Attraction Marketing Formula Review

Today, we are going to talk about Attraction Marketing Formula. Is it actually legit? Let’s find out in this Attraction Marketing Formula review.

There are countless of different lead generation-related programs and services that are out there in the world. Regardless of the industry or the niche, there is likely going to be a handful of them that exist. Leads are a valuable resource that many businesses often struggle with finding.

It could be said for those who are working within the network marketing industry. There are only so much people from your immediate vicinity that you could attract to take part in your business. The struggle is often when you try to go beyond your immediate circle.

That is why lead generation is fairly arduous process. There are a lot of things to know when it comes to marketing to those leads and making sure that it leads to a sale. It takes a lot of skill and know-how to make it work.

Luckily enough, there is one particular lead generation program that focuses primarily for those that work in network marketing called the Attraction Marketing Formula. This particular program comes from a company whose founders have had years of experience working in the network marketing industry.

But what exactly does the Attraction Marketing Formula entail? Will joining this particular program actually be helpful for those that work in the network marketing industry? Or is it not worth the time?

But before getting into the review…

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Who Are Those Involved With Attraction Marketing Formula?

Attraction Marketing Formula co-founder Tim Erway

From what I could find, Attraction Marketing Formula came from the minds of the people at Attraction Marketing. This particular company was co-founded in 2014 by Tim Erway, Ferny Ceballos and Matt Crystal. But their history started more than a decade or so before that.

Tim Erway had been trying to make it big as network marketer for about a decade. He tried to do everything that he could in order to launch his own network marketing business. But none of them ever seemed to work out well for him.

So in 2001, he sought the help of a couple of different network marketers who were finding success in employing a particular strategy, which is now more commonly known as “attraction marketing.” It took him a bit of convincing those marketers to share their secrets. After a month or so of employing that particular strategy, Tim was able to build a team comprised of more than a thousand members.

Tim’s success in using that strategy lead to him getting a feature on a niche magazine. One of the people who read that particular feature was some guy named Mike Dillard. Similar to how Tim asked those network marketers for their secret, Mike did so with Tim, which he was happy to oblige.

Unsurprisingly, Mike Dillard also found success in employing that particular strategy. His success lead him to start his offering that knowledge through a training program called “Magnetic Sponsoring.” It also lead Mike to self-publish a book of the same name. That particular book is where Mike coined the term “attraction marketing.”

Mike decided to ask Tim to join him as a business partner in 2006. The two of them continued to offer their knowledge and expertise to other network marketers. One of the students being taught “Magnetic Sponsoring” was Attraction Marketing’s soon-to-be co-founder Ferny Ceballos. At some point in 2010, Mike decided to retire from network marketing and the company, leaving Mike as the main operator.

It wasn’t really until 2014 when Tim asked Ferny Ceballos and Magnetic Sponsoring project manager Matt Crystal to be his co-founders of what is now Attraction Marketing.

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An Overview of Attraction Marketing Formula

Logo for Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing Formula is an online training program created by Attraction Marketing co-founder Ferny Ceballos. Much like Magnetic Sponsoring that came before, Attraction Marketing Formula started out as a book. But has, since then, included video courses and other resources.

The pitch for Attraction Marketing Formula is fairly straightforward. Ferny touts this particular strategy as something that people could do in order to build their business and earn a six-figure income. While this particular program is targeted towards those working in the network marketing industry, most of what you will learn could easily applied to other businesses or niches.

In case you aren’t aware, network marketing or multi-level marketing refers to a business model wherein people distribute products from a certain company with the intention of recruiting other people to join their team. There are rewards that come with selling products of a certain volume as well as having a number of other sellers under your stead.

As I have mentioned at the start of this section, Attraction Marketing Formula existed primarily as a book. And with this iteration of the program, the book is still integral to its innate structure. But it not exists, mainly, in a digital form.

Attraction Marketing Formula: The Course: The Book

The Attraction Marketing Formula consists of ten chapters across 188 pages. It starts off the first chapter with an introduction to the concept of “attraction marketing” and what you will be going to learn in the next few chapters.

Chapter two of the e-book focuses on utilizing the internet to automate the lead generation process. This particular chapter also focuses on downline building strategies, which refers to a process where you recruit and train people you attract to your business. (This is a network marketing-focused course after all.)

Chapter three focuses on building the brand for your business. In this chapter, you will learn how to build trust through how you communicate with your prospective clients. Chapter four focuses on establishing the marketing pipeline for your business.

Chapter five is a bit of an interesting one because they titled it “The Magic Slot Machine.” In this chapter, you will be going to learn how to it’s possible to make a profit out of your prospective clients, despite them not having bought anything from you. Chapter six focuses on market research as a way of gaining a competitive edge.

Chapters seven and eight work in tandem with each other. The former chapter focuses on establishing your brand and business through the purchase of a .com domain. While the latter extends your knowledge on how to expand your presence online in order to generate an infinite amount of leads.

Chapter nine focuses on using email automation as a way to expand your list of clients as well as bolster long-lasting relationships with them. The tenth and final chapter mostly contains final thoughts on everything that was introduced in the previous chapters.

But Wait, There’s More

Attraction Marketing Formula creator Ferny Ceballos

Besides the Attraction Marketing Formula e-book, you also get access to a three-module video course called “Attract, Influence and Enroll.” As the name suggests, this video course will go through each step on attracting an audience, growing your influence, and enrolling new people as either customers or team members through the use of social media.

The Attraction Marketing Formula program also gives you access to a free one-on-one coaching and assessment call with an attraction marketing specialist. You also get access to a collection interviews and an exclusive podcast where Ferny Ceballos teaches members of the program skills that need in order to succeed in network marketing. As most other training programs are, you also get access to a private Facebook group where you can mingle with other members and even “top network marketing leaders.”

The cost to get everything listed above is a one-time payment worth $47. At the time of writing, they also offer add-ons to the Attraction Marketing Formula.

Social Retail Blueprint, which is a mini-course teaching you a system called the 7-Minute Retail Method, costs an additional $37. Reels for Real Networkers is a workshop that teaches you how to attract prospective clients through Facebook and Instagram Reels. This add-on costs also costs $37.

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Is Attraction Marketing Formula Worth It?

Even though most of what you might get out of Attraction Marketing Formula can be used in other instances, I do not highly recommend it to you.

As I have mentioned a couple of times in this review, the primary audience for this particular program are those that work in network marketing. While there are people who have found success in that particular niche, I could not suggest that it is worth trying your hand in. There is such a huge barrier for success when you are already in it.

There are better ways of making a living. Nothing about network marketing is worth all the time, money and effort. It’s a losing game, for all intents and purposes.

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