websites firmly in the landscape of their respective niches for long-lasting impact.


Authority Hacker gives you an option to pay monthly for $330 or one-time payment for a year for $1499.

They also offer a 30-Day money back Guarantee “no questions asked” if ever you are not satisfied with their program.

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The Authority Site System did a great job in making a detailed overview of their module as reference for those who are still looking for courses that are fit for them. With this program, it is undeniable that you could really build a sustainable business that could get you out of your 9-5 job routine.

However, upon research, this program might be quite challenging for newbies that are really starting from scratch. If you’re new to the training, you might find it overwhelming as it delves into on-page and off-page SEO, keyword research, competition analysis, and research which can be difficult if you have not done it before.

In this case, WordPress is the recommended platform. If you haven’t used it before, there might be a learning curve to know the work around with it. All this, despite their assurance both in their videos and websites that “No prior experience is needed”. For me this is kind of misleading. Like a marketing strategy to lure in people who only have a few bucks on their hand wanting to spend it to something they can trust that will make it grow someday. Internet is full of scams and people who do cat-fishing and trust is something that should be established right from the start.

Without disclosing all the expectations upfront, it raises questions about what else they might not be telling me. And it’s not a business foundation you would not want to start with.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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