Arden Kaywin Reviews

Entering the dynamic music industry as an independent artist is similar to setting out on an exciting journey where perseverance meets enthusiasm. Independent artists in an ever-changing landscape choose their own artistic path, free from the limitations of major recording labels. It’s a journey driven by a desire to forge a distinct sound identity, perseverance, and unbridled talent.

As an independent artist, you take control of your musical future by crafting tunes that genuinely speak to your soul and, ideally, the hearts of your audience. You can be one of the underdogs of the music industry where creativity and originality are highly valued, and the spotlight is earned by genuine artistry.

Just like in any business, starting your own journey can be a little bit overwhelming, especially in the grandeur stage of the music industry. Arden Kaywin believes that with her guidance, you’ll be able to pursue and be successful in your dream of becoming an artist. Want to learn how? Continue reading my Arden Kaywin review down below.

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Arden Kaywin Overview

Arden Kaywin grew up in Miami Florida but now hails from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. She knows in herself that music is really her passion that’s why she pursued it even in college. Arden got her Bachelor in Music in Classical Voice in Oberlin College & Observatory and enrolled in finishing her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance the year after. 

She has experienced working in Film and TV Production with one of the big 3 record label companies, Universal Music Publishing Group. With those 2 years, she worked with the best of the best community in the music industry, gaining invaluable lessons and knowledge that made her closer to achieving her dreams.

Amidst the knowledge of everyone that knows her, Arden also has a background in classical singing. She has the privilege to perform in various operas and classical events like the ones held in the Opera Theater of St. Louis, The San Francisco Opera, Brooklyn Academy of Music and The Aspen Opera Theater Center. 

Arden then started investing in herself, becoming a Recording Artist and Songwriter for the contemporary pop genre. Her first album “Quarter Life Crisis” which was released in 2006 gained prominence and its single “Me With Me” earned a nomination for Pop Song of the Year in the 2006 Independent Music Awards. The album even got an Editor’s Pick alongside the famous “Coldplay” band which I think most of you are aware of.

With her knowledge in both classical and pop music culture, these experiences provide her with a unique perspective that makes her ideal for nurturing and creatively inspiring the artists she collaborates with. Some notable artists that she has worked with are the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and many more prominent artists in the music industry.

She’s now a vocal coach and producer, which she’s been doing for 15 years, in her Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio. Whatever Arden learned in all of her years in the industry, has been crafted and developed for people that are dead serious on making a career out of their music. 

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About Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio

The Vocal Studio was created to give vocalists a strong approach to developing dependable technique, discovering their authentic voice, and getting rid of mental obstacles so they may use their gift to leave a lasting impression.

She desires for a vocalist to have a sense of security when entering her studio. A place free from the demands of performance, recording, and education where they can find their most natural, beautiful unfettered sound.

The primary requirement that Arden sets for her vocalists is that they be prepared to let go of any notion of their ideal sound. Because a singer can really discover their most distinctive self and natural sound when those expectations are removed. She aims to achieve that for each vocal student in the Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio.

The technique Arden teaches is not genre specific. Healthy singing is healthy singing regardless of the style of music. She has worked with all kinds of singers–male-female, classical, musical theater, pop singers etc. 

What Services Does She Offer?

Vocal Lessons

Arden Kaywin believes that anyone pursuing the world of music is such a wonderful feat, and she’s here to acknowledge and support each and everyone of you for knowing and seeing your true potential. 

It’s a minimum of 4-month commitment to be able to work with Arden Kaywin and her vocal lessons. She believes that that’s the minimum required time to create the lasting change that you’ve been seeking. 

Arden sings with a very comprehensive style. When a singer first begins working with her, the most crucial lesson she imparts is that their entire body, not just their voice, is their instrument. Mother Nature’s most efficient tool for creating a resonant sound is the human body, but singers frequently utilize their bodies in ways that negatively impact their sound without even realizing it.

What she really trains is not the voice, but your mind and body. And that’s what differs her approach with traditional ways of vocal lessons. She doesn’t want you to sound good, but also to feel good about what you are really doing. The mental game is just as important as the physical game.

A significant portion of Arden’s work involves assisting her students in recognizing and releasing physical tensions and habits that obstruct nature’s most efficient method of producing sound. These inefficiencies are then replaced with a methodology that capitalizes on the natural abilities of our bodies.

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2-Month Intensive Training

2-Month Intensive Training Program

This course is designed for you if you’ve found that traditional training and knowledge haven’t worked for you and you’re willing to try something new in order to succeed in auditions, work consistently, create recordings that earn millions of plays, and regularly schedule sold-out tours.

In this 2-Month Intensive Training, it’s a combination of high level vocal coaching with guided meditation work, thought exercises, journaling and mindfulness practices in both group and one-on-one settings. Arden will facilitate the synthesis of your newfound awareness with your singing technique which translates into real-time transformation of your sound. 

It is broken down into eight modules through which you will uncover the mindset you have around your singing, discover the ways in which this mindset affects your technique and learn how to discard that which does not serve you to arrive at a deeper trust in your instrument and more efficiency in your vocal technique. 


There are scheduled workshops/retreats that Arden Kaywin personally picked for you to join. You’ll be able to meet, talk with other people, ask their opinions, where they came from, why they choose to be in the music industry and other things. This can also be a way to forge connections with other artists. 

Vocal Producing

A vocal producer is someone who is responsible for ensuring the artist’s performance conveys the message and emotions of the song. With Arden’s experience in both classical and pop culture, she’s more than a candidate to be a vocal producer for your songs. 

Her voice producing fees are charged on a project-by-project basis, depending on how big the recording job is.  After talking over the details of your job, she will provide you with an estimate.

Technique for Healing Voices

You really can’t avoid vocal injuries if it’s what you use to make a living. Particularly to those who don’t have a proper vocal coach. It can be a little bit traumatizing to some, and made them afraid of going back to the music industry because of the stigma that the injury might happen again. 

In addition to regaining your confidence in your instrument and support system, Arden Kaywin claims to have created a gentle approach that establishes a new, healthy, and dependable technique for dealing with artists returning from injury. 

Video Vault

Arden Kaywin's Video Vault

For the cost of $9.97/year, you’ll have access to Arden Kaywin’s video vault which she calls the treasure trove of all of her tips, tools and technique videos that are carefully curated so you can easily find solutions to the singing issues that are frustrating you.

Free Masterclass

Free Masterclass

She also offers free masterclass every now and then to give you an inkling to what she can do to guide you in enhancing not just your voice, but your overall belief which can make you fully prepared in venturing into the music industry.

You just need to provide your name and email to reserve a seat for the next upcoming masterclass that she will schedule. 

Gig Offers

You can also invite Arden to one of your gigs and be able to work and sing with her on stage. There are different bundles to choose from.

Arden Kaywin's Gig Services

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Taking private voice lessons is a great way to invest in yourself. It’s about how investing in your talent may dramatically alter the trajectory of your life. Your life can change as a result of your investment because it will make your singing goals and desires attainable.

Working with Arden Kaywin, she promises that you’ll be in good hands. Nothing much about the costs of her services are available on her website aside from the Video Vault, but we all know that hiring a personal coach in any specific niche will cost a lot. Arden has a lot of experience to back her claims up, and has already done collaborative works with some of the most prominent artists in the music industry today.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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