Authorify Review

If you’re just starting to build your business, your first concern is how can you be more than an average joe. Every, as in EVERY niche is already congested with people wanting to be known or even just wanting to earn a little cash for themselves.

Take real estate agents as an example. There are already 1.5million of them today, and we all know that it increases day by day, same with other niches of course. Authorify claims that they can help you with your dilemma. They claim to have the best marketing tools to help you build your own personal brand.

When you look at the way the world is going, especially with social media, people are listening to people. They’re less loyal to brands, or even a big media company, or a news outlet, than they were before.”, says Calvin.

So how do you compete in this global market, where there’s just agents everywhere? I mean everyone knows two or three people that they can work with.”, Calvin exclaimed.

This One’s Much Better

And the key to that is to create a consistent, personal brand. If you wanna stand out from other people in your market? The way to do it is to show up consistently, to provide value, and to really be viewed as a local authority, as a local expert, versus just another real estate agent that someone could work with. Right?

Nowadays, it really is you. Not some cute logos or some fancy business card. You are your own brand anywhere else, whether you realize it or not, whether it benefits you or not. It’s your appearance, your attire, your manner of speaking, where you go, what you share, what you’ve done, who you’ve worked with, and many other minute details.

All of these factors combine to form how other people see you, right? Like how other are people seeing you?

Calvin Curry is the founder of Authorify. Its mission is to make you stand out from everyone else in your industry. They provide sales professionals and company owners with a distinct advantage and places them in a position of authority amidst countless competitors.

It was a concept that was dreamt up and put into motion as a fresh extension of Smart Agent’s Book Lead program.

Because the Smart Agents books have repeatedly shown to generate the greatest outcomes for our customers, we came to the conclusion that a bespoke book offering might be successful in virtually any sector.”, says Calvin as he introduces Authorify.

What benefits does using Authorify to publish a book provide to business owners? It gives customers the confidence that they are working with a trustworthy company. Authorify intends to make the process of getting your name published as simple as possible for you.

With your own personally branded book full of informative content, you’ll paint yourself as an expert among your competitors, as well as potential clients.

This One’s Much Better

You will receive marketing tools with the Authorify Book Bundle like your own unique lead capture website. It will serve as a database which saves data of visitors/prospect clients when they enter their name, email and phone numbers. 

It also includes templates for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, through email or even direct mail, and of course the “known” secret weapon: your own personally branded book.

Bundles are classified as Digital, Premium and Platinum and cost increases with each class. You get a bundle as low as $149/month up to $399/month. They also offer annual subscriptions with discounts if you ever plan on sticking with them in the long run.

Writing and releasing a book is a good way to set your company apart from competitors in your field. As a result, you are able to close more business without having to utilize pushy tactics or other dubious sales techniques. 

Prospective clients will have a positive impression of your business as a result of the professional design, the educational content, and the fact that you are a published author.

Your credibility as a real estate authority will be swiftly established if you give buyers and sellers copies of your book. You will eventually be able to join the ranks of successful real estate agents who have also used a book to position themselves as a credible authority in their profession, so you won’t be “just another” agent.

This One’s Much Better