Ashley Kinkead Review

There are a lot of people trying to find different ways to increase their daily income even by just a little. While most of them are experiencing new things, and having struggles trying to find the ins and outs, there are others who are just born with talent and good at anything that they do, even as a beginner. 

Ashley Kinkead is one of those people that was born with talent (if not luck) when she first entered the world of entrepreneurship. Let’s learn more about her journey before he attained the financial freedom she’s experiencing now.

This One’s Much Better

How did I get started making millions online even though I’ve never done this before and I have no experience? Before this, I never even had a business, or even knew what entrepreneurship was.”, Ashley shares. 

Way back in 2015, she was in corporate America and a substitute teacher as well. So a substitute teacher by day, and a marketing manager for a promotional company. “I would do bourbon and whisky tastings on the weekends. I really did just about everything I could do. I also had a couple different hustles.”

Ashley‘s been hustling since right after college, working full-time, seven days a week, and then some other side hustles just to increase her daily income. “I felt really unchallenged in my day-to-day job and one day I just kind of sat down and realized I’m living paycheck to paycheck.”

I liked my job for one, I liked what I did, I realized my job was pretty limiting, I was driven, I thought it was my dream job, the marketing manager that I had. I made a thousand dollars a week, I had a lot of freedom but I also knew it wasn’t a job that I wanted to do forever. 

There’s the feeling like I just could not get ahead in life. I knew I could do a lot more with myself.” So she started thinking about her future and what she really wanted it to look like. She looked for ways on how to get more income streams that are more passive, without working for somebody else, in a building all day.

So I went online and just googled how to make money online and how to start a business online. I was really fortunate because a lot of people do that and they can end up in opportunities that don’t really work. Not to fault anyone who does these models, but luckily I didn’t end up landing any of the affiliate marketing, networking marketing, pyramid schemes and such.”

What Ashley found out and as her first business was being an online seller on Amazon FBA. “I didn’t really know what Amazon was, like I kinda shopped on it a couple times, but I didn’t know that you can actually have a business on it. I saw people online making tens and thousands a month, and that just inspired me to start building my own shop on Amazon”, she said.

So she went on the amazon seller central and signed up for an amazon seller account and that’s pretty much it. “It was really easy to get started”, Ashley said. She could never know where it would take her at that time.

I became an individual seller and I basically just learned from other people when I joined these facebook groups. Just following a rabbit trail and following posts of what other people did.”

This One’s Much Better

Ashley didn’t have a lot of savings on her so she signed up for her first credit card to be able to buy products for her online shop. 

Her very first product is used books. Just books sitting around the corner of her house, scanned it with the amazon seller app, and with great surprise, the fifty-cent book is selling for seventeen dollars on Amazon

And of course it’s not enough. Spending 4-5 hours a day, she went to thrift shops, garage sales, Goodwill, just anywhere, where she could find books on sale. And then flip it on Amazon. 

I’m a one-person show, without a business background, didn’t literally have an MBA, no investor, no husband (don’t know how it relates), no employee and I was able to make a couple thousand bucks my very first month selling.

Now, Ashley Kinkead has made over five million dollars the last few years selling online, e-commerce, and that one moment where she found online entrepreneurship has changed her whole life.

This One’s Much Better