ATM Freedom University Review

As per writing this review, it is my first time knowing that you can actually start an ATM business. I thought that ATMs are just being run by banks all over the world. I didn’t know that there are ATM businesses out there being managed by an individual, or a group of people. So for my fellow readers out there that are as clueless as I am, I will break it down for you as per my research.

Running an ATM business is like setting up cash machines in busy spots. People use them to get cash, and you make money from the fees they pay for the convenience. You need to find good places for your machines, keep them stocked with cash, and make sure they work properly.

It’s a bit like a vending machine for money, but you’re the one making the profits instead of selling snacks. Just remember, like any business, you need to manage costs, follow rules, and keep things secure.

And ATM Freedom University claims that they can offer you guidance and other services to help you start your own ATM business. 

This One’s Much Better

Welcome to the future of ATMs”, says Thomas Berkley. He is the founder and CEO of ATM Freedom University. “Owning and operating an ATM is easier than ever. With the right tools and resources, you can have your own ATM up and running quickly and with minimal hassle”, he continued.

Getting into an ATM business is not only a fantastic source of passive income, but it can also offer a convenient way to help us customers get some cash on-the-way. Entering the ATM industry is a fantastic way to leverage the expanding trend, whether you’re a business owner trying to provide convenience to your clients or just an individual investor trying to take advantage of the increasing demand of ATMs.

We’re on a mission to change the way ATM owning is done”, says Thomas. They claim to have built the perfect method in doing so. “Success is within reach for everyone but we understand the journey to success has never been easy. With the right mindset, plan of action and guidance, anyone can reach their goals and have success.”

They claim to have gathered a team of experienced professionals to give you the support you need on your road to financial freedom in the ATM business industry. “If you’re thinking about joining, we want you to first understand both sides of the coin. Everything has its own pros and cons.”

At least Thomas is clear on this. They don’t want you to commit and be ignorant to what may happen once you’re in the world of ATM business. They will give you some pointers and you may choose whether you want to venture it on your own, or in need of their services afterall.

What is needed to start an ATM business? For starters, of course you will need the hardware called an ATM (or an Automated Teller Machine). And it won’t work as a stand alone. It’s not plug-and-play. It will be just a piece of junk if you think that’s how it works. There’s an allocated processing company for ATMs, and they are the ones who will connect your hardware to a bank network.

This bank network serves as your connection to some of the credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard to let your customers be connected to their banks in order to withdraw some cash, without doing the hassle of actually going to their bank branch to do so. And that’s where the convenience fee kicks in. This convenience fee is what you pocket.

This One’s Much Better

But before you can really start your ATM business, you must first get an SLA, or a Site Location Agreement, stating that you ATM owner, and a business owner on the location you want to place your machine at, are in agreement that they will be placing your ATM to be used by customers. It can be at a convenience store, a supermarket, anywhere with foot traffic for better income.

You also need this SLA before you get in contact with the processing company that will connect your ATM to the bank network. Seems like a lot of things going on, right? Well, ATM Freedom University will do all the hassle work for you in exchange for a fee, of course. 

They’re willing to do all of these things, you just need to prepare for your initial cash reserves that will be placed inside the machine itself, and the payment for their services. You might need to ready a fat sum of cash in order to start one yourself, so best of luck.

This One’s Much Better